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India's Best Guide to Pregnancy for Indian Women
Launched in 1999, is deeply involved in providing information on pregnancy and parenting. It is regarded as one of the top sites of India and has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Britannica Award. Besides providing the most comprehensive information on pregnancy, Indiaparenting also has lots of interactive tools for experiencing a healthy, joyful and informed pregnancy.

The Normal Pregnancy
The excitement has just begun... You have happily discovered that you are pregnant. You are worried about morning sickness and whatever else lies ahead. What tests do you need to do? Relax, we are here to help you through these special nine months of your life.
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Medical Aspects of Pregnancy
Odd things are happening to your body. You feel sick all the time. Do not worry, you are not alone. These are common complaints suffered by almost every expectant mother. But make sure that you do not take any medication unless prescribed by the doctor.
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Complications during Pregnancy
You are not sure whether your pregnancy is proceeding normally. You are worried about the state of health of your baby and yourself. You are not sure whether you can carry this baby to term. Are your fears real? Find out more on complications that can arise during pregnancy.
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Getting Ready for Delivery and Childbirth
The countdown has begun. Well, it is high time that you start preparing yourself for delivery and the new life that is about to enter your world. There are just so many things to do. Where does one begin?

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Labour and Delivery
Will you be able to bear the pain of labour? Would you like to know more about possible methods of pain relief? Are you worried about any complications that may arise during the process of delivery? Find out all you need to know about labour and delivery.
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Once the Baby Arrives
You are holding your bundle of joy in your arms. Then why are you feeling so low? There are ways of understanding the needs of your newborn. Find out more about how to care for the little one as well as yourself.
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