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I am married happily with 2 kids. My native is in Tamilnadu, living in Vadodara since after my marriage. Few months back, I had to travel alone with my kids from my Hometown to Vadodara in Train. It was a long journey, a young gentleman was helping me throughout the journey as I was struggling with 2 young kids. We exchanged number before leaving from Railway station. Since then we have spoken few times in phone, but it was just a casual talk for few mins. He has called me few times lately as he has plan to visit Vadodara again and he is asking me if we can meet for Lunch. I am very confused by this request, I never told this friendship to my husband. My brain says not to meet, but heart says Yes as he was a really good person in that short meet. I am so confessed and stressed and just want to share my situation here.

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This section is about loving style.This section is about loving style. This section is about loving style.This section is about loving style.

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