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Getting Child to Do His Work

Getting Child to Do His Work

Getting child to do his work at an early age will make him responsible. It will also help him to imbibe good manners. Read on to find tips for getting child to do his work.

Encouraging child to do his work is the most common argument families have. The reason why kids do not like doing their work is the same why adults do not like. That is, household chores are boring. You want your child to keep his room clean and well arranged, but he would reply, “I’ll do it later” sitting on the couch watching TV or playing games.

On the other hand, if children are encouraged to do chores at a very early age, they feel valued and complete tasks efficiently and quickly. Although, it is good to make your child do his work, but at the same time involving him in household activities will make him feel a part of the role of other members of the family.

Tips for Getting Child to His Work

Have a quick look at some tips for getting child to do his work.

Assign Chores at an Early Age -

Assign chores to your child at an early age. When they are toddlers, ask them to pick their toys and dirty clothes to put in specific baskets.

Show How to Complete the Assigned Work -

Show them how to complete the work assigned properly and efficiently. This will help them do it in a better and quicker way.

Teach Chores One By One -

Only when you find that your child is able to perform one chore in a good way, teach and add another one. Remember, you are making him contribute and not feel overwhelmed.

Do Not Burden Your Child -

Do not ask your child to do his work as a punishment. Encourage him to do any work by explaining it to him that he is helping you. This will develop an attitude of helping and sharing responsibilities in home.

Make the Chores Interesting -

Change the chores from time to time. This will help your child learn new and more things and will also save him from getting bored.

Rewarding is Important -

Reward your child after he completes his work efficiently. Seeing the drift, you can also make him manage and take fiscal responsibility.

Take Care of Child’s Safety -

Take care of the safety of your child. So do not assign any work that may in any form harm him.

Importance of Doing Chores -

Make your child understand the consequences of not doing the chores. Make sure you stay firm on your decision. If your child is postponing chores, stop everything and talk to him. Fixing time also persuades children complete work faster.

Tell your child that a specific assignment must get completed before play time. If he is stubborn, you should refuse to let him play until the work is completed. Just keep in mind that the consequences should be punishing for him. It should not make you more angry or frustrated. Analyse your attitude and mind-set towards doing hard work. Most often we do not realise, but children follow our approach towards work and life as well.

Children consider their parents as their role model. If you and your partner share the household responsibility, your children will follow suit. Ask your husband to share some work so that children get persuaded and motivated to do their work.

If there is any problem that is persisting, discuss it with your child. Always remember that you should focus on long term goals and teach the child to become self-motivated and take personal responsibility for the results of his decision. Just make your child understand that many important tasks in life are not pleasant. So, we need to do them as quickly as possible.

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Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma.8 years ago
Encouragement is the best possible way to make a kid to do his/her work. If you want your little one to finish his/her work, give them a boost of encouragement and be there with them and see the difference. Now, my kid is doing his grade 4 in Orchids International and he does his own chores and handles things on his own! Teaching such things at an age when they are impressionable tends to make them more discplined.
Priyamvada.9 years ago
i have tried all these ,but it doesn't work well with my son. he is 9 years old, and refuses to do even the simplest of jobs. my daughter who is younger, is more co-operative .
Santacia.9 years ago
my son is two years old and he picks up grocery at the supermarket and helps me around the home with little tasks such as picking up things from floor.He is really a good helper
Keith.9 years ago
i make a chore chart and assign small chores like folding the laundry,arranging the shoe rack,dusting etc.i make pretty printouts and put it on the fridge magnets and ask them to sign once they have finished the work.
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