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Early Pregnancy Care Tips

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Right safety precautions and care should be taken during early pregnancy as it is an initial phase of baby’s development. You should be completely aware of the pregnancy dos and don’ts in order to be careful during early pregnancy. Read on to find early pregnancy care tips.

When a woman is pregnant, she has to take certain precautions so that she and her child remain free from problems and complications. She has to be extra safe and cautious in everything she does. There are many changes that take place during pregnancy and this affects the physical, mental and emotional health of the pregnant woman.

Many women fear the entire pregnancy period. However, the precautions are mainly taken during early pregnancy and the woman needs to be extra conscious when the due date comes nearer. Once you get your pregnancy tests positive, it is time you pay attention to your diet, lifestyle and some other precautions too.

Early Pregnancy Care and Safety

The first three months are considered the most crucial period and very important for your baby’s development.

– It is safe to avoid drinking alcohol completely during pregnancy. Alcohol hampers the growth of the fetus; the child may have learning problems and can even have abnormal facial features. The worst thing is that there is no cure for these problems afterwards. So, shun alcohol completely as soon as you come to know you are pregnant.

Cigarettes Smoking
– Cigarette smoking is very dangerous and can lead to various health problems. Low birth weight is the main problem and this leads to infections, breathing problems, feeding problems and even causes sudden infant death syndrome too. Recent studies have shown that passive smoking is more dangerous. So, stay away from people who smoke.

Seafood and Fish
– Though fish is said to be a good source of protein, there are certain sea food that contain large amount of mercury which is harmful for the fetus. Choose fish wisely when you are pregnant.

– It is said that excess of caffeine causes nervousness, anxiety, sleeping problems, irritability and irregular heartbeats. Caffeine can cause premature birth and low birth weight. Therefore, cut down or eliminate intake of coffee.

Other Foods

As far as possible,

  • Avoid taking tin foods, fast foods, processed food items and foods containing sodium nitrate.
  • Avoid eating raw meat, fish or poultry. Cook them properly before consuming.
  • Drink only pasteurised milk.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating
  • Wash the cutting boards after cutting any raw meat, fish or other food products that might get stuck to it.

– It is advisable that you should not take any medicine during pregnancy without consulting your doctor. Certain common medicines are extremely harmful and hamper proper growth of the baby. Take special precaution with medicines containing multiple ingredients.

Hot Tub and Sauna Bath
– It is advised that you should avoid bathing in hot water tubs. The temperature of the water should not be more than that of your body temperature.

– Though exercise is good for the proper development of child and keeps you fit, it is advisable that you avoid high impact exercises completely throughout your pregnancy period.

Other Precautions and Concerns –

  • Avoid contact with cat feces
  • Use gloves when gardening specially when touching the soil
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals
  • Reduce your exposure to video display terminals as far as possible
  • Monitor your blood sugar level and follow the right diet plan along with proper exercise in your routine

These are some of the precautions that women should take during early pregnancy, though most of these should be followed till childbirth for better results. In addition it is better to avoid sex during the first two months of pregnancy. For detail and specific precautions, you should consult your doctor. 

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.2 years ago
Julliana.3 years ago
I am staying in a joint family and have conceived recently. I do not get enough time to take rest. I am feeling tired.
Lillete.3 years ago
In my early pregnancy, I was given a list of do's and don'ts by my mother. they were a great help for me. I had a smooth and happy delivery.
Twinkle.3 years ago
Early pregnancy is a crucial time both for the mother and the developing baby. It is a critical period. due to poor care during this period, the baby might be underweight or have some problems.
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