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Preconception Topics..

You are here : home > Preconception > Miscarriages, Abortions and Congenital Diseases > Detecting Abnormalities: Sonography (ultrasound)

Detecting Abnormalities: Sonography (ultrasound)

Detecting Abnormalities: Sonography (ultrasound)

Sonography or ultrasound is one of the important tools for detecting abnormalities in the foetus during pregnancy. Let us take a look at how sonography or ultrasounds help during pregnancy.

Sonography or ultrasound plays a very important role during pregnancy. Growth and development of the foetus can be monitored with the help of sonography. It is also very helpful to track if baby is coping with any abnormality or any birth defect. It helps doctor to take right decision and suggest appropriate remedies if any kind of problem is detected in the foetus. Sonography is done at different stages during the entire period of pregnancy.

How is sonography (ultrasound) helpful?

An ultrasound scan gives a picture of the baby in the mother's womb without using X-rays.  It is used to check the baby's development. By using sound waves, birth defects can be identified by the 16-18th week of gestation and sometimes even earlier.

When is an ultrasound recommended?

Most doctors, these days, advice 3-4 routine sonography tests: first test around the 6th week of pregnancy, second test around the 19th week, third one in the 7th month; and the fourth test in the 37th week.  In addition to birth defects, it also helps in identifying twins (or multiple births), and the position of the baby and placenta closer to the due date.

How is sonography done during pregnancy?

During the early pregnancy, sonography is done by inserting a probe which is covered by a condom in the vagina of mother. This type of sonography is known as trans-vaginal sonography. As the pregnancy is very small during the early phase it is not possible to get the clear picture of the foetus and as such trans-vaginal sonography is used in this case.

The normal method of sonography is used during the subsequent sessions. In this method a transducer or a probe covered with gel is moved on the belly in order to get the image of placenta and foetus. The mother is asked to drink plenty of water before the session in order to get the clear image.

What are the different types of ultrasounds?

Let us take a look at the different types of ultrasounds which are used to check if the pregnancy is progressing in right manner.

Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound – As mentioned earlier it is used during the early stages of pregnancy.

Normal Ultrasound - It is used during the subsequent sessions of sonography as the pregnancy progresses.

Advanced Ultrasound – In this method advanced equipments are used to thoroughly check if any birth defects or any problem is suspected in the foetus or mother.

Doppler Ultrasound – This type of ultrasound is used to monitor the heart beats of baby. It is also used to check the blood flow throughout the body of the foetus.

Foetal Echocardiography – Foetal Echocardiography is done to minutely study foetus’s heart in order to check if there are any defects.

Foetal Anomaly Scan – This scan is done to closely monitor the growth and development of the baby as well as the pregnant mother’s uterus and the location of the placenta.

3-D Ultrasound, Dynamic 3-D Ultrasound and 4-D Ultrasound – These types of advanced ultrasounds focus on the visuals of baby’s face and movements before delivery.

What kind of abnormalities can be determined through sonography?

The following abnormalities can be determined with the help of sonography during pregnancy.
  • Miscarriage
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Placenta Previa
  • Abnormal heartbeats of the foetus
  • Defects in foetus’s heart
  • Abnormal growth of foetus’s organs
  • If the cord is tangled around baby’s neck
  • Abnormalities in the uterus of mother
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Excessive or inadequate amount of amniotic fluid
  • Absence of foetal movements
  • Intrauterine foetal death
  • Other birth defects
Sonography or ultrasound also helps to determine the gestational age and the estimated due date. Carrying out sonography during pregnancy is very crucial. Important and life-saving decisions can be made based on the sonography reports. Therefore, it is a must to undergo a sonography when it is recommended by your doctor.

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Linda.7 years ago
ultrasound is a very helpful in pregnancy. It has helped me to detect the breech position of my baby so now i can take the help of some alternative therapies to normalize the position.
ben.7 years ago
are there any side effects of ultrasound? does ultrasound before conceiving any way help in the pregnancy? please comment
Sheela.9 years ago
hi i already have two kids and all of a sudden i doscover that i am pregnant for the third time. at first i am nervous and think of abrtion ... then my husband says e wants to keep the baby so i also decide that it will be nice to have three kids ... and these days that is considered a large family considering some of my friends are having just one child. then recently a very unfortunate thing happened. in my 12th week when i went to the doctor, she told me that the baby had stopped growing after 6 weeks. so i went threough a surgery to clean up after a miscarriage. but i cannot tell you how depressed i feel about the miscarriage. i keep wondering how life would have been with three kids ... and i hold myself responsible. it seems god almost heard me when i was thinking that i did not want to keep the third. i am already past 39 and don't really want to plan a baby ... becasue it is a high risk age. i sometimes wish i had been more careful then maybe i would not have miscarried. do any of you feel the same way?
Tim.9 years ago
each of the children you have is precious and wonderful, and each of the children other parents have is wonderful, and each of the people in the world, who were all someone's children, is wonderful, too. you have two children of your own to love, and 6,500,000,000 other people to love also. so do your best to love us all, and each of us will benefit from your love, just as do your own two children. best wishes!
sheela.9 years ago
yes i know how u feel.i also because pregnant after i had my tubes tied . but i lost it at 11/2 months pregnant . i do want another one .
kim.9 years ago
well i dont have any children and i wasnt ever pregnant or had an abortion but i was just wondering about what happend to the fetiss' involved in the abortions? i was just wondering because i am writing a speech on abortion and i needed more facts and i was wondering if anyone knew (please dont give me false imformation.)
Mohini.9 years ago
i had 4 miscarriages in the months of 2,4,3 & recently in 19th weeks. the doctors are telling that it may be because of some allergy, the reason for which is not known. but some days back i came to know that if minus sign is there in hsg test then we have to take some rubella (exactly not known)injection to make it + and then can try for pregnancy. is it true ? will i be able to deliver a healthy baby after taking this injection ? please advise.
shantae roberts
shantae roberts.9 years ago
i 2 was messin wit a boy named breon who i told i migth be pregant and he told his mom and she told him to tel me to drink vinger is that even good to my health i don't want to lose my child over sumin like dis and plus i wanted the babe im only 15 and i have always wanted a babe butwas dis to much i wonder and i cry every single nigth wonderin if i was ever pregant wit his babe in the first place
Rosa Martin
Rosa Martin.9 years ago
i have 2 kids a boy and a girl we are a lovely family of 4...but then to my suprise i was prepnant after 15 years, at first everything was okay but then i got scared because a week after i started to bleed so my docter told me i had a miscarriged, and as most people i also was very depressed and what hurt me the most was that my kids and my husband wanted me to have the baby.
michelle.9 years ago
i am 26 have had lost 3 now,firt in 2004 then i had a boy in 2005,he was prem and in hozy for 7weeks,had allsorts wrong with him,hes now 16month and fighting fit.then i lost june 06 and have just cum home from a&e and ive lost another,it always happens aronud 4-6 weeks.i dont know how much more of this i can take,whats wrong with me ? ?
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