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The Hindu Astrology Planet - Sun

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According to science, sun is a star. However, as per Hindu astrology, sun considered as one of the ruling planets of Raashis. Read on to find more about the characteristics of sun as per Hindu astrology. You can also find baby names for baby boys and baby girls as per the ruling planet sun.

Power, royalty and identity are the three principle aspects that are concurrent with Sun or Surya. As per Hindu astrology the sun is regarded as an astrological planet that acts as a controlling orbit of all the other planets. This is because it is positioned at the center of the solar system and thereby holds the power to make leaders, directors and presidents out of the people who are born under the sun sign. Children born under this sun grow up as a governor of people endowed with substantial power and authority. This fact gets reflected by the baby names that are thought about in relation to the sun.

Sun Names for Baby Boys

If you consider the baby names for the son, you will discover the reflection of the characteristics that are associated with this planet. A very popular Indian name is Aditya. It means the sun. Arun means the dawn of the sun; similarly, Dinesh means the Lord of the day, that is, again the sun. Parents seeking unconventional names for their baby boy can choose Aodh, which refers to the name of the Celtic sun God. Again Eleodoro means the gift from the sun and Apollo refers to the one who had driven the sun across the vast expanse of the sky in a carriage.

Sun Names for Baby Girls

The names of the girls born under the sun primarily means energy and vitality. Elena is a common name that means the ray of the sun or the shining light. The same goes for another preferred name Elaine and Eleanor. Elidi means the gift of the sun and Cymbeline refers to the Celtic sun God. Abellona is the female counterpart of Apollo while Cyrah Cyltie means the God of the sun who always has her face turned towards the sun. Eliana is considered to be an interesting name as in the Greek language, 'Elios' means the God of the sun and when it is the name of a baby girl, it means the daughter of the sun.

The Striking Qualities

The sun is the ruler of everything that acts as the dominant features whether externally or internally. Since the sun signifies control, you would find that the child born and named after the sun exhibits aspects of control over body features or organs like brain, heart and bones. The brain is the most dominant part in regard to control of the body. The heart is related to the maintenance of life, while the bones help the body to maintain its shape. Surya is also the ruler of the right eye.

Other Sun Facts

  • Just like the sun names, the person too displays an innate tendency or ability to develop into a leader or authority. His talents mark his or her other qualities like dominance, regality, directorial, strength and other variants of fatherly qualities.
  • Since Surya is also the representation of fire, bright red is considered to be the lucky color for the child. Square shaped things also mark the characteristics of the astrological planet.
  • From the sun names, one can also ascertain the other characteristics of the child. They are marked by independence, impatience, aggression, self-centeredness, impulsiveness and enthusiasm.
  • They usually strive to build a new individuality and direct their energies towards their desires. This also makes them potential accomplishers.
  • They are starters and always ready for competition and it is advisable that their parents help them to control their temper.

After going through the above mentioned facts, you must be thorough with the personality of baby born under sun as the ruling planet. As per Hindu astrology, naming your sun baby according to sun baby names can prove beneficial. You may also consult your astrologer to find some more facts about the ruling planet sun.
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