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Child Development

Physical Development (0-3 years)
Your baby seems to change face almost every day. When does a baby actually take on its real looks, and how fast does it grow. Do you know if your baby is under weight, over weight or simply growing at the right pace.

Intellectual Development
Can your baby really recognise your voice, or are you imagining things. Your baby seems to react to the TV and some colourful objects. Understand more of the exciting world through the eyes of a child.
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Speech, Language, Hearing and Vision
You have twins, one has started calling out to you and the other one just does not seem to care. At what age should the child say its first words. And by what age should it begin to speak. Read on for more information.
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Toilet Training
When should you start toilet training your toddler? How can you train him without putting too much pressure? Is 1-year too early? Find out what is the right age to train your child and how you should do it.
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Teething in Your Child
Your child has become extremely cranky and cries constantly. Could it be teething already? In what order do teeth normally appear. Read on for symptoms and solutions for teething problems.


adopting a baby girl
i am 31 year old male , and i am looking forward to adopt a baby girl .. and i am single , can any one help me with the procedure ??? thank you ... - sunil    read >>

RE:adopting a baby girl
A single male is allowed to adopt. But he should be at least 30 years old. Also he cannot adopt a girl child. A noted example is dance instructor Sand ... - Sandy Dixit    read >>

RE:adopting a baby girl
The mentality of the adopting male is checked by the authority. Further if a male is adopting a girl then the age difference should be at least 21.Als ... - Trilok    read >>

RE:adopting a baby girl
I guess as of now adoption is only permitted for Hindus in India and also the adopted child should also be a Hindu. There are many restrictions for a ... - Rohan    read >>

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