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The Astrology Planet Venus (Shukra)

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The influence of an astrological planet Venus on a child born under this planet can be seen in his qualities. The planet is an epitome of love and hence the child also displays loveliness. Read on to know more about the child born under planetary influence of Venus or the Venus child.

The astrological planet Venus symbolizes love and passion. So the child named after this planet grows up to display a pronounced loveliness in his or her disposition. As the character of the goddess Venus, after whom the planet is named, the person who is named after Venus is likely to have a white form or complexion. This is basically related to the color of pearl and diamond. Although this may not be taken literally, it basically means that the child shall exhibit a shine and glamour that is sync with the character of the goddess that s/he is named after.

Venus Names for Baby GirlsM

Apart from the Venus itself, Aphrodite is a preferred name with parents choosing to name their child after the planet. It is the Roman name for Venus. The other name is Cytherea which also means the same thing. Myrtle is yet another sweet name that has a botanical origin due to the fact that it is the name of an evergreen shrub that was considered sacred by goddess Venus herself. Venus being a primarily female name, parents do not many options to name their baby boy after the goddess.

The Striking Qualities of Venus Planet

Ease, grace and vigor in attitude are the three main aspects of the characteristics of the child named after the astrological planet Venus. Just as the name suggests beauty and passion, so also the child exhibits an enchanting and handsome appearance. The hair is usually black and curled and the eyes show a soft emotion. The limbs of the child can be found to be very symmetrical and lovely to look at. The name of the planet not only denotes beauty and passion but excellence in all dispositions in equal disposition as well. This gets reflected in the attributes of the child too.

Other Facts about Venus Planet

The quality of passion that is inherent in the child gets manifested as s/he grows up. It has its roots in rajas, the primary Guna of the Jataka. The desire to seek pleasure and love follows from this Guna itself. Parents ought to take note that these children are susceptible to certain perilous outcomes in regard to their health as they grow up. As they have a lot of wind and phlegm in their composition, they are likely to fall prey to bouts of drinking and develop diseases like diabetes in later life.

  • The other characteristics that define the name Venus are affection, balance and harmony. The child can be noticed to have a natural urge to sympathise and unite or bond with people that they are surrounded with.
  • They are also aware and reserved about their personal possessions, and ease, comfort and pleasure are factors that they are greatly concerned with. The child is expected to have a thriving social life and his/her marriage and business relations are also likely to work out quite well.
  • Physically, Venus is associated with the lumber region of the human body. Since the quality of the planet that signifies sensuousness more than anything else, its main attribute is connectivity. As such the throat, the parathyroid glands, veins and the kidneys are the parts or organs that house the maximum impact of the planetary qualities.
  • This also denotes that the child will grow up to be an expert in rhetoric, might turn out to be a good orator and excellent communicator. The name Venus suggests strength and persistence in desires amongst other things, which gets reflected in the demeanor of the child as well.
  • The other characteristic attribute of the Venus is its moist and warm disposition. These qualities come from its association with the phlegmatic humor.
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