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How to Encourage your Child to Study

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It is difficult to encourage any child to study. If you want to know how you can do that read on. The tips and points mentioned in the article will help you get positive results. Nothing is impossible, you only need to be focused and know your objectives before you start working on any project. 

Anyone who is a parent knows how difficult it is to encourage your child to study. You are aware of the importance of education but the child does not care about all this because for him it is very boring and tedious. So, to make your child take interest in studying you need to put in some extra support and encouragement. There are some factors that work behind this process.

Tips to Encourage your Child Study Well
  • Make sure that you find out what are the expectations from your child in his class as per his or her age. This is important because the strategies can be different for different age groups as well. So, it is necessary to know about all these things before you start working on it.
  • Consider the requirements of your child too. Make sure he is comfortable. Provide some materials for his or her research even if the child is very small. Give some space and let him do something on his own.
  • Help your child make a routine according to his convenience. Calculate and provide him with the minimum and maximum time that he should give to his studies. Let him manage his studies.
  • Review the entire day’s work and let him realize what he has achieved and what he could have if he would have studied more. Now, help him make a routine that gives him some space for games and other school works as well.
  • Find out whether your child needs you around while studying or like to be left alone. Even if he wants to study alone, you can keep an eye on him and review his work from time to time so that he makes serious efforts.
  • Your aim is not to make him study more and more. The main objective should be that the child should take the responsibility of his success eventually. You can encourage him by celebrating his success even if it is a small class test.
  • Parties and gifts encourage children to do things. But make certain that it does not form a habit because your child will start blackmailing you afterwards.

Make changes in the habits

There are few points that might help you encourage your child to study indirectly. Make him form a habit that unless he is finished with his homework, he will not get diverted.

  • If you are taking some course or working from home, you can set a role model for your child. The child learns good habits from home and likes to follow his parent’s footsteps.
  • Help your child to keep his study materials as well as playthings organized. This will help him a lot in working in a planned and well thought out way.
  • Help him manage time properly. Make him stick to a routine so that he is able to finish his homework and studies on time. There should be no chance for your child to forget anything if he is taught to do all his things in a planned and organized manner.
  • Children get distracted very easily. Try to minimize them. Make sure study time is a quiet time in the house and all the family members cooperate if it is a small house.
  • Keep a check on your child’s work. To start with, make a time when you will review his work. You can go through the works after he comes from the school. Make sure you listen to his experiences throughout the day, both good and bad. Be a good listener.
  • Do not correct his mistakes and errors. Let him do the corrections.
  • Remember, appreciation is a must. Whenever you find something good and appreciable, go ahead and do that open heartedly.
If you keep in mind these points and work on the tips given patiently, you will find lot of improvement in your child.

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Madan Gopal Gandhi.2 years ago
My Daughter Aged 12 year study in class IV.She is doing every thing well except study. I fail to understand that why she become nervous at school or before her tutor.She was very slow learner / writing.after all she is very much obedient. she felt boaring to do any activites like outdoor games etc
vj.2 years ago
Good, worthy ideas keep it up. Expecting more
Bambino.3 years ago
Very good points are highlighted in the article. These are worth reading. all parents should read this article and help their kids.
Shawn Taut.3 years ago
this article is very nice. I like all the tips given here. Really great tips.
Aryan Bisht.3 years ago
great tips for encouraging kids to study. these are surely worth trying.
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