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Surya Namaskar

alternative-healing Yoga

Do you want to be fit for life? Yoga is the way to go. Start out by doing the Surya Namaskar every morning.

Yoga has hit the mainstream, and is the next cool thing on the block. Ever since Madonna's started talking about it, the entire world is queuing up for
their first headstand. More and more people all around the world are discovering its health and spiritual benefits. So isn't it about time you gave this fantastic practice a shot? 

What you will need 

A quiet room, an uncarpeted floor, a towel, sheet, mat or chatai.

When should you do it 

The earlier, the better. It's best if you do it the first thing in the morning, after attending to your daily rituals. Do the Surya Namaskar before eating
anything though, or you'll be sorry!! 

The Steps

  1. Stand at the top of your mat or towel with your feet together and your hands in the Namaste position, in front of your chest.

  2. Breathing IN, extend your hands straight above your head. Arch your back slightly till you feel the stretch in your spine.

  3. Breathing OUT, bend down as far as possible. Try to touch your toes without bending your knees.

  4. Breathe IN. Bend your left knee and keeping your left foot in front, stretch your right leg out behind you. Keep the right knee on the floor. Lift your head and look straight ahead.

  5. Hold your breath, straighten your left leg also behind you, so now both legs are stretched behind you. Lower yourself slightly, so you are in a push-up pose, with elbows straight.

  6. Bend your elbows and lower yourself, keeping your stomach and butt off the floor. You can touch your chest and the rest of your body to the mat.

  7. Lift yourself up chest-first, straightening your elbows.

  8. Exhale. Lift yourself up keeping your hands on the floor, forming a V-shape with your body.

  9. Inhale. Put your right foot in front with your left foot at the back, with the left knee on the floor. Look straight ahead.

  10. As you exhale, bring your left foot forward in line with the right foot. Stand and bend forward, touching hands to your toes. If you can't touch your toes, don't worry. It's just a matter of time before you will be able to. And if you can touch them easily, try touching your head to your knees.

  11. Inhale. Keep your feet together and lean back, stretching your arms behind you.

  12. Exhale. Come back to the center with your arms at your sides.

Repeat the Surya Namskar about 5 to 7 times, and keep alternating your legs. 

A few final words

Remember, this is just the beginning - you're only getting warmed up. Keep a look out for our next aasan. We're going to make you have your legs crossed around your head and going 'Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm' before you know it...

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Ajay.6 years ago
i always start my day in the morning by surya namaskar facing towards the sun. this helps in refreshing your body and soul.
ipls.6 years ago
pls give diagrams with the surya namaskar and other asanas

seema.6 years ago
in such a beautiful article explaining something i've always wanted to know, u irratated me by writing "butt", its not the proper word to use in surya namaskar. its slang, and offensive. i hope u will change it.
sree.6 years ago
it is said that a picture is equal to thousand explain with pictures and also add reference books in your future article.
this is really a great idea of your's. this will help many continue this.
MItosh.6 years ago
i think it is essential to give th line diagrams of the various steps.
this is a very good thing you have will be more useful if you could give the benefits and precoutions of each asana.
manisha.6 years ago
do you have done any research work on surya namaskara
Prem Kshetrya.6 years ago
it would be much better for the beginer if there were diagrams for each step and warning of side effects,if there are any.
Narayan Bhat.6 years ago
caution: wrong way of inhaling and exhaling during surya namaskar yields very adverse and ill effects and brings miseries, obstacles, failures and many untold sufferings. this is my personal experience. so do it properly or you don't do it.
Vasantha.6 years ago
really marvellous site.
welcome to find happiness and peace in our life.
Chandni.6 years ago
what is namskar?
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