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Child Development Topics..

You are here : home > Child Development > Intellectual Development > In the 2 to 3 years

In the 2 to 3 years

In her third year your child will progress from perceiving the world in the form of separate things and single events to learning to establish links between different things.

This is the stage when your child's favourite word is "why?" Your child will now progress from perceiving the world in the form of separate things and single events. The child will now learn to establish links between different things. She will start to think about the meaning of experiences and to learn from them. Her sense of creativity and imagination will be awakened. Her concept of time will be expanded to include the past and future, not just the present. She will learn to think ahead, to plan.

Two years, three months

Your child will develop a sense of self. She knows who she is and can say her name. She will become more assertive about what she wants. She will pit her will against yours, saying "no" more often than not. She will try to build houses and castles with bricks.

Two years, six months

She will know both her first name and her surname. She will enjoy lending you a hand with simple chores like laying the table. She will be able to draw vertical and horizontal lines. She will realise that a boy's sexual organs are different from hers.

Two years, nine months

She will know the difference between boys and girls. She will be able to learn nursery rhymes and repeat them. She will ask questions and begin to understand numbers. She will try to draw a circle, but will not succeed without help.

Three years

Her social skills will improve and she will enjoy playing with other children. She will comprehend the meaning of words like "on", "under" and "behind" and will be able to formulate quite complicated sentences. She will almost be able to draw a circle.

How to encourage child’s development?

Here is what parents can do to encourage child’s development during the 3rd year.


Right kinds of toys play an important role in boosting child’s development. Good toys not only help in the development of fine motor skills but also in the intellectual development of a child. You can get toys like puzzles, shape-sorters, building blocks, alphabet tray, toy xylophone, puzzle play-mats, abacus etc.


Books can be very helpful for stimulating the brain development of your child. You can get board books for your child containing pictures of animals, fruits, vegetables, vehicles etc. These picture books can help your child to recognise things around her and also be aware of new things. You can also introduce alphabets and numbers to your child with the help of board books and picture books. Such books will help your child to recognise and learn alphabets and numbers with an ease.


Reading stories to children right from the young age can help in their brain development. It can help to improve their speaking as well as listening skills. It can help parents to introduce new words to children which can improve child’s vocabulary.


Allow your child to scribble on a scribbling pad with crayons. This activity will help the development of the little muscles of her hands and fingers. This is also a very good activity for keeping your child involved.

Drawing & Colouring 

You can get colouring books and allow your child spend time colouring pictures instead of experimenting on walls. You can also teach the names of colours of the crayons while your child is colouring. The drawing and colouring activities can help to boost your child’s imagination skills.

Parents can play an important role in boosting the development of children during these years. These are the very crucial years of the development of children so parents must do whatever they can for the optimal development of their child.

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Manohar.5 years ago
Hi, My son is 30 months old. He is very well active and having sufficient knowledge about what is happening around him. Real issue is he speaks in his own language ( we can't understand)and does not listen to us whenever we speak with him. Whenever he wants water, food then he speaks in his language and by way of pointing his hand. Apart from this issue I feel everything is fine with him. How to develop his communication and concentration?
Dear Parents,

We believe that children have an unlimited potential for learning and that parents have an unequalled opportunity to help them realize that potential by exposing them to an enriched environment during the critical early of life

} You have the opportunity to shape your toddler’s brain and influence her ability to learn throughout her lifetime

} This opportunity has only recently been recognize

} Recent technological advance, such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resolution Imaging (MRI) scan , have given us evidence of the way a child’s brain is organized and how it grows

} Parents are a young child’s most influential teachers

} What you teach will profoundly influence your child’s entire life

} This can seem like a daunting responsibility, but it’s also an unbelievable opportunity

Revolutionary educational packages for kids 1 to 10 years

} Develop their vocabulary and language skills to extra-ordinary level by the time they are ready to go to bigger school/classes

} Give them extensive knowledge by just using their curiosity in a fun-way method.

} Develop their IQ, concentration level, logical thinking, perception and analytical skills from the beginning.

} Improve their academic performance and above all

} Give them PASSION FOR BOOKS as life time gift (Leaders are Readers)

Do you know….?

} Language development and communication are important factors in children even as early as two or three months

} 50% of a child’s adult intelligence develops in first 4 years

} Everything the child is exposed to and absorbs between 2 and 4 years of age, leaves an indelible mark on his personality

} So stimulate your child intellectually

You can Mail on the above Email ID for a Free Demonstration. It would be a free of Cost Non Obligatory Counseling with both the parents without any Financial burden.


Dear Parents,

Every Child is unique as we all know. Potential of the inborn traits in every child differs. Today due to advances in science, there are tools to help map the capability potential of a child on multiple intelligence. With such a report a parent can steer his child's upbringing and life smoothly and confidently.

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nazi.9 years ago
my son is 3 yrs old and he goes to nursery. at home he talks a lot and goes on asking questions but if any guest come to our house he becomes very shy and don't even utter a word. please help me to remove this kind of shyness from him
KETAKI PONKSHE.9 years ago
i am an educational consultant. i have some exciting programs for small children. i stay in mumbai. if you are interested, please contact me on or thr.
Mohit Gupta.9 years ago
excellent article, i have never seen such a detailed and specific the point, keep it up!!
eati.9 years ago
i have a baby 3year old i want to give him everything in his body he want how could i ?
Nidhi.9 years ago
my son is 3yrs old. he is very bad in socializing with his peer group. i think he feels threatened that they would take his toys or he would have to share something with them, which is not the case with elders and he is fine with them. he is very posessive of his things and does not wants to share anything and hits back when anybody tries to do so.
please tell me what i can do to make him mix up,play and share with his peer group.
Prabesh.9 years ago
the info. was helpful but how are these related to intellectual development?..say the child says 'ball' he/she is using her thinking houw are these activities linked to it?
priti.9 years ago
this for nidhi.
i have a 2and 1/2 yr boy.and he is also same.but the best think to do is let them learn on there own to love and share there toys.when he goes to his friends house tempt him with some of the toys which he likes of his friend and then make him understand if u don,t share others r not going to share with u too.and slowly he will be ok with other kids.
good luck.
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