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You are here : home > Food and Nutrition > Eating Disorders and Compulsions > Compulsive overeating: Food is my best friend

Compulsive overeating: Food is my best friend

Compulsive overeating: Food is my best friend

“Food is my best friend” - This is the refrain of a compulsive over-eater. This person is a food addict. The consequence of this addiction is usually obesity. A person who overeats compulsively sees food as the panacea for loneliness, isolation, boredom, depression, feelings of inadequacy.

Food is a source of comfort when a compulsive over-eater is feeling depressed, guilty or unattractive. Like most addictions, this is a vicious cycle. The more you eat the more unattractive, helpless and out of control you feel. This makes you eat even more. And so it goes on.

Compulsive Over-Eating in Children

Children get hungry and they eat, that is a normal course. However recently it's actually become an issue, because some kids are stuffing themselves with food at all hours of the day. Overeating and resultant obesity has become a worldwide concern of parents and paediatricians.
While children have better digestive system than adults, they can get away with eating many things, but the body has a limit. Eating too much is increasingly leading to kids being obese from a very young age. And being obese is not cute or healthy, it is a health condition that can have very serious implications as the child grows older.

What is Compulsive Overeating?

Overeating basically means that someone is consuming more food than their body requires. The calories they intake exceed the amount their body uses up as energy. So obviously the excess calories get stored in the form of fat.
Obsessive overeating is when children cannot stop eating. They keep eating all the time, night and day. No matter what happens food seems to be the solution to it. They just eat, make food their best friend. And the more they eat, the fatter they become and lazier, leading to less usage of calories eaten. It becomes serious as the child grows, because being an obese is not healthy.

Why does this happen?

There may be many reasons why children overeat. Let us look at some, because it is important to understand what causes it. It is not a stray phenomenon.

1. For Coping:
The most common reason children eat a lot of food is to cope with some difficulty. Now you might wonder what do children need to cope with. It is actually a lot. There may be a lot of stress in school and at home that the child may face. Pressure at school, problems with friends, parental behaviour at home might lead the child to find a release in food. So whenever a child is depressed or worried, they eat food to cope up.

2. Childhood Habit

Some parents are responsible for their child's present obsession with food. Many parents tend to overfeed their child as a kid, which naturally leads to a love for food and the desire to eat more and more food. They are habituated to eating more food and that is what they keep doing even when they grow up.

What Can You Do About It?
  • The first thing to do would be to consult a paediatrician to help understand how much food your child actually needs.
  • Talk to your child and try to find out what is bothering her. Give her company and not buy them more food.
  • Search their room to find if they are hoarding food, which can help you get a perspective on how bad the condition is.
  • Take your child to a psychologist so that she can talk about why she eats so much and what problem is she dealing with.
  • Give her healthy food instead of junk. Make her drink water when she says she is hungry. Let her snack on nuts or fruit.

How to Make Them Healthy?

Apart from obviously giving her healthy food, you can take your child out for a walk in the morning. Avoid leaving her alone as she might buy food. Go for a picnic somewhere or go hiking. Encourage your child to join a sport, it will help her stay engaged and also lose some calories. If she is unwilling, play with her in the house, anything to get her to exercise.
Your child needs your support when she is unable to understand what she is feeling. Try to give her company. Slowly you can wean her away from over-eating.

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Leer.11 years ago
Leer.11 years ago
also, i've been looking @ the power 90 program. it sounds effective. theres a website you can go to to look it sounds like something some of yal are looking for. but before you try any workout program talk to your doctor first. luv always leer.
Sugarbaby0396.11 years ago
i know the feeling of being fat. even though i only weigh 115 pounds, everyday i struggle with what i am going to eat. i lost 45 pounds about 3 years ago in like 2 months, and go down to 105 pounds from i really know what it is like. i want to lose back down to 105, but i can't seem to find anything that works. will someone please let me in on some secretes to losing weight without having to kill yourself at the gym!!!!!
crystal.11 years ago
i am 20 years old and i have buliemia,i've been bulimic since i was 17,i went from 185 down to 125 in a matter of months,it started happening after i had a breast reduction,i wanted a body to match my chest,so i started throwing up,i was depressed all the time,i was dehydrated,cold,moody and my breath stinks,i'm trying to get help now,and i even gained alittle weight,sometimes i feel real fat but deep down inside i know i'm beautiful,as so people tell me,i don't have to be this way,and ladies,neither should you,i decided my fate along time ago,please don't be stupid like me and go down the same path,i pray that i get better someday and will do everything in my power to get there,love urself!
Leer.11 years ago
sugarbaby you seem to be almost at perfect weight. a little under maybe. so stop. you seem perfectly fine. and crystal im really happy for u that u learn to look over what u think and b healthy.
sad.11 years ago
i cant believe what happened to me...i gained im 115 at 5'8. i dont know how this happened, but i am so miserable.....what do i do.................................
Leer.11 years ago
sad, you shouldn't think that you weigh to much because at the height 5'8" you should be around 150 to 160 pounds. your not over wieght but actually very under. please start gaining weight and be healthy, eat more. it scares me when people like you that are too skinny think they are fat. i weigh 218 at 5'6" and thats when you need to lose wieght. not when your almost a stick. please, im begging you don't think that. i'll be praying for you.
sad.11 years ago
know what else sux? a mother who works for weight watchers and knows the exact range of weight you should be, and if you're unerweight, and always telling me that im underweight. if it's true, why cant i see that?
Whatever.11 years ago
sad,the reason you most likliy don't see that you'er underweight is because some miss understanding in your mind,people look at them selfe and put that they are fat in there head,even if they are not fat they still think they are,prhaps you should ask your doctor for some advice about your weight and what trigers the mind to think bad about it's body.and if you don't want to talk to a doctor then maybe you should do a little bit of research,when i did,i found that bulimia was trigerd by depression and persuer by looking at people that are thinner then you and wannting to look like them,anerexia is a disorder that starts in your head like most eating disorders exept anorexia kills you faster,you start to lose your apetite and then you cant take in food on your own.but if you feel bad about your selfe you have to see why you feel bad about your selfe,maybe you'er just depressed,or maybe you just hate your body,if you do hate your body you should really talk to a doctor about it.and you should look at who you are,iam suer your a nice person.and dont feel bad about your selfe it will drive you crazy if you do.
me.11 years ago
hi im a 15 year old girl im 171cm tall and i weigh 70kg am i over weight?.....
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