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You are here : home > Intelligent Child > Interesting Activities > COOKING WITH KIDS: No Bake Mango Cheesecake

COOKING WITH KIDS: No Bake Mango Cheesecake

Succulent and slurpy, luscious and lofty, is there anything ‘aam’ about the King of Fruits? Channel your child’s restlessness into something productive this summer with our no-bake mango cheesecake recipe. This recipe is Aam Sutra at its best!

Cooking With Kids

Parents are always fretting about how much time it takes to prepare meals for their children, about the meals not being nutritious enough for their children, and about the difficulty of spending quality time with their kids. Cooking along with your children, using the following recipe, lets you face all three challenges head on.

It gets you and your children side–by–side from the kitchen into the dining room, enjoying delicious and nutritious meals in the quickest and most mess-free way possible.

A Summer-Time Toddler Treat

Consider this. It’s the middle of the summer. It’s hot and humid and you are not in the mood to do anything. But your little one is home, her boundless energy bristling all around you. Mom, I’m bored! Let’s do something. Will you play with me? Can I play on your I-Phone? If her constant badgering is getting to you this summer vacation, try our toddler treat cooking activity as a means on entertaining your child.

Aam Sutra

Succulent and slurpy, luscious and lofty, is there anything ‘aam’ about the King of Fruits? The national fruit of India is high in fibre and low in calories. It is an excellent source of antioxidants like beta carotene, and nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. It contains a compound the helps boost the immune system; and an enzyme that soothes the stomach.

So, before the mango season gets over, make an easy mango cheesecake with your toddler!

It is a no mess, no bake recipe that takes very little preparing time and very little effort to make. The only equipment you truly need is a fridge. It is a treat for both toddlers and parents alike. You get to spend quality time together, your child gets a project to keep her busy and before you know it, both you and your child can relax and kick back with a cool home-made easy dessert to devour.

After all, not for nothing has the savouring of mangoes been termed ‘Aam Sutra.’

No-Bake Mango Cheesecake Recipe

Let’s see what all you will need to assemble before letting your child into the kitchen.



Oreo or Digestive Biscuits

2 packs


1/3 cup

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

1 block i.e. 250 grams


170 grams

Powdered Sugar

1/2 cup

Mango Pulp (fresh or canned)

3/4 cup

China Grass or Gelatine

5 grams or 1 tablespoon

Hot Water

1/4 cup


First things first: Remember to put away your knives and scissors. This is a child-friendly recipe but you are advised to perform all injury-prone steps such as heating and whisking away from your child’s reach. Cover your cooking area with newspapers or plastic mats to make the cleaning process easier in case your child creates a mess. While your child may consider this project merely as an entertaining pastime; talking to her about the goodness of mangoes as illustrated above will help teach her some lessons about nutrition and good health as well.

Step 1 – Using your Child’s Destructive Tendencies

Put the Oreo or Digestive Biscuits like Marie Biscuits in a sealed zip lock bag and give it to your child along with a rolling pin. Ask your child to use all her strength to press into and crush the biscuits into a coarse powder using the rolling pin.

You can also just give the biscuits a whiz in the food processor to turn them into crumbs if your child gets tired midway. Empty the crumbly powder into a big bowl.

Step 2 – Melt Butter

Using either the stove or a microwave, melt the butter and pour it into the bowl with the biscuit crumbs.

Step 3 – The Cheesecake Base

Ask most children, and you will know that cooking for them equals stirring with a big spoon! So let your child ‘cook’!

Give her a big spoon and ask her to stir the biscuit and butter mixture until the entire mixture becomes moist and sticky. Keep an eye on her and take over if it is too much work for her tiny hands.

If you wish to prevent a sandstorm of biscuit crumbs all over the kitchen, first stir the mixture a little on your own to ensure that the butter is somewhat mixed with the crumbs before letting your child take her turn.

You could also just put the butter and biscuit mixture into the food processor to ensure that the butter is properly incorporated into the biscuit mixture without the extra effort.

Step 4 – Employing your Child’s Fussy Artistic Skills

Set your child up with a wooden spoon and the transparent pan (ideally plastic for safety purposes) in which you want to set your cheesecake.

Transfer the biscuit and butter mixture into that pan and give your child the painstaking job of spreading the mixture to all ends of the pan evenly. If instructed in the proper tone, your child will feel important and impassioned to accomplish her job as neatly and responsibly as possible giving you valuable time to prepare the next step.

You can also set this cheesecake base in separate bowls or glasses if you have guests coming over since the contrasting colours of the Oreos and mangoes make serving infinitely prettier.

Refrigerate the pan while you prepare the rest of the cheesecake.

Step 5 – Mixing the Second Layer of the Cheesecake

Put the cream cheese, powdered sugar and cream into a bowl and mix just until properly incorporated. You could do it by hand, use a whisk, or an electric beater. If you are doing it by hand or using a whisk, you could let your child have a hand at mixing but do keep her away from the electrical beater.

Step 6 – Bringing out the China grass or Gelatine

Dissolve 1 tablespoon of gelatine or 5 grams of china grass in hot water. Pour this mixture into the mango pulp (aam ras). Fresh mango puree tastes much better than canned! Let your child stir the mango puree until the china grass/ gelatine is properly mixed. Caution her to stir slowly and carefully to avoid a big mess!

Step 7 – Adding the Cream Cheese Mixture

Divide the mango puree into two parts. Put aside one part and add the other part into the cream cheese mixture. Ask your child to stir the mixture slowly until properly incorporated.

Step 8 – Setting the Second Layer of the Cheesecake

Remove the pan with the cheesecake base from the refrigerator. Pour the cream cheese – mango puree mixture on top of the biscuit base. Ask your child to use a spoon to level and spread it properly. Put it back into the refrigerator for 10 – 15 minutes. Refrigerating for at least 15 minutes at this point is important to let the second layer harden before adding the third layer lest the two layers get combined.

Step 9 – Setting the Final Layer of the Cheesecake

Take the pan out of the refrigerator and spoon the separated mango puree on top of the second layer of the cheesecake gently. Refrigerate for a minimum of three hours or leave overnight.

Step 10 – Garnishing the Cheesecake

You can let your child try different garnishing atop the cheesecake such as a few sprigs of basil, crumbled toasted dry fruits, Oreo crumbs, or even chocolate shavings.

That’s it! You’re done!

You should now be left with a visibly satisfied, somewhat calmer child and a cool, delicious, mango cheesecake! You have spent a good amount of quality time with your child, instilled a sense of tidiness in your child, taught her how to channel her restless energies positively and most importantly, you have taught your child that the kitchen is not her enemy. Now you and your child can repel those hot balmy days with this cold sweet dessert which is an unparalleled delight for your palate as well as your health!

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Supriya.8 years ago
Amazing combination of cheese, mango and biscuits.It will taste great and save the hassle of baking it. Wonderful tips...Can you come-up with more recipes like that?
Reshma.8 years ago
Hello, can we use strawberry pulp instead of mango pulp? Will it taste great with different fruit pulps, please give your suggestions. Has anybody tried this recipe using different fruit pulp?
Anushka.8 years ago
Very nice recipe and tips. I am going to surely try this recipe out with my kid. My kid loves mangoes very much, so he too will love the recipe to prepare as well as to eat.
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