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Importance of Eid Salat

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Eid Ul-Fitr is the day that signifies the end of the fasting during holy month of Ramadan. Know the significance of offering Salat on this auspicious occasion.

Salat is the second pillar, one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a ritual prayer performed, five times daily. Salat is nothing but communication with the almighty. Every Muslim should perform this religious prayer in order to remember the almighty, Allah. In every Muslim household it is believed that children in the home should learn to do salat at an early age. Every Muslim who has reached his or her puberty is obliged to perform salat. One should be in sound state of mind while doing this ritual prayer.


It is the dawn prayer and it can be performed between dawn and sunrise. People often forget God while carrying out everyday activities. This prayer allows Muslims to remember Allah early in the morning. Fajr prayer requires two raka'ah.


This prayer is also known as noon prayer. It is usually performed after having food in the afternoon. It is a kind of thanksgiving to the Allah, who is blessing us with his divine love. Performing each prayer with devotion is the part of the worship.


The Asr prayer is a four rak'ah daily prayer. It is performed silently. It is the mid-day daily prayer. It is the third prayer of the five daily prayers. When the length of the shadow of a vertical stick matches the length of the stick then it is the right time to perform Asr.


Maghrib is offered at sunset. It is a three rak'ah daily prayer and the first 'two rak'ah' are prayed aloud. The Maghrib prayer symbolises the end of the daily fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.


Isha'a prayer is the nighttime prayer. It is four rak'ah prayer and the first 2 rak'ah are prayed loudly. Tajut can be recited anytime between the midnight and the beginning of the dawn.

Significance of Eid Salat

Islam believes that if Allah accepts his devotee's prayers then he accepts his all other good deeds. Eid Salat has special significance. It consists of two raka'ahs with six takbeers. Eid Salat is performed in the morning of Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha. At the end of the salat, a Khutbah (sermon) is offered. Eid salat must be done between sunrise and noon.

Many Islamic scholars have come up with their ideas to tell the importance of salat. Offering prayers to Allah is like connecting with almighty power to which we are obliged to serve. Ramadan Eid is a great celebration in most of the countries with Muslim population. The night before Eid is called chand raat or night of the moon.

People with their kith and kin visit the shopping markets to do all the pending shopping for the holy celebration. Offering salat during Eid signifies togetherness among family, friends, neighbours, and relatives. It signifies the importance of a tradition. People are pepped up after the fasting period is over and greet each other 'Eid Mubaraak' making celebration even livelier.

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