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Chickenpox During Pregnancy
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Chickenpox During Pregnancy >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My expected due date is in September 2002. I contracted chickenpox in the first week of April. Will it have an adverse effect on the foetus?

Urmila (London, England )

A: Chickenpox in the second trimester ie: in the second three months could be harmful but before or after that is relatively safe.

Q: My wife is in the 18th week of pregnancy and she recently contracted chicken pox (just 4 days ago). We have consulted a number of doctors and they have prescribed medication for 7 days. What are the risks and the effects on the baby? Please advice urgently.

Tariq (Devalali, India )

A: There will be no problem for the mother, but there have been instances in which the baby is born premature and may have some congenital defects.

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