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Tula (Libra) The Scales

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Tula rashi represents the scales. Libra is the Latin name for this rashi. You will find many interesting facts about this rashi in this article. You will also understand the personality traits of this rashi. Read on to know more about Tula rashi.

An individual born under the Tula rashi is considered to be the most sociable of all the signs. The Libra falls midway between a human and an animal. They look forward to putting others at ease and so their response to situations is quite graceful. They are pretty inclined to arts and they are adept in striking a perfect balance between form, color and element. This makes them choose creative fields.

Signs of people born under the Tula rashi

A Great Balancer

The Tula is famous for his ability to balance. The manner in which he manages to align the schedule between himself and others calls for appreciation. Be it a social act or the intricacies of an inter-personal relationship, the Tula is always a winner. They can be the most charming of the hosts and are therefore extremely popular with everyone they come in contact with.

Relies Mostly on Intuitions

The Tula can have excellent intuitive qualities. They have this unique ability to intuitively understand what the person before him might possibly ask for. They are concerned and give due importance to the requirements of others and take great care in fulfilling their expectations. Since they are adept in gauging, understanding and complying with the expectations of people, they are great negotiators as well. They work on all available options in order to arrive at the right one. They go for solutions that are mutually acceptable for all concerned.

An Excellent Strategist

This attribute also lead to the fact that the Tulas are great as strategists too. They can negotiate to the satisfaction of all the parties and their understanding of the cause and effect relationship is also great. This gives a good hint to their preferred career possibilities. Chess, civic planning, career and relationship counseling are fields that the Tula can excel in. they are so effective in striking a proper balance that without siding with any party, they can attain the satisfaction and arrive at mutually agreeable points and still remain popular with both the parties. They are experts in traveling by the middle path.

Focused on Sensuality

The key planet of the Tula is Venus. Therefore, love, desire, romance and beauty are aspects that the Tula will be more focused on. Art and painting are their main forte and they are prone to perceive beauty as ideal. A female Tula is liable to be obsessed with just the right blend of colors, exactly the right music on a given occasion, and all should lead to the ideological description of the emotion of love.

Persistent Mover

The principle element of the Tula is air. Air symbolizes movement. Between two given points, it is the thought that has the most effectual movement. This is precisely the reason that the Tula is able to decide and judge between two options. As it travels back and forth, it is able to judge the pros and cons and therefore zero in on the best alternative. They give due importance to intellect and this add on to the attribute. Then, people who are born under the air sign are excellent communicators.

Baby Names According to Tula (Libra) Rashi

Tula (Libra) Rashi Letters: R, T

The lucky letters for naming baby born under Tula Rashi are R and T. Rakhi, Rafi, Tanmay, Taarak are few names from our names database with Tula Rashi. People born under Tula rashi or Librans are graceful, hospitable and diplomatic people. Find more baby names for Tula rashi right here on's Baby Name section.

Tula facts:

  • Positive qualities - They are watchful, amiable, subtle, impartial
  • Negative qualities - They can be wavering, disingenuous, egotistic, detached, artful and easy-going.
  • Auspicious day - Friday
  • Fortunate numbers - 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60
  • The colors that suits Tula - Blue, Green
  • Auspicious stones - Sapphire and Turquoise
  • Preferred talisman - Copper
  • Famous Tulas - Mahatma Gandhi, R.K. Narayan, Ashok Kumar

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Dhwani.8 months ago
How does it affect a child if he is not named according to his zodiac sign or rashi?
Naina.8 months ago
Really liked these facts based on the zodiac sign of child...very nice
Hetal.8 months ago
Its interesting to know these facts...thanks for sharing
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