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The Earth Element Personality (Bhoomi)

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Earth element is also known as Bhoomi as per Hindu astrology. People who are born under this element are very adjustable and excellent organisers. If you want to know more about the personality of people born under earth element you should read on.

The impact of earth as an element on the child is pretty pronounced. The child, who has been named after his principle element earth, in order to enhance his opportunities in life, displays certain typical characteristics that border on empathy, compassion, resilience and supportiveness. They are more comfortable in adhering to conventions and are stupendously dependable in their composition.

Personality of the Earth Element

Caution is the hallmark of the people who have earth as their element. They are always overtly concerned about the outcome and possible implications of their behavior and action not only upon themselves but others as well. They are aware of the fact that a lot of people around them are dependent on them in some way or the other and they are really concerned about their well being and are careful not to let them down in any way. This is basically a mark of their protective nature. This is an attribute that they inherit from the concept of Mother Earth.

  • Children who are named after the earth element happen to have a more distinct appeal to their already intrinsic characteristics.

  • They are very radical by nature and as they grow up in their lives and career, they come across as a more practical minded person who never falters on the waves of fantasy.

  • They are very stable in the manner they approach life and all it various aspects.

  • They always take decisions by weighing the options on grounds of common sense. This explains the fact why people find them sensible and judicious in their judgments. People look forward to their opinion and suggestions when they are struck with a problem.

  • These people also show a marked inclination towards the physical well being rather than being concerned with spiritual and other abstract aspects of life.

  • People with earth element view things in life with a rational approach and they feel that life should be made easier through hard work and dedication. Spiritual peace or attainment is just not their forte.

Highly Methodical and Observant

Another trait that follows from this feature is that people with earth element is very methodical in their approach in whatever they are engaged in. People can always depend upon them when they take up a responsibility and there is a bit of problem in the manner they approach the problem. This means that since they are very conscious about the means and the effect and their possible implications, they at times tend to get pretty rigid. Their conventional attitude does not allow them to think in an innovative manner and they also fail to entertain any out of the box thinking. Since they are very detail conscious, they are able to take good note of every tiny aspect related to the situation or problem.

Adjustable to the Core

Another positive feature is that such children grow up to be very well adjusted in life, the reason lies in the fact they are most closely related to the planet. They come across as excellent organisers, builders and are diligent workers. These attributes makes them good businessmen too. As they are pragmatic and averse to gambling with chances and opportunities, they are more cautious and calculative in their planning and strategies. This is also why they are regarded as reliable and steadfast by their working mates, friends and family.

Some Negatives

Their dearth of innovative ideas and inability to imagine makes them a dull companion. Their conservatism can often turn out to be rigid to the extent of boredom. Then as they are too pragmatic in their approach, they tend to vie towards extreme materialism while often overlooking the necessity of spiritual fulfillment in life. Strict and compulsory adherence to rules and regulations can end up making the environment that they work in as exhaustive and claustrophobic. This attitude also contributes in their alienation from their family and team members.

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