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Traditional Home Remedies
When one thinks of traditional home remedies one gets a cosy feeling associated with wise grandmothers and simple, natural ingredients. Members of the older generation in India relied heavily on Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine.
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Home Remedies for Common Problems

At this age, cuts, bruises, coughs, colds and diarrhoea are common. Don't tear your hair out if your child has a fever or hit the panic button if your child doubles up with stomach pain.
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RE:Adoption | Wish to adopt | Boy/Girl | Mumbai/Thane
hi nilesh roy, i suggest you to contact adoption centre.and i m sure you will get good child. ... - nidhi    read >>

RE:Adoption | Wish to adopt | Boy/Girl | Mumbai/Thane
hi nilesh, you can adopt baby from orphangage and suely you can get baby. ... - pooja    read >>

RE:legal child adoption from hyderabad
Hi Malini,
So adoption is good idea but how many people will really take care of them and this must be checked by every agency after children got a ...
- Pandey    read >>

RE:Adoption centres in Bangalore
Hi VS,
Many people are dying for kids since they do not have in their life but more kids are in orphan centers.Do not know from where kids are thes ...
- Mano    read >>

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