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Indian baby names and numerology

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There are various traditional ways which Indian parents use to find an Indian baby name. Most of the Indian parents, especially from Hindu religion may consult a Joyotish for finding baby names. However, numerology is also gaining popularity day by day. Read on to know about Indian baby names and numerology.

A beautiful dream of parents comes true with the arrival of their little wonder. With the entry of an apple of eye, the journey of parenting begins. It includes things like arranging small nappies, cute clothes, a special crib for the newborn etc. In the joint families of India the entire family gets involved in this beautiful process. However, the most critical aspect for Indians associated with a new born baby is deciding his or her name. Indian parents may consider various ways for naming their baby and numerology is one of the ways. 

Numerology is a very old concept but, it is a very illustrious in India these days. Many parents in India like to try a combination of numerology in addition to deciding an Indian baby name in a traditional way. For example; parents may consult a Jyotish for preparing the Kundali of a baby. They may decide an Indian baby name according to the Kundali of baby. After this process they may consult a numerologist to reset the baby's name. However, some parents may directly consult a numerologist to decide a good Indian baby name.

When parents consult a numerologist to choose a baby name, they may have to provide some details about the birth timing, birth date etc; to the numerologist. According to these details, the numerologist may set a good Indian baby name. Sometimes, if parents have already decided a name for the baby, a numerologist may make slight changes in the baby name. For example; the numerologist may add an extra alphabet or change some alphabets in the baby name or may advice parents to use the name in a revised order.

How to find a good numerologist for choosing a baby name?

If you want to find out a good numerologist, you should do a basic research for it. Firstly, you can talk to your friends and relatives if they have selected an Indian baby name according to numerology. You can ask them about their experience of naming a baby according to numerology. The search of most of the parents for a good numerologist ends with the references of friends and relatives. 

The other way which may help to find a good numerologist is through various media available. You may contact the famous numerologist who addresses the viewers of various TV channels and listeners of radio stations. You may also glance through the numerology section of any newspaper to find a good numerologist. A basic internet research may also help!

What more can you find about the baby name through numerology?

Along with finding a good baby name or setting a good baby name, you will get to know about various other things. The numerologist will help you to know the lucky numbers, lucky colours, lucky dates etc, according to the baby name. Some numerologists may also provide a detailed report of the baby names according to the numerology.

Setting name of a baby according the numerology is not a choice of parents only. There are lot of people who make changes in their name or change the name according to numerology. However, it may not be advisable to change the actual birth name but some changes in the birth name may prove beneficial. You will find many Indian celebrities who have made changes in the spellings of their name. It is regarded that such changes bring instant success in professional life.

It is obvious that public follows what celebrities do. It is in the case with finding Indian baby names with the help of numerology too. However, be alert if you are planning to select a good Indian baby name with the help of a numerologist. Study the profile of the numerologist in detail before consulting him or her. Consult a well-known numerologist with a good experience in his field to decide a name for your little wonder.

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Sarabjeet.3 years ago
To each to its own, but I would never consider a name based on numerology. The spelling are really hilarious like using double letters instead of one. Even film stars have changed their names according to numerology but have they achieved success....look at Tusshar KKapoor
Praveen Baliyan.3 years ago
Sometimes numerological names do bring in luck. I have observed my friend who has kept the name of his son after consulting a numerologist. His son is doing well and also a topper of his class.
Pavan Gupta.3 years ago
Numerological names are said to bring in luck and prosperity. So many parents of newborns are consulting numerologist before choosing a name.It seems a kind of funny.
niranjana.5 years ago
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