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Tips for Preventing Pregnancy

abortion-and-miscarriages Preventing Unplanned Pregnancies
Preventing pregnancy is possible through natural as well as modern methods of contraception. Natural methods of preventing pregnancy cannot give cent-percent results. However, modern methods of contraception can prove to be dependable. Read on to find tips for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

There are many contraceptive methods available today with the help of which one can prevent getting pregnant. The methods vary in the mode of action and effectiveness and choice depends on the convenience of the users as well. Some of the methods are natural while some are artificial ones too. 

You can also make use of ovulation and hormonal methods. But before using any method, it is advisable that you go through the details of all methods and choose the one that fits in your criteria and is convenient for you and comfortable for your partner as well.

How to Prevent Pregnancy

Follow these tips for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

Preventing Pregnancy Naturally

These have been in practice since many years although there is no 100% guarantee about the success. It is believed that some specific days before and after periods, it is safe to go through intercourse and is believed that you will not get pregnant. But, since every woman is different and not all women get precise periods, it is difficult to say whether it will be complete success or not.

Ovulation Method

In this method you should avoid having sex with your partner during the ovulation days. Here again, the problem remains the same and if there is slight difference in the calculation, you might get pregnant. There are many methods with the help of which the days are calculated yet there is no guarantee in this method.

Hormonal Methods

There are different types of contraceptive pills that are available in the market. These prevent the ovaries to produce eggs or prevent the fertilised eggs to get implanted in the uterus. However, there are some side effects and limitations that you will have to take into account and if these pills suit you and you experience no side effects, you can carry on using them. But, it is good to consult your doctor before using any of these.


Condoms are considered to be safe and the rate is almost cent-percent. You need to take care while buying condoms because you should check the expiry date and also read the instructions if any. You need to store them properly and follow the instructions of keeping them in right conditions and place.

Avoiding Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a matter of discussion and problem for many parents and teenagers as well. The main reason is because they are not familiar with the contraceptives and the knowledge of them and their body. Awareness is necessary among teenagers. Many teenagers actually believe that they cannot get pregnant in certain specific days and so they avoid using any kind of contraceptives. However, miscalculations or carelessness result in pregnancy and embarrassment as well as harassment too.

There are clinics that are ready to help teenagers learn more about how to prevent pregnancy as well as what contraceptive methods are suitable for them. If you have a teenager, you should talk to her and make her aware of her body. Knowledge is very important and only this can prevent her from getting pregnant before time. Take some time and talk to your teenager and save her from heartache in future.

Besides teenagers, even married couples need to plan and prepare for pregnancy. This is important so that you welcome your child when it comes to this world. Take your time and get all types of tests done to make sure that your mind and body is prepared for pregnancy. 

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Mena.1 year ago
My bf discharged on my vagina,he didnot insert penis.
My date of periods is near. Is any chance of pregnancy???
Plz reply soon & tell me remedy as well
.2 years ago
I had sex with my girlfriend and we do every week for last 3 months and her period is normal for her 40 days but last 30 days she had more time period and much bleedind and sinse last 20 days she suffer by vomiting and as she eat something she get vomite before eating something but not in lunch she get vomit during night and morning and also has normal sikness (in hindi -jino tav) and her last period is like brown colour but not bleeding only brown crimi type she said thet that is not period we are in confuction that whether this is period or not and is she pregnent or not?? Is she is pregnent the plz tell me to prevent pregnency.
.2 years ago
i had periods on 27 aug and unfortunatly i had sex unprotected on 9 sep my avg day for mentural cycle is 30-15 days and last for 3-4 days i think this is not safe what should i do here oral contraseptives are banded?
Arog.4 years ago
Many a times newly married couples have to deal with unwanted pregnancies. This can be avoided by being aware. A proper plan is needed. In this article , you will get to know about various methods of contraception. The choice will depend on the convenience of the couple.
manku.4 years ago
Teenage pregnancy can be prevented by creating awareness right in the class. The main cause of rise in teenage pregnancy is due to ignorance about the contraceptives. This site is great for creating awareness.
Sandhi.4 years ago
Preventing pregnancy is the most important part of sex education. In this well written article, various methods to prevent pregnancy are given. Before using any method, one should go through all the details about different methods.
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