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You are here : home > Raising Children > Behavioral Problems > Children and Masturbation > Comments


Name: Toddler Indulges in Mast**
Country: India
Hello My Son is 2.5 year old and recently started going to pre-school. We have been noticing strange behaviour offlate. He tries to find quiet place, removes his pants and tries to erect / play with his private parts.

Name: Toddler Indulges in Mast**
Country: India
Hello My Son is 2.5 year old and recently started going to pre-school. We have been noticing strange behaviour offlate. He tries to find quiet place, removes his pants and tries to erect / play with his private parts.

Name: helping hand
Country: India
TO KID.... i think u r too young for will make u feel energyless.. so juz go out and play games,seriously its so good n entertaining for u,play 4 matches badminton n u get tired "this tiredness" will make ur health good n make u fit n taller..... while wasting ur energy in it will make ur proteins that u eat will get waste n u will not get taller n fit as proteins make ur hormones which make u tall...... try to stop it by distracting urself,so go n enjoy ur life with ur friends,play outside,

Name: Believing
Country: India
@hello, hey i'm a guy and I have the exact issue as yours. I think about sex in disgusting ways. I wanna get out of it. Wanna experience my life in a natural and good way. Don't want to an ***hole. Your post really gave me some hope. I've read a lot about this and the only thing that comes to mind right now is, you should not disrespect yourself. You got this habit by touching (i was molested, damn i hated that memory all my life). So, it's never ur crime or something. Put a fight against it. As hard as you can. Trust me, you need to do it. Don't harm your mentality of self respect. Forgive urself. Stop thinking bad stuff. Don't think about sex if u can right now. Cuz all of it is about those men. Try being good and appreciate what you do. Like making good grades, beating challenges in sports/contests. Engage in life. In my religion, Islam, it is encouraged to enjoy life in valid ways. Forgiving urself at any time is a good way to appreciate what Allah(God) has created, YOU. He took the most care when he did, cuz he doesn't make mistakes. I believe it. I honestly hope Allah lets everyone find their way out of problems. God bless u sis.

Name: IR
Country: U.S.A.
Response to: hello from other I'll start by assuring u that u are definitely NOT alone. I've seen many cases like this. It's slightly difficult to give solid answers when it comes to these matters, especially when no professional in this subject has seen u since birth, to "know" u & all that you've been through. But in some cases that child, before they had reason, they were molested & thus taints the psyche & may resort in masturbation. (Not saying this is your case). Other cases show that the child was just itchy or irritated & rubbed or scratched & felt great relief from doing so, thus they proceeded w/ the action even when it didn't itch. Most of them cannot consciously note the fact that it started as an itch, since the other pleasure derived is stronger. Another independent study of spiritual physiology & psychology have theorized that all human behaviors, habits & thought patterns are imputed by the world at large through what is known as: general conscious perception. They say this takes more negative effects on our newborns, if the parents don't practice 'conscious procreation'. Which means if the parents don't purify & clean their minds & hearts fully & consciously for the sole purpose of coming together to create a new being, then they are at risk. In other research, natives claim that it's a curse placed by some shaman or witch doctor & has effect until the individual breaks the curse through strong will against the impulses. They say evil spirits compel you to act without reason, thus u become a slave to impulses & desires with no control. You can be free, when u start to rationalize & take control of your mind, will, & emotions. In other words: the more you see it 'as a problem', the worse it becomes, & u are always defeated.  I'll conclude by saying don't be scared, grossed out, worried, nor hopeless. The journey called life can be challenging.. But u will always win if u believe.  God bless ^_^

Name: hello
Country: Other
hello. i m a girl and there is some very serious problem with me. since the age of 4 i ve been doing it and now i am 17. when i was small i didnt know what i used to do but i used to find every place or every corner in the house where i could be alone and could do it. i was also many times seen doing it but was ignored, it used to be very embarassing though. i was so small, i hadnt even seen any porn movie but i used to do it still, was i born with it or something?...perhaps i have inherited it?.. even today, after promising myself tht i will not do it again i still do it untill i reach the peak of it and then when once i do it, i feel like doing it again and again. n i picture disgusting men! yuk!! i hate it!! please tell me what to do?? it just with me or is it with many others???..please tell me here!!!

Name: chica
Country: puerto rico
i am not a mother but i think that the teens are the only ones that can choose in their lives.but the children can not pass their limits.

Name: Question...
Country: usa
how many boys go to bellingham memorial middle school?

Name: hmmm
Country: Other
hello.. there is no problem with you its natural. just isolate yourself. thing of something else when the urge comes. when you stop you will become "more" focused in rl, and no you are probably not the only 1 who. some number of people have masterbated at that age.. however i find it odd for someone to be doing at age 4.

Name: Rashad
Country: sri lanka
hey friendzzzzzzz i would like to knw whether masterbuate upsets our health? does we lose our energy or become thin> please please please somebody advise.........

Country: india
i never masturbate because ithink that i will be habitual of it and it will be wrong for me.

Name: name here
Country: U.S.A.
try to not do it for a week and then try for two and keep going from there

Name: name here
Country: U.S.A.
you need to take a day at a time then a week and so on

Name: venus
Country: India
what r the effects of masterbating?

Name: JoeBlow
Country: U.S.A.
look girl you need some god in your life no human in this wourld can realy healp you so you need to stop lisning to this kids and get some real understanding so that you cas uncover your eyes see truth.

Name: some guy
Country: U.S.A.
how is masterbating bad for health probelms

Name: jed
Country: Philippines
hi... before i cant stop doing it... and i love it too...the only thing to do is just control your self and have dicipline... instead of masturbating, get out and find some chores! or call your friends and hang out into other places... just keep your self busy...! hope i can help... god bless>>>

Name: love it
Country: U.S.A.
just stop doping it to yourself and get a girlfriend go out with her and for a few months and well she will help u

Name: someone
Country: India
masturbating is not harmful,but it should not become habitual

Name: guy
Country: India
i frequently masterbate myself n realy think sometime is it right or wrong... but after reading things about m sure is not that bad after all its safe... so happy masterbation freinds... keep rockin lol

Name: hello
Country: U.S.A.
masterbating is perfectly fine, it dose afect the health. but do it in the privacy of you home, your bedroom.

Name: harry
Country: India
will masturbation cause any nervous problems... ????

Name: fatima
Country: U.S.A.
i think that there is no reason in this world to publicies things like this and i think that if a pastor decides that he wants to publicies the doings of the church goers then he is just as bad if not worse. that is sick. these are freakin children for christ sake!!!! what is wrong with you people this has to be illegal in some form or another....really. ok if u dont have an issue with it then good for you but you are not supposed to go around and let others know of your issues. get it together people.

Name: concerned mom
Country: U.S.A.
my 2 yr old just started doing it. but it has become distructive. she will take objects and rub them against herself...i think she actually orgasms. she is starting to get very red and even has blisters from constantly rubbing herself(w/ a hair brush for example, or a building block). i am so lost on what to do...please help!!

Name: sakthi maidhan
Country: India
don't do masturbation it will make u mentally weak.u cannot achieve your goal with this masturbation so, please don't do this

Name: FatBoy
Country: U.S.A.
yo! my father is the most (holy man) in the world. he thinks its a sin to (m) and i'm going to hell to burn but thats his opinion, and if god is so mighty and powerful and so forgiving, he will understand and if not then he's lied to his people.

Name: suman
Country: India
i am masturbating from 10 years old and i feel some time i can't be a father in near future . can you help me

Name: kid
Country: U.S.A.
hey i have masterbated for 1 year and white stuff comes out plz help!

Name: dan the man
Country: U.S.A.
your body can only hadle so much of anything...

Name: archangel
Country: South Africa
hi, this practice is a sin.if u can't stop, just pray and ur feeling to m will subside.god bless.

Name: rajesh
Country: India
i do masturbate once in a day. i have been doing this since 6 years when i am 12 year it right or wrong for me. please tell me.

Name: doubtful
Country: India
i am a 19 years old boy. at times i masturbate nearly 5 times an hour. is there any problem with such heavy masturbation.

Name: jesse
Country: Italy
how do i masterbate the right way please help

Name: cool
Country: India
i am masterbating from past 2 years and iam really scared o having some health problem .can some one tell me whether it is bad or not.

Name: Cassie
Country: U.S.A.
i have a question, is it okay to masturbate during your period.. im 13 and love to play with myself alot during the day but not sure if its okay to masturbate during your period.. please help!

Name: dude
Country: U.S.A.
i love masterbation it relaxs me

Name: Wisdom of the ages
Country: U.S.A.
masturbation is not wrong, it dosn't have any ill effects on you, in fact it increases bloodflow and can give you a vigorus excersise in your arms, your body is designed to handle it and as long as you aren't doing 5 times a day you will be fine, the only problem s you may experiense are redness annd a little bit of pain if you rub it raw and if you do it too much you will start to bleed, but as long as you can control yourself to not be doing it cosntantly, you will be fine

Name: sruly
Country: India
i masterbate every day. i know not supposed to

Name: Eddie
Country: U.S.A.
masterbate as much as you like at any age. it is free,and is yours!! do not feel bad or wrong for it. it is a personal pleasure and will get better if you perfect it, but you can't perfect it if you feel it is wrong!!

Name: kid
Country: U.S.A.
im a 13 year old boy and i masterbate at least once a day for 2 months i try to stop cause im scared something will happen i keep on telling myself not to do it but i cant control it it fells like a drug that im addicted to what should i do

Name: Mike
Country: Mexico
hi im 13 and i have benn masterbating scince i was 9. i do it almost evryday and i usually do it 1-3 times a day i need help. somtimes i do it 4-8 times a day.i wanna stop but it feels so good.i think i need help. when i masterbait i have fantasies of alot of different women. i think of older women women who are 1-6 years younger then me my neighbors my me what do i do i need help.

Name: sat
Country: India
please dont do the masturbation it leads to weakness,affect on mind,affect on brain.

Name: hari
Country: India
i have been masturbating 3 times a week is there any harm effects

Name: unknown
Country: India
hello! my age is 17. i am masturbating twice daily. it is one of a gift presented by god. masturbation is not harmfull. so masturbate...

Name: Saran
Country: India
masturbation is bad for health. rare case okay but shud not frequently.why becoz ur face structure will get change & u cant be happy and u will loose ur memory power slowly.100% its effects ur body & ur mind.

Name: Sam
Country: U.S.A.
hey i heard that a doc. can tell if u that true?

Name: samantha
Country: United Kingdom
hay dont worry.m all you want it aint gonna harm you. i ve done me chill

Name: masturbate
Country: India
is masturbate will effect after marriage

Name: jonny
Country: U.S.A.
i love to masterbate i did it 6 times today

Name: man
Country: United Kingdom
is masterbation cus ido it. im 12 i dont know whether to stop or not

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