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You are here : home > Manners and Discipline > Homework Woes > Tips to Encourage Good Home Work Habits in Children

Tips to Encourage Good Homework Habits in Children

Tips to Encourage Good Homework Habits in Children
Good homework habits can help children to deal with stress and pressure related to studies easily. Let us take a look at some tips for encouraging good homework habits in children.
Children start getting homework almost as they enter school life. Even though these tasks in kindergarten are confined to projects and fun activities, you have to prepare your child for the time when she is going to get proper work which would be expected to be complete before she goes to bed. Inculcate good homework habits as early as possible. Preparing your child to stay organized will help her stay away from the stress in school and later in life too.

Great Homework Habits for Children

Here are great homework habits which you can inculcate in your children.

1. Set up a Regular Time for Homework

Having a routine is the first important thing that you have to take care of especially when it comes to studying. Some children work best after school while some can study properly after taking some rest. Find out what works with your child best and then make a routine so that you can stick to it. Make sure that your child has a stress-free homework time.

2. Keep Track of Assignments

Children get lot of assignments and if you know and take care of them, your child will feel supported. Even the first graders need a little bit of support to stay ahead. Keep a folder and track the assignments with their due dates. Do not forget to check the homework after it is done by your child so that you are sure it is complete.

3. Create Favourable Environment at Home

When your child is studying or doing her homework, it is your duty to sit near to her or at least do not watch television or talk to anyone. The environment matters a lot for a child. You can read a book while your child works so that if she needs any help or advice, you can provide her with that.

4. Provide a Space for Studying

Provide a table and a chair for your child’s convenience so that she sits there and completes her homework and other studies. Ample lighting and comfortable chair are also very important.

5. Keep a Check on Supplies

Take care of the supplies and make sure they are sufficient so that your child’s work does not get hampered. If there is a special assignment, check the list of supplies and make it available for her.

6. Help your Child Organize Work

If you find that there is lot of work needed to be done, help your child to divide the work and set priorities. This will save her from feeling overwhelmed and she will be able to complete her work more efficiently.

7. Schedule Breaks

Avoid putting pressure on your child to complete her homework in one go. Allow her to take few breaks, but make sure you schedule the breaks. Let her stretch herself or walk away from the study table for few minutes. But ensure that she completes the homework on time.

8. Let Your Child take the Responsibility

Once you have scheduled the study hour and your child gets adjusted to it, let her take the responsibility of completing her homework. If the work is hard, let your child work a little harder. The teacher must be having good reasons behind assigning hard work.

9. Praise Your Child’s Hard Work

When you find that your child had to give more time and effort to complete her homework, praise her effort and dedication. This encourages and boosts a child.

10. Cut Down After School Activities if Needed

If your child has too many after school activities daily and this puts pressure on her tackling the homework, analyse the list and cut down the extracurricular activity you find can be taken up later.
With a proper schedule, studying would become an integral and peaceful part of your child’s life. Meet her teacher to work on the lacking part.

How to inculcate good homework habits in children? Why is it necessary to cultivate good homework habits in children? What can parents do to help children deal with the pressure of studies? Discuss here.

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Barkha.6 years ago
There should not be any disturbance while kids are studying. Kids should be provided with a peaceful environment to study.
Abhishek.6 years ago
In the begging parent should take a little effort to encourage kids to sit and do homework later on they will automatically get this habit.
Hemali.6 years ago
Involvement of parents is very necessary for developing good homework habits in children.
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