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Diet During Pregnancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am 2 months pregnant, but I cannot drink milk since I am unable to digest it. What should I do? Please suggest an alternative to milk.
Purvi (Bangalore, India)

A: If you cannot drink milk, you can try paneer, curds and buttermilk or else add milk instead of water to make your rotis. If all this does not suit you, then try protein supplements like Premilac Powder or Zefrich powder which you can take with water.

Q: I am 6 months pregnant. In the Indiaparenting site I learnt that papaya is not good for pregnant women and that it may cause birth defects. But I have eaten a lot of papaya throughout my pregnancy. Now I am worried. Kindly guide me.
Trisha (Ahmednagar, India)

A: Papaya could cause abortions. Do not worry about birth defects. Get a detailed sonography done to check the baby for defects.

Q: My wife 2 months pregnant. She just eats one chapati and 1 fruit (apple or orange) in a day. She is feeling very weak, and keeps sleeping. What should I do? She has started hating everything we give her to eat.
Sahil (New Delhi, India)

A: It is quite normal to have nausea, loss of appetite and weakness in the first 3 months of pregnancy. So do not worry. Give her vitamin B complex and folic acid tablets. See a gynecologist in order to be sure that baby's growth is proper and adequate.

Q: I am 4 months pregnant. I had no nausea or morning sickness earlier, but now in my 2nd trimester, I throw up all cooked food. My weight has not increased of late, though the doctor confirmed that my foetus was growing. My daily diet consists of fruits, milk, soymilk, fruit juices, carrots and cereals, none of which I throw up. Is this adequate?
Kantha (New York, USA)

A: You are doing fine so do not worry about the weight gain. Take some antacids before your meals and do not have any spicy food till this settles down.

Q: I am a working woman and my due date is 12.02.2002. My height is 5 ft. 4 inches, weight is 60 kg. What should I be eating at this time?
Ravina (San Jose, USA)

A: Your diet should include a lot of vegetables and fruits. You should eat more frequently, and consume small quantities at a time. Take vitamin supplements. Make sure you consume a lot of iron and calcium as well.

Q: I am 4 months pregnant. I get constipated whenever I take iron supplements. I am taking Softeron and Nutrisan. I have had digestive problems for a long time.
Nirmala (Bhopal, India)

A: Try a different iron supplement like Ferrium. Also take lots of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, fluids and fruits. Make sure to take a walk after meals to prevent digestive problems. Discuss your diet with your gynaecologist or with a gastro-enterologist. Avoid rich, heavy foods and have small but frequent meals instead of 3 large meals.

Q: I am 3 months pregnant with my second child. I would like to know whether I can eat papaya and pineapple. I didn't eat these fruits in my first pregnancy, and some people are advising me against having them. What should I do?
Enid (Dubai, UAE)

A: Avoid these fruits as much as possible. There is no proof as such, but it has been observed that both these fruits, papaya and pineapple, could cause abortions.

Q: Are SMP and Class II preservatives contained in baked products ok for consumption during pregnancy?
Kamal (Mumbai, India)

A: I am not aware of SMP. You should avoid MSG monosodium glutamate when pregnant. Class two preservatives are okay, as long as you have them in limited quantities after the 3rd month of pregnancy. And remember, when in doubt, refrain.

Q: My wife is 3 months pregnant. Can she eat bajri and drumstick?
Himanshu (Panvel, India)

A: Yes she can, but she must reduce the quantity of bajra.

Q: I am 4 months pregnant and a lot of people are advising me to drink a lot of milk. I read that adding a pinch of saffron to a cup of milk is good. Is there any harm in doing so? Is there any time of day to do this?
Zenia (Kuala Belait, Brunei Darus)

A: You can have milk with saffron in moderate quantities anytime of the day.

Q: I am 7 months pregnant. Can I have regular coffee, or should I stick to decaffinated coffee? I have placenta praevia.
Waheeda (Edison, USA)

A: There is no harm in consuming a cup of coffee a day. Do not have have too much coffee. Confirm with your personal gynaecologist before restarting coffee.

Q: I am 6 months pregnant. I have tea once a day and drink caffeine-free ginger ale every other day. Is that harmful?
Chitra (Singapore)

A: Tea and coffee, though bad in excess, can surely be taken in small to moderate amounts. Tea once a day and ginger ale every other day should not have any harmful effects on the growth and development of the baby.

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