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Good Role Models

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Does your child have a role model? Role models serve as an inspiration and encourage your child to aim high.

Does your child have a role model? When someone asks your child who her role model is, does she just come up with a famous name on the spur of the moment and give an answer that seems about right? The importance of having a role model can never be underestimated. Yes, hero worship is healthy, and while some never stop idolizing their heros, some stop after they enter adulthood and others never really start.


Having a role model helps a child focus on her goal. For example, if your child's role model is Barkha Dutt, she will naturally want to become a reporter for television. With her career goal already clear in her mind, she will start taking steps to achieve her goals. She will enroll in the relevant courses, study hard, and will strive to gain the appropriate work experience and land a great job.


A child with a role model is more likely to be inspired and driven to achieve her goals, than a child without one. Having a role model opens up our minds to possibilities we otherwise thought were far out of our reach. Without a role model, we may never dare to dream big. Many successes have been averted just because we didn't think we could be so successful. But if we had a role model, we wouldn't be quite unwilling to think big. Ask almost any successful person will have a role model who inspired him to reach the heights he has reached.

Coping with Adversity

There will be times in your child's life where it may seem like a superhuman effort to get out there and try and achieve her dreams. It is at these times that she needs to be inspired by someone who went through the same struggles and made it. Temporary setbacks are a part of life, and everyone goes through them. It is important that your child does not lose hope and keeps sight of the goal at the end. A role model helps give your child confidence that he can succeed, because it is likely that his role model also suffered setbacks and overcame them.

Encourage your child to choose a role model wisely.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Although these names are not instantly recognizable by Indians, they are almost a household name in the West. The twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley achieved tremendous success with their role as Michelle in the popular television series Full House. That's right, the role of the cute, youngest sister in this series was actually played by two girls due to Labour Law restrictions, who were twins. When the serial ended almost eight years later, everyone believed that the twins' time in the spotlight was over, but this was far from the truth. After starring in a few other television series, they went on to start their own clothing line. They also launched a video game, a perfume, a makeup line, a magazine, and a book series catering to teenagers. Today, the twins are a billion dollar brand, and have not yet turned 21. They are the richest twins in the world, and the youngest to have made it this big.

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