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Good Parenting Guidelines

Good Parenting Guidelines

Are there any guidelines for parenting? In fact it is very difficult to set perfect parenting rules and guidelines. Parenting skills can be imbibed gradually as the time passes while raising children. Read on to find some of the basic and good parenting guidelines.

Parenting is an art which most of us can master only with practice. In fact there are no set of rules for us to follow or refer to when dealing with our children. We have to make use of our discretion and depending upon the circumstances, react to various day to day challenges.

Here, in this article you will find certain basic principles which are very useful in parenting. Please bear in mind that there are just broad guidelines which may have to be amended to suit specific circumstances.

Setting Rules

One of the common dilemmas that parents face is how to discipline their children and what kind of behaviour deserves punishment. To deal with this issue better it is ideal to think over and make a note of how you would like your child to behave under different circumstances. For example one rule can cover how your child must behave while playing with her playmates.

After discussing some of the simple rules with your child decide on the kind of punishment for each rule that is broken. Remember to explain each rule to the child and agree on punishment with her. In case your child is old enough to write, make her write the rules in a dairy which both of you could look up in case of doubt.

Listen to the Child

Despite how hectic your schedule may be, make it a point to listen to what your child has to say. To encourage a child to talk ask questions. You can ask questions pertaining to happenings in her school on a particular day, game that she played or just about anything that interests the child. The idea here is to make children talk and share their innermost secrets with you. The more attention you pay to what a child has to say, greater are the chances of the child opening up to you. This way you will be able to build a lifelong, strong and open relationship with your child.

Have Fun

Make rules which allow you to have fun with your child. Children will behave well and adhere to rules if they realise that their parents are fun to be with. Set aside story telling time each day to spend quietly with your children. Take them to amusement parks, bus and train rides, go swimming, skating or engage in any such activity which both you and your child can enjoy at the same time.

Be Firm

Most of us ridicule our friends for not disciplining their children. Only when it is our turn do we realise how difficult it is to discipline a child. It is a combination of despair and guilt which make most of us give in to the demands of our young ones. However, unless we are firm with a child on rules agreed for good behaviour the child is bound to get spoilt. It is important to set rules and enforce punishment agreed for breaking the rules without feeling guilty if you are really serious about raising well behaved children.

Stay Calm

Children can drive parents mad and make them lose their temper easily. However, getting angry and upset is the last thing that you must do when your child behaves badly. Your child will make note of your behaviour and start doing the same. Hence instead of getting upset you must try to figure out why a child is behaving the way she is. Taking a break and exiting from the scene of action is also very useful to collect your thoughts and control the temper.

Every child is different and parents must never get caught up in the competitive side of parenting. By constantly comparing your child with others you will make the child distance herself from you and generally make her unhappy. It is important to understand that not every child can always be a winner. Hence instead of blaming a child for her failures parents must encourage her for giving things a try in the first place.

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Maya Kaushik
Maya Kaushik.10 years ago
Setting rules, being disciplined and being there for the kids are characteristics of a good parent. A good parent is a balanced parent.
Kavita Shaha
Kavita Shaha.10 years ago
Good parenting is the demand for todays times. We must strive to be a good parent rather than just being parents.
Prakash Jajjhar
Prakash Jajjhar.10 years ago
Really good article. Now a days for parents to be good means having enough money to splurge on kids whims and fancies.To overcome their guilt feelings, they make out by giving in to their demands.
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