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Body hair is the bane of every (well, almost every) woman's existence, and getting rid of unwanted body hair tops the list of beauty priorities. One popular body hair removal method is waxing. Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on waxing. Find out on what parts of the body you can wax, and how to prepare wax at home.

On what areas of the skin can I waxNULL

You can wax your entire body, whether you are a male or a female. However, there are certain areas where you shouldn't apply wax:

  • Inside the ears and nose
  • Eyelashes
  • On the nipples
  • The male genital area
There are of course far more women who wax their bodies than men, but the number of males who go in for waxing is on the increase especially those with excessive body hair.

Can I wax my sideburnsNULL

Yes, you most certainly can! You can wax your entire face, including forehead, but unless absolutely essential, this is not recommended. When getting your sideburns waxed, specify that you want a very small area waxed, and ensure that the beautician sticks to the area close to the ear. You could wax your chin, upper lip and eyebrows as well. However, it is preferable to thread the eyebrows and upper lip.

Can I wax my privatesNULL

The term 'Brazillian waxing' is used to denote removal of hair from the entire female genital area. As wax is made from purely natural products like sugar, water and lemon, it can be safely applied to the genitalia. Brazillian waxing can be very painful, but many women feel that the results are well worth it. A less painful alternative is a bikini wax, in which the area visible outside the bikini line is waxed.

What are the advantages of waxingNULL

  • Hair takes a longer time to grow back after waxing, because the hair is removed from the root. It takes around 4-6 weeks to grow back, and sometimes even longer.
  • Waxing slowly reduces the growth of hair, so the more often you wax, the slower your hair growth.
  • Gradually, over an extended period of time, the hair may even stop growing in the waxed area.
  • Wax is made from natural ingredients like sugar, lemon and water, as opposed to depilatories (hair removal creams and lotions), which are made from harsh chemicals that burn the hair. Sugar and lemon are both beneficial for the skin.
  • Dead skin is removed in the process of waxing. Waxing thus doubles as an effective exfoliator.
  • The skin feels smooth after waxing.

Can I wax by myselfNULL

Yes, you most certainly can! All it takes is a little practice, and once you�ve nailed the technique, waxing can be as easy as, well, cooking rice! The best part about being able to wax yourself is that you can be clean and hairless all the time since you will not have to take time out to visit the beauty saloon, and will not be dependent on anyone. And if you're prone to shaving in times of emergency, once your learn how to wax yourself you will not have to touch a razor ever again! Nevertheless, it can be a little messy and you may feel that it's just not worth the hassle. If the saloon is a stone�s throw away, by all means, enjoy getting waxed by professionals. But if you're tight on cash, you just may want to give it a shot yourself. So, here goes:

Wax recipe


2 cups sugar
¼ cup water
¼ cup lemon (nimbu) juice


Pour the sugar, water and lemon juice in a saucepan, and heat it over a low flame. Keep stirring the mixture until all the sugar has melted, and you have a thick brown liquid. Let it cool slightly.

Waxing technique

  1. Test the temperature before applying the wax to your skin. It should be hot, but not scalding, or you can burn yourself.
  2. Once the wax has cooled slightly, test it on your finger. Blow on it to cool it with your breath and apply it to your skin with a butter knife, in the direction of hair growth.
  3. Place a clean cotton cloth strip on the wax and yank it against the direction of hair growth.
  4. Wipe the area clean with a cold cloth after you've finished waxing.
  5. You could also apply ice to the waxed area, to close and tighten pores.
  6. You may notice that your skin has turned red, or that you have tiny bumps on the skin immediately after waxing. This is a normal reaction, and the redness and bumps should disappear within an hour. Applying a moisturizer or soothing lotion will help.

If you can still see sugar particles in the wax, the hair will probably not come out and you would need to re-cook the wax.

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Feedback on article
Name: Maleka
City:   New York, USA
Comments:   I really liked the article. I was thinking that I should not wax from my face, You clear my doubts. Thanks
Name: jayendra
City:   surat,gujrat
Comments:   any therapy which remove hair from whole body,non painful ,cheaper
Name: Bindu Nair
City:   Baroda
Comments:   How thickened the mixture should be.
Name: To Seema
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   hi seema, you can get brazillian waxing done from any parlour in bombay. all parlours do it.. go to your usual parlour, as you will be comfortable with them.
Name: jyothi
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   nice article,i did not know wax is so easy to prepare and can be prepared with only sugar,water and lime juice. this tip was very useful. thankyou
Name: Hazel
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Absolutely marvelous... Its cheaper, a little messy , a little painful.. but the results are just tooooooooo good.
Name: Radhi
City:   Miami, USA
Comments:   Hi! I am 20 weeks pregnant. I have Some/little hair on my tummy below belly button. I used to wax that area before pregnancy. Can I wax that area now and also, Can i use hair removing lotion for the pubic area Thanks for your reply in advance.
Name: glynn
Comments:   thanks for the wonderful idea. i can't wait to try it!
Name: Janice
City:   Kauai, Hawaii
Comments:   Searching information on how to do b waxing in a salon. How do you become certified or learn anything about it. I'm doing this search for someone else. I'll share your recipe with friends. Thank you.
Name: bahira
City:   malaysia
Comments:'s simply cheapest way of waxing.. very sad coz i just found this page...!!but do u have any tips on stop the unwanted body hair...?? THANKX ANYWAY
Name: vin
City:   mumbai
Comments:   thanks..but are the named products are available in or bikin wax
Name: Mandy
City:   South Bend
Comments:   Does it matter what type of sugar is used. I have bought "sugar in the raw" and white processed sugar....
Name: sachin
City:   bombay
Comments:   any parlour for men specialised in body waxing & facial do let me know the postal address or tel no thanxs sachin
City:   dublin
Comments:   thanks for the wonderful information about waxing. The easiest way of removing unwanted hair by the cheapest method.
Name: leah
City:   pasay
Comments:   thanks 2 d recipe. even though, i was jst planning 2 try it.
Name: Aditya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi please let me know any parlour in mumbai perform brazilian waxing for men. Pleae give me their address or phone no. Thanx
Name: yvonne
City:   edinburgh
Comments:   great information for people starting out on waxing many thanks
Name: Anjali
City:   delhi
Comments:   wonderful piece of information, nicely written in very simple form. loved reading the same.
Name: Kiran
City:   Scotland
Comments:   Can i wax my breast obviously not the nipples ive herd that it cud cause breast cancer coz u r causing pain to the breast pls help
Name: Jerushia
City:   Phila. ,PA
Comments:   I love the way that you presented this information. I am going to try the recipe right now. Do you know where I can purchase loosely woven cotton strips in bulk and for a good price THANKS
Name: alaa
City:   brampton, on, canada
Comments:   thanks a lot for the recipe! i honestly spent an awful lot of money on cremes that just irritated my skin. im so glad that there is some other way to do waxing without having ur money all wasted! good luck!
Name: aarti
City:   mumbai
Comments:   great receipe! there are waxing strips available in mumbai which may be useful for women who do not like to go to parlor and waste time. those wax strips are available for upperlip(small strips)and long ones for arms and legs. Its a cold wax technique called clearway from fem.
Name: eugene
City:   clayton
Comments:   why cant you wax the male genital area, is there a danger or is just painful
Name: i dont exist
City:   that doesnt exist too
Comments:   can you store and reheat this wax
Name: suneetha debbad
City:   Tracy USA
Comments:   Thanks! i'm going to try u'r recipe now.
Name: pattycake
City:   Birmingham,Al
Comments:   These recipes are the greatest I have suffered with hair on my face for years, how long does the hair have to be before waxing
Name: shyamalaanand
City:   Vietnam
Comments:   I am very happy to tell you about waxing, I do regularly to my legs, but not my hands after few days the when the hair starts growing there is a lot of itching on my legs and indeed I do get a lot of pus like pimples/rashes and feel too much itching I do not know what to do at that time and even after immediet waxing that is after a day or two I start getting itching. so please do help me how to avoid the itching and keep my skin normal. it.
Name: Monique
City:   USA
Comments:   Is it true that shaving can cause hair to grow back thicker and longer
Name: sonu
City:   toronto
Comments:   wonderful i visited this page today the first time but am going to try make the recipe at home today if it works, it is gonna take one big borden off my back, waxing budget, wax is much-much, too expensive here as compared to what we used to buy in india keep it up
Name: sonu
City:   toronto
Comments:   hurray, thanks a lot, i finally tried it last week and got it done successfully, it is amazing, exactly like the tin i used to but in india and so inexpensive, thanks a loooooot, god bless you all
Name: aruna
City:   dubai
Comments:   the recipe can do with another half a cup of water and a teaspoonful of glycerin. I prepare and use it personally.
Name: kay
City:   manc
Comments:   can you store this if so for how long also, does it improve with the addition of 1/2cup water and 1tsp of glycerin is this just normal waxing or sugaring i heard that for sugaring is less messy as you add some flour to it and then knead the stuff over the hairy area
Name: brendel
City:   Davao
Comments:   thanks!sugaring wax cost a lot. Now, i dan do it at home!
Name: Ophelia
City:   Edmonton
Comments:   The recipe is wonderful!Could anyone tell me the inredients shows up like this: 2 cups sugar cup water cup lemon (nimbu) juice on my comupter. Pls help!
Name: brendel
City:   philippines
Comments:   i got the recipe for the wax yesterday and i tried it at home. i triied two cups of sugar but it didn't work. so i made it three and lo!the results are so salon-perfect!!!now, i do not have to worry about stubbles that i always get from shaving. thanks a lot!!!
Name: Surya
City:   Houston
Comments:   it's 2 cups sugar 1/4 cup of water 1/4 of lemon juice
Name: niketa
City:   cleveland -- USA
Comments:   can i use bottled lemon juice
Name: sa
City:   delhi
Comments:   hi there!!!! i m in big trouble . i applied the wax on my cheeks and during stripping my skin came out not i got a black ugly looking spot there and i have no idea how can i get rid of that one of my frn suggested that calamine lotion should help for removing but so far no luck ..pls help me and suggest me soemthing to get rid of that spot...........thanks a lot
Name: deeptisam
City:   delhi
Comments:   could you please give me the names of the parlours who will provide the brazilian waxing services.
Name: shme
City:   honolulu
Comments:   users please post if this recipe actually worked for you. Thanks to the one person who suggested 3 cups sugar.
Name: Mary
City:   Seattle
Comments:   Thank you so very much for having this web sight. I am Caucasian but i too grow excessive hair on my legs and arms. I have looked and looked for a home recipe for hair removel, so thank you i finally found one.. :)
Name: lucy
City:   leeds
Comments:   is plucking just the same as waxing
Name: alex
City:   leeds
Comments:   where can i get a brazilian wax done in leeds or bradford
Name: tela
City:   khi
Comments:   form where i cna get brazillian wax do u tell me more methods pf preparing home wax plzwht is the best wax in market in khi which is efective n left gr8 look
Name: khan
City:   bradford
Comments:   i have made this recipe,but it only went hard,what type of suger do i need to use.
Name: Eve
City:   who knowsNULL
Comments:   Where do you get the wax strips Could you use anything else...besides them
Name: bhumika
City:   ahmedabad
Comments:   was informative! thnx.
Name: Shree
City:   NC-USA
Comments:   Hey!!Great info.Helped me a lot especially with all the costly prices for parlors out here.Good job!!Thanx
Name: riya
City:   muscat
Comments:   i tried ur recipe for waxing.but the wax became very hard after it cooled down and i was not able to apply it.can u please suggest me a solutioncan u also tell me how to remove the wax

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