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How to choose a right hair colour
Make the process of selecting a hair colour easier by learning some basic things that can make hair colouring really simple.

Hair colour is no more used only for colouring grey hair. It is a style statement of today's youth also. It has now become a part of hair accessory for youngsters. As safe hair colouring products are easily available, the trend of hair colouring is growing popular along with hair straightening. As a result, there is a wide variety of hair colouring options which spoil you for choice. If you too are facing the same problem, following these helpful tips may help you pick the right hair colour.

Tips for choosing a right hair colour.

Today, hair colouring is not just limited to film stars and celebrities. Anybody can colour his or her hair and get a makeover overnight. All you need is the shade that. If you really wish to do a deep red but feel burgundy may suit better, you have to find the perfect hair colour that does wonders for your hair.

Permanent or semi-permanent colour

Decide whether you want to use a permanent or semi-permanent hair colour. If you want to cover your grey hair you can opt for permanent hair colouring. You also need to decide whether you want to do overall hair colouring or just highlights. This will help you to decide the perfect quantity of hair colour you need to buy.

Skin tone

While selecting a hair colour, your skin tone is most important factor. If your skin tone is light it can suit almost all shades of colours. You can try light golden or ash which will suit your hair. If your skin tone is a little warmer you can go for red, golden or brown shades. You can select deep red shade if you have yellowish skin tone. In this case you should avoid using orange, yellow or golden shades.
If your skin is pinkish or reddish, stay away from red and golden shades. You can try ash shade to suit your pink skin. You can choose any one from cool brown, ash or sandy shades.

Natural hair colour

Natural hair colour can be the base for choosing a right hair colour. Choose a shade close to your natural hair colour. If you are experimenting with hair colour you can select a colour which is slightly different from your natural hair.

Eye colour

Along with your skin tone and natural hair, eye colour also plays a vital role in selection of colour. Your hair colour and eye colour should compliment each other.

Hair expert's suggestion

When you are able to make the decision regarding your hair colour you should consult your hair stylists. Ensure that the colour selected by you will make your face stand out or not. If you do not want to worry about a regular hair colouring regime you can leave the hair colouring task completely on your hair stylist.

Maintenance of hair colour

If you want long lasting colour you can avoid using copper or red colour. These colours fade easily. You should also use proper shampoo and conditioner to suit your coloured hair. This will ensure that you to maintain your hair colour for longer time. You can consult your hair stylist to know the suitable post-hair colouring care treatment.
If you have a good experience of colouring hair you can try doing it on your own this time. Find out the side effects of the hair colour before using it on your hair. Pick up branded and safe products for colouring your hair. You can do a small research by noticing people around you having coloured hair. You can perceive yourself in the colour which you like to see on other's hair. This will make easier for you to select a proper hair colour.
Once you are set with a new look you have to follow a daily hair care session. This will help you to maintain your hair colour for a longer time and keep your hair healthy always.

Do you like to colour your hair? How did you select a right colour for your hair? Are you happy with your hair colour? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Name: Tiyaanaa
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   These suggestions are really good for finding right hair colour. Now I know how to start off to colour my hair. I was really confused regarding selection of hair colour for my hair. I could not really depend on my hair expert’s suggestions. But hair expert’s suggestions are equally important for selecting a proper hair colour. I realised that sometimes we do not know what we really want. So it is better to depend on an expert’s solution for the problem. Skin tone, natural hair colour and eye colour are really important factors mentioned in this article for selecting hair colour.
Name: Sara
City:   Indore
Comments:   When I wanted to colour my hair I did a preliminary research by asking my friends about it. I asked many of my friends regarding the colour which will suit my hair and my skin type. But only asking was not enough for me. When I found that some colours might suit my hair I tried them on few strands of my hair. After this I got my hair coloured with the help of the hair expert. I also took hair expert’s views on colouring my hair. The hair expert suggested the same hair colour which I liked and experimented on my hair. The whole experience of colouring my hair was really good.
Name: Kirti
City:   Jaipur
Comments:   I love to colour my hair with garneir hair colour. This hair colour is really good for funky hair colouring. It really suits my hair and I like to colour my hair with it. I did not have a second thought in my mind before colouring my hair with it. It is exceptionally good. Just had to test it on my skin before applying it on my hair. It is one of the best hair colours to use it on our hair. I think it is the choice of lots of males and females all over the world. Colouring hair is something which should be done with care. Using unbranded products can cause harm to the health of the hair.
Name: u k sinha
City:   PATNA
Comments:   This is very much useful tip suggested by you wih several views. Taking decision before colouring is very much important.
Name: Shilpita Mitra
City:   durgapur
Comments:   wat hair cut suits me
Name: eva
City:   shillong
Comments:   howe to treat for colour hair and also my is a curly original hair.i want to be soft and healthy one
Name: Fred MATLANY
City:   Beirut
Comments:   I am albino, no pigmentation in my hair and skin. Which Color suits me?
Name: KDS
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   I am applying garnier hair color. But every week I need to apply color, as fades and white hair appears. Just can give me some suggestion which is the best permanent hair color to use and also safe.
Name: praveen kumar
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Just can give me some suggestion which is the best permanent hair color to use and also safe.
Name: babeeta
City:   Delhi
Comments:   I am presently using Garnier Hair Colour will suggest me what are the side effects of hair colour. How can I use it safely or suggest some safe brand.
Name: Nushrat
City:   Dhaka
Comments:   thease are helpfull i know that if i´ld want to highlight my hair what clour what colour i should use.
Name: tuli banerjee
Comments:   i have middle hair length,natural black hair.eye colour is also black and skin is fair but not so light.then what colour should i try for my hair?
Name: suryakant
City:   delhi narela
Comments:   tell me golden colour is comming in market or not? rply soon.
Name: mahahari
City:   sharjah
Comments:   i did highlight hair colouring.i applied deep red colour.but now it is fading,after every shampoo wash.i am using garnier colour last shampoo&conditioner.i apply oil only before shampoo wash.give me suggestions for me.
Name: Amarendra
City:   Bhubaneswer
Comments:   which colour is not effectable 4 men hair.
Name: xpypltm179
City:   US
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Name: Buy Cheap OEM Software
City:   New York
Comments:   bTMP4k Muchos Gracias for your blog.Much thanks again.
Name: Abhinabo
City:   xfcMqZcZxWShatv
Comments:   the cuticle of gray hair is up to 30 times tchekir then naturally colored hair, making it coarser, wirey, glassy and really stubborn. These hairs are really stubborn to color too. to soften these unruly hairs you can pick up a box of perm solution for your hair type, squirt it all over the graying areas, process for about 15 minutes then rinse and neutralize. no need for rods or manipulting it in any way, you just want the solution to break down your hair a bit, not to restructure it in a new formation. just leave it down and damp and with the solution in it, you could comb it with a WIDE tooth comb if you want it stratighter. not more then 15 minutes, or the solution will really change the structure of your hair. the perm should eat through those stubborn cuticles and soften the hair making it more manageable. so freshly shampooed hair, no conditioner. comb out any knots apply the solution and let it do its thing *comb if you want to straighten* 15 minutes maximum then rinse for a few minutes, apply neutralizer, but take that out a minute or so early and rinse well again. dry and style your hair really well and keep it dry for 48 hours and it CANNOT be in a pony tail. youll have permanent ponytail hair if you put it up in that first 48 hours. it should be more workable. it should last you about a year or so.
Name: qgnxrofrcw
City:   dcXCGmxvC
Comments:   JSdOEA xgyphueugjbb
Name: bmotxxklb
City:   dUamtEOsZxCDK
Comments:   yIT9ux txsrbiyxmdvv

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