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Stimulating your Baby

Stimulating your Baby

It's never too early to start stimulating your baby's senses. This encourages your baby to learn and develop faster. Here are some tips for the older baby.

Play ball

Roll a ball to your baby, and roll it back towards yourself. Keep doing this, encouraging her to roll the ball back to you. Before long she will get the hang of it, and the two of you can enjoy a game of rolling the ball!


Talk to your baby constantly. No matter how many times we are told that we should talk to our babies, most of us are content just gurgling and cootchie cooing with them. While this is no doubt important too, do try and introduce your baby to words other than puch puch, sweetums, cootchi pie sweetie pie.
Talk to your baby like she is an adult, and avoid speaking in a sing-song manner. Children learn to speak in the manner they are spoken to, and if you speak to her like she is an adult, she will pick up the language a lot faster.


Encourage her to start walking by letting her stand holding on to the bed or table or other furniture. Keep a favourite toy on the bed, and enourage her to reach for it. At first, she will try to stretch, so keep it just a little beyond stretching distance. Slowly, she will start taking steps to reach out for the toy.
If your child seems tired standing, don't force her to do so. When she is standing on her own, you can get her to try and walk, but the minute she plops down, let her be. Children need stimulation and encouragement, but not force.
One of the easiest times to talk to your baby is when she is being fed. Whenever you put a spoon of food in her mouth, say things like, "Open your mouth, that's a good girl. Wasn't the rice tasty?" and so on.


Encourage your baby to eat by herself by putting her on the feeding chair and letting her sit with you on the table. Get her a feeding chair as soon as she can sit, and encourage her to eat by herself. This will not be easy at first, and your child will naturally enjoy playing with the food more than anything else. Let her. Playing with food is also a form of discovery for her. Just make sure her bib is secure, and place a few newspapers on the floor under the chair, so it's easy to clean up after her. It may be easier to give her dry food like a chapatti to play with, so she doesn't create as much of a mess, and may start taking a bite or two once her teeth come up.

Hot and cold

Introduce your baby to the concept of hot and cold at this stage. Gently let her touch a hot chapatti, and say, "Hot!" Then let her feel a glass of cold water, and say, "Cold!" Do this every evening when you're sitting with your child for a meal, and don't be surprised if one day your baby beats you to it.

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Stimulating your Baby
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Purnima.10 years ago
My sweet baby know about hot & cold but tell how we tell us about day & night
Mira.13 years ago
thanks for the tips.
nieki.13 years ago
yes ... i have tried this on my 1 yr old.he had the habit of stuffing his palm in the bowls ....
n i wud scream hot!!!!
today whenever i say hot he doesnt cum near it.
miyasim.13 years ago
can someone tell me how to stimulate my four month old?
sheetal.13 years ago
can someone tell me how to stimulate my seven month old son?
BHARAT RAJ.13 years ago
much more techniques should be given
how to make a child feel different things in and around his/her environment or how to start educating him from the very beginning
homs.13 years ago
my son is 1 yr and 2 months old nd he loves to touch the avoid him not to get burn himself from hot utensils i once made him gently touch a hot utensils. so now on whenever i tell him the thing is hot he don't touch that thing. infact he tries to say it with action ssss.. taking his hand back.
Bishakha.13 years ago
my 8 month old baby can't scrawl and in my neighour same age of baby is scrawling..... anybody tell me how can i stimulate my baby.
honey.13 years ago
i am using a whole brain development learning program meant for children between 0 to 4 years of is a fantastic child is 1 year old.
sanjeev.13 years ago
thanks for the programme
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