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Questions Asked to Parents during Preschool Interview

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Parents have to spend sleepless nights preparing for the preschool interview. It is very necessary that parents do a small research by talking to the parents of older children. Such research will help them understand the kind of questions which are asked to parents during preschool interview. Here is a set of common questions which are asked to parents during preschool interview.

Parents have a lot of expectations as they decide to enroll their child in a preschool. After zeroing in on a certain school, they feel that it the first step towards the fulfillment of raising their child into a capable human being. Each preschool follows a certain program and they expect the parents to be well aware of their philosophies and mode of functioning when they admit their child. So it is essential for them to interview the parents as well along with the kids prior to the admission. This is not only to safeguard the interests of the school, as it is a commercial organization but also to avoid future complications in matters related to facilities and child development.

The Specific Questions that are asked to the Parents during a Preschool Interview are:

  • Their expectations on how they wish to see their kids grow up

  • Whether there is a specific manner in which they want to raise the child and the reason for it

  • Do they have any dreams regarding the future of the child?
  • In case of working parents, a few details of the workplace like the address and the type of work that you are engaged in
  • The other interests and activities of the parents

The Common Set of Questions to the Parents Includes:

  • How do they comprehend the role of play in a preschool classroom?
  • How do they consider the role of adults like teachers at school and parents at home during a free play session?

  • The manner in which they prepare the kid for their reading, writing and story telling sessions

  • If it is normal for the child to show lack of interest in art activities and if so how

Do They Deal with It?

  • Do you ever strike your child? If so, when?
  • Does the child have a habit of biting, scratching or harming others?
  • How would the parents help the child to separate from his mother?
  • How do you make the child sleep if he is reluctant to sleep during nap time?
  • How do you deal if your child happens to be a fussy-eater?

  • The specific times when you have taught or want your child to wash their hands and the manner in which they are acquainted with their regular activities.

The Real Intention of the Parents’ Preschool Interview

The main objective of the parents’ interview is to derive a clear picture of the background of the child. As it is often reiterated that a child is a like a sponge, they absorb the attributes of the environment that they grow up in. So after the admission of the child, the authorities and the teachers at the preschool will require a complete understanding of the behavior of the child which in turn is actually shaped by the environment that he has grown up in.  

Finally, the preschool is committed towards preparing the child for the formal academic life ahead and help the child develop his faculties that fulfill the requirements of the real competitive world. It is thus important for the preschool to know whether you wish your child to take an active part in the real competitive world or you wish for the development of specific faculties so that the child grows up to specialize in the respective domain. Through the interview the preschool also gets vital information on whether the child has special medical conditions and requires specific attention. 

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SG.2 years ago
This is avery nice article with very realistic questions. Going through this page helped me a lot to understand the perspective of the preschool interview and prepare accordingly. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
B APARANA - 84988 23331;
Subbu.2 years ago
getting kids admitted to preschool is a tough challenge. you article is a step forward in helping parents for getting prepared.
Mahajabeen.2 years ago
this article was helpful to me. thank you very much
Pranzel.2 years ago
very good effort by the team of indiaparenting....thanx
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