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Raising Children

Raising Smart Children
Do you want your child to achieve more in life? Here is a chance for you to know the important factors which will help your child to achieve more in life. Read on these special articles and find a bundle of information which will help you add-on to your effort to give your child the best things of the world.
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The Girl Child
Daughters are just as good as sons. Though this was not always believed in India, things have changed for the better over the last decade. Women have also started to prove themselves as equals. Let’s see how you can bring up your daughter well.
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Parental Dilemmas
Troublesome grandparents? Misbehaving child? Can fathers be friends to their kids? There are so many questions that parents ask themselves! Here we have a bunch of articles that cover serious problems to everyday issues, and tell you how you can deal with them effectively!
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Behavioral Problems
Many kids display odd behavioral patterns in their growing years. Some of these may have you worried, but rest assured all of them can be taken care of easily! Go through the many articles here that cover common behavioral disorders that children go through in their growing years.
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Speech, Language and Hearing
Some kids take longer than usual with learning languages or talking normally. The solution to such delays may be quite simple. Sometimes kids just need a bit of parental support to come out of their shell. See how parents can help a child with his speech, language or hearing issues.

Relation between Siblings
Siblings can bring the house down if they so wish to! Parents have a traumatic time dealing with annoying issues that siblings keep throwing up. Here we list a bunch of great articles to help you tackle your kids and make sure that siblings grow up into responsible, mature adults.
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Children & Pets
Not a lot of parents let their children have pets, but getting your child a pet is a great idea! A pet brings a lot of joy into a home, and especially into a child’s life. Here we look at some good pets and how to make sure you have a good time with your new pet!

Fears and Anxieties
Fears and anxieties are a common part of any growing child’s life. It is important that parents be aware of such fears and anxieties so they can help their children tackle them easily. Here we list some common ones that children face, and how you can help your child face them.
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Childhood Concerns
There are many unexpected events that could pop up in life, and you may have to explain things to your child or help them get through them. Be it sexual abuse or depression or even terrorism, we list a few ways in which you can be by your child’s side when he really needs you.
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Social Relationships in Children
A child’s social relations are everything to him! After all, children find great joy in discovering friends and new experiences. But it is also important that you are there when he has various questions about friends, social situations and other such events. We list some great articles so you can guide your child well.
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Entertaining Children
Children can be a pain when they get bored and turn to you for all their amusement. They will drag you from your work and make you entertain them! But this might be a great opportunity for you to bond with your kids. Here you can see a wide range of things you could do with your kids, and how you can build some everlasting memories with your loved ones.
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Do you have twin children? Twin children are a blessing to parents but they can also terrorize those parents with twice the intensity! Here we list a few techniques and tried-and-tested methods so that you find bringing up twins a breeze.

Parental Relationships
Many experts feel that the relationship that parents share is the base of all relationships the child will have in his lifespan. This automatically translates into being responsible around your kids. Here we list a few dos and don’ts so that your kids always remember you and your spouse as the perfect parents.
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Safety For Your Family
Safety is a priority for any parent. Especially nowadays, when there are so many threats to children and women and sometimes even men, it pays to be aware of happenings around you and how to prevent them. We list some common situations that you may face as a responsible parent and how you can overcome them.
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Related Articles for Raising Children
There are a lot of things that go into raising children. Here are some more things that may be helpful while you are on your journey to raise the best individuals ever.
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In the News
Know what is happening around the globe and the current issues affecting kids. Find out what is in the news.


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