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Preparing Child for Preschool or Nursery Interview

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Preparing child for preschool or nursery interview is extremely important. If you want to find some helpful tips and tricks to help your child crack preschool interview with an ease read on.

This is a fast world where even a toddler needs to prove his acumen in a preschool or nursery interview. His performance in the admission test will decide his future and it is all but natural for the parents to be anxious. But the situation can be a lot less scary if you can effectively prepare your child for his preschool or nursery interview and make it fun and exciting for the little one. After all, you would not like him to be stressed at such a tender age! A few points to help you out:

Get to Know the Details of the Preschool or Nursery Admission Process

Once you are aware of the details you can prepare your child. Meet the director and learn what the school requires your child to know. Shapes, numbers, alphabets and alphabet sounds are usually taught by the preschool or nursery teachers by the way of games. As an intelligent parent you can start with the same. Take help books on the subjects and educational toys.

What is the Child Tested On?

The most important aspect of a preschool or nursery test is the child’s ability to understand and follow simple instructions. The interview checks the lateral thinking ability of the child along with the manner that he responds to difficulty and his confidence level. Parents need to understand that these are behavioral attributes and not chapters. As you prepare the child just work on his interactive skills and teach him to be easy in various situations. Help him to express and use his responses as clues on areas of his fears and worries. Once they are effectively dealt with, the patience and confidence automatically soars.

How to Prepare Child for the Interview?

The interview is expected to focus on areas that are related to its main curriculum. As your child takes his first step in the real world, parents are advised to make the learning regimen an easy one. Here are 

  • The best way to prepare the kid is through creation of situations. A child’s mind is akin to a sponge that can soak up anything that he is presented with. 
  • Prepare him carefully by including a special activity regimen well in time ahead of the interview.
  • Start with just about fifteen minutes which should come across as a serious action but a warm and friendly one. 
  • Help your child understand that this is not a play or fun but its time where he is expected to listen, follow instructions as he shows his skills.
  • Begin with simple conversation and gradually extend this activity time to say half an hour by including oral and written skills. 
  • You can also start the learning process by helping your child observe hoardings, the colours and alphabets in them, the number plates of vehicles, certain words written on books, newspapers or the display boards at shops and malls.

Work on Communication Skills and Confidence

Have a quick look at how you can work on your child's communication skills and confidence. 

  • A simple idea is to make the child write or draw a ‘journal’ or an account of a certain event, a time or an entire day. 
  • Encourage them to use letters, numbers, and shapes, pictures to describe the action or event. Make friendly suggestions only if necessary and after he has completed it.
  • As they speak or write words ask them to spell them and remember to praise a good performance. If your child needs to practice more be gentle and encouraging.
  • Asking open-ended questions also enhances the communication abilities as the child gets an opportunity to think and answer. This also enhances the problem-solving skills.
  • The most important point for parents to note while they prepare they child for the interview is that they need to be extremely patient and not end up making the child fear the interview by getting panicky and nervous themselves.
In this way you can prepare your child for the very important phase of his or her academic life. 

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Ravina Singh.2 years ago
After reading this article, I wish to share my kid's first preschool interview. Like other parents we also made our kid practise alphabets, numbers, colors and much other stuff. But to our surprise his interview was quite different. The teacher handling the interview just interacted with the child and measured his cognitive ability! My sincere advise to parents - don't fret about your kid's learning abd start pressurising him or her about pre school interviews. Make learning and school a fun filled experience.
jasmeet.3 years ago
Hi, my girl is going to complete her 4 years and my major problem is that she is not able to recognize letters and numbers. she is going to school class nursery but it didn't work at all. please help me in this matter so that i can able to teach her.
rahul.3 years ago
the article is very nice... there are very rare articles on such topics...!!
Littlemillennium.4 years ago
One of the best benefits of preschool is that they get to be with a teacher, and are introduced to a classroom setting, where the teacher is the authority figure, and they have to share with classmates, etc. you can get all these facilities at
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