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Home Remedies

Traditional Home Remedies
When one thinks of traditional home remedies one gets a cosy feeling associated with wise grandmothers and simple, natural ingredients. Members of the older generation in India relied heavily on Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine.
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Home Remedies for Common Problems

At this age, cuts, bruises, coughs, colds and diarrhoea are common. Don't tear your hair out if your child has a fever or hit the panic button if your child doubles up with stomach pain.
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RE:looking to adopt a baby
Hello Asha,
It is so nice of you that you had decided to adopt the baby on your life and it is so good of you and did you adopt any child in your l ...
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RE:Birth Certificate
Hello Abhi,
Yes now days birth certificate is very important because to apply for any thing they are asking to submit so and so certificate also.I ...
- Alok    read >>

RE:Birth Certificate
Hi Abhi,
SO you will help the people who needs the certificate for them but you haven't mentioned any contact details of you and can you drop them ...
- kajal    read >>

RE:willing to adopt a baby
Hello Surabhi,
AM sorry for you that you do not have kids in your life but you have decided to adopt the baby in your life and it is so nice of you ...
- Mala    read >>

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