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Mesha (Aries) The Ram

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According to Hindu Rashichakra, Mesha rashi is the first zodiac sign. The Latin name for this rashi is Aries. Read on to find more about some interesting facts about Mesha rashi according to Hindu Rashichakra.

Mesha or Aries is the first sign of the Rashichakra. The appearance is like a lamb and holds a position right at the head of the Kalpurush or the Ursa Major. It wanders about the pastoral lands and the mountains and keeps hiding in places. It resides in mines of metals and jewels.

Signs of people who are born under the Mesha rashi

The doers

They are known as Mesha Jatakas and are primarily doers. The individual is devoid of malice and fear. Their bravery and courage can often lead them to the point of foolishness. They are impetuous, head-strong and spontaneous in their expressions and actions and can also be self-centered in their attitude.

Impulsive Leaders

These people have strong leadership qualities and are always eager to make their presence felt though words or actions. They hate compromising with their desires and can go to any extent in attaining and fulfilling their wishes. Mesha people have this innate tendency to react physically to every thing. They literally tend to ram their way into the matter whenever they are out to attain any of their wants. They usually lack the patience to reason out the situation and the pros and the cons and simply deal with it impulsively.

Passionate and Excitable

They are highly emotional and passionate in nature. People around them often feel flattered by this rash behavior but when it borders on extreme recklessness, they can even be a big turn off. The Meshas also forget their frustrations and anger pretty soon. Basically their extreme enthusiasm for a certain action acts as a boomerang and the interest in the matter is lost fast.

Highly Spirited but May not Have sustained Enthusiasm

The Meshas participate with great gusto in the everyday activities of life. Their highly spirited nature makes them very active and fiery in all their endeavors. They are athletic and energetic and can make friends pretty easily. As they have good leadership qualities, they are charismatic and courageous. They are strongly optimistic and always are in hope for the better. It stems from their relentless desire to succeed and gratify their desires. At times when the others are apprehensive and hesitant about something, you will find the Mesha full of zeal to start off with that difficult project or mission. Likewise, their interest gets lost and they tend to leave their tasks unfinished.

Similarly, in spite of the fact that the Meshas have excellent potential to be good leaders, they are not always able to attain the mission that they had set out for. Their impulsiveness comes in the way to judge a given situation effectively and rationally and take appropriate decisions. This is why they may not get eager followers too.

Ego Comes First

Their domineering and egoistic nature also leaves a negative impact on their relationships despite the fact that they can be very good friends. Though they are high on physical energy, they require persistent stimulation. When they are unable to find it, they might well turn lethargic.

Baby Names According to Mesha (Aries) Rashi

Mesha (Aries) Rashi Letters: A, L, E, I

Baby boys or girls named under the Mesha rashi usually have their names titled with A, L, E or I. This raashi is a fire sign and people born under this rashi are known for their challenging and fiery nature. Ruled by the planet Mars this rashi has babies born with abundance of energy and honesty. Find names with Mesha rashi at Indiaparenting baby names! Famous celebrity names like Anusha, Lalita, Emraan, Imran all belong to this rashi!

Mesha Facts:

  • Positive qualities - They are dynamic, daring, energetic, daring, enterprising and incisive.
  • Negative qualities - They can be crude, vicious, egoistic, edgy, selfish, impetuous, possessive, conceited, envious and violent.
  • Auspicious day - Tuesday
  • Fortunate numbers - 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72
  • The colors that best suits Mesha - Red, scarlet
  • Auspicious stones - Diamond, ruby
  • Preferred talisman - metal iron
  • Ideal partners - Meshas are incurable romantics and their ideal partners are Mesha, Simha, Dhanu or Vrishchika. They are possessive about their partners and very caring too.
  • Famous Meshas - Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan, Bismillah Khan

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