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You are here : home > Raising Children > Entertaining Children > Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

Do you want to involve your kids in interesting activities during summers? Read on and find top 10 summer activities for kids.

Are your children getting bored during their summer break? Why not make their summer break happening and exciting? Now it is the time they can make use of it the most and have a lot of fun. You can totally involve with your children and relive your childhood along with your children.

Interesting Summer Activities for Kids

Here are the top 10 summer activities for your kids.

1. Go Camping Outside

Camping is the most exciting activity for kids. If you do not want to go far enough, set up a camping atmosphere at the backyard of your house. Pitch tents and arrange for campfires. Set games and game rules and enjoy camping. Set up a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Arrange a cookout there – grill some barbeques that your kids would go crazy for!

2. Go Green, Plant a Garden

Teach your children to segregate between dry and wet waste and reduce, recycle, and reuse them. Set up a tiny lab and let them assume themselves as small scientists and work with more enthusiasm and learn with more interest. Help them with planting a garden, plant seeds, water flowers, etc.

3. Hit the Beach

Hit a nearby beach – it is great in summer to beat the heat. Engage your kids in a lot of water activities under your supervision. Do a lot of outdoor sports on the beach, build sand castles, and have extreme fun!

4. Join Some Activity Classes

It is summer time and put your kid’s stamina in use to the maximum now. You have many options. Make them join dancing classes for fun and some body movement and flexibility. They can also learn martial arts or karate classes that improve strength, coordination, and mental discipline.

5. Play Outdoor

Let your kids play outdoor sports, like Frisbee, badminton, or football. Basketball frames hand-eye coordination and teamwork. Soccer is also a game for high agility and teamwork. Jumping rope is a must for summer. Allow your children go skating and roller-riding, but with protection.

6. Summer Cleaning and Charity Time

Ask your kids to go through all their old toys and clothes and donate what they do not need to the children of NGO. They will learn the fun of giving. Instead of storing useless things for long, it is always nice to donate them to the needy.

7. Get Creative, Get Chalky

Allow your children to feel free to go to the lawn and paint. Give away colourful chalks to them so that they can explore their artistic side of them freely. You will create a masterpiece, an art gallery, with so much hidden creativities of your kids.

8. Fly a Kite and Enjoy Picnic

Go to a park or an open field with fewer trees around and go crazy flying a kite. Run like the wind and let your kite soar. Do not forget to pack some sandwiches, chips, crackers and juice boxes to enjoy picnic at the open park.

9. Water-Fight Time

Blow many water balloons. Call your kids out in the garden. Nothing beats the summer heat than popping water balloons over head or getting drenched complete. Let your kids enjoy a water-fight but definitely when you are around and monitoring them.

10. Go Cooking

Kids love experimenting, Plan cooking kid-friendly recipes like pancakes, rice cereals, cookies, or maybe a pizza. Make them feel that they are eating these tasty foods as they are cooking by themselves. They will feel extremely happy.
For any activities, always make sure either you or a trainer is around your kids so they do not do anything wrong or hurt themselves. It is fun-time and not pain-time. Give them options for activities and ask them to choose the activity they would find more interesting. Let your kids have the most memorable summer.

How to make sure that kids enjoy their summer vacations? How to keep kids busy during summers? Which are the best activities for kids during summers? Discuss here.

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Faisal.2 years ago
Nice summary of services. Suggest reviewing , a free e-Learning platform that lets children perform actual fun physical activities, extracurricular projects, academics and sports from home. helps kids adopt active and healthy lifestyle while reducing their screen time at home.
Viniti Singh
Viniti Singh.8 years ago
i feel for some days we can let them do whatever they want with our guidance and spending time with your child is the best thing in this no summer camp...
Kiya.8 years ago
Instead of sending kids to summer camps, you can spend time with them. When they will grow-up you will repent for not spending time with them.
Vibhavari.8 years ago
Is it a good idea to send kids to summer camps?
Supreet.8 years ago
Nice ideas are given in this article. Parents can also take children to a village and make them understand how village life is!
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