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Shopping is an inseparable part of our lives. We shop till the time we live. Be it a pair of socks, a Mercedes or a Glucometer, shopping is inevitable. Sometimes we may shop till we drop. Shopping is an art, which demands negotiating skills and clarity of purpose to be a sensible shopper. Be it need based or luxury, shopping in any form, gives us a thrill. Find the latest trends, shopping etiquettes, must haves and more, right here.

How to Buy Clothes for Toddlers

You need to keep some crucial points in mind like comfort, latest fashion, budget etc, when you buy clothes for your toddler. You should also keep in mind you more

Tips for Going to a Sale

Sales are unable to be resisted by women. It is an exhilarating experience for any woman. But shopping mindlessly without giving any thought, will only burn a more

Returning Clothes to a Store

Sometimes after shopping, we find the clothes to be slightly damaged or defective. In such cases we would like to have a refund or get the defective piece exc more

Why Wear a Helmet?

If we take proper precautions then we can prevent accidents, even if accident does occur, the impact will be less.Wearing helmet is one such precaution. Helme more

When Women buy Automobiles

Buying a car is a major decision. It takes into account the consideration of the model, budget, usage etc. of the car. A woman can easily buy a car with a li more

Shopaholic to a Smart Shopper

While on a shopping spree, we sometimes buy more than we need or buy things that are not needed. To avoid this one has to be a sensible shopper. Read on the more

How to Shop Less and Save More

You can very easily save a lot of money by being a smart shopper. A smart shopper shops wisely by proper planning. You can be a smart shopper with these guide more

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