Quench The Thirst Of Frizzy Hair - by Diana Dudas

Quench the Thirst of Frizzy Hair
It seems like such an enigma. Of the hundred or so emails I receive daily, the same question pops up endlessly. Why is my hair so, FRIZZY and dry, coarse or brittle I intend to try and solve this mystery. And my first clue has to do with moisture deficiency!

Oil and Water...

90% of us suffer with dry brittle or frizzy hair because our hair is deficient of (moisture) WATER! There is a certain preconceived notion that has been passed on from generation to generation. That is the idea that our hair is dry, because we are lacking in natural oils. We are told that if we nurture our hair by brushing vigorously 100 times a day, or if we nurture our hair with hot oil treatments and cholesterols. If we do all of these things, then we are sure to be blessed with beautiful, shiny and healthy locks. This might be the case, if you have hair that is not chemically treated. But once you have impaled your tresses with harsh chemicals such as bleaches and alkaline permanents, hot oil treatments may not be the best bet for you.

Naturally Curly Hair...

Those of you who have curly hair, have these curls, because of a curvature of the hair follicles .A normal hair follicle under a microscope would be seen as perfectly straight. However yours would have a definite bend in it. This causes the hair to curl. Where the hair curves it compels the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) to lift.

The cuticle...

Under a microscope, a cuticle is similar in appearance to shingles on a roof. When the hair is in good condition, and is straight and has good porosity the tiles or cuticle layers are tight together and in perfect in shape, giving the hair a smooth appearance. This makes light reflect off the hair enhancing shine! When hair is in bad conditioner, is curly or has poor porosity, the cuticle layers are lifted and sometimes damaged and broken. This makes the hair feel coarse and brittle. It also causes the hair to absorb light, giving the appearance of dull lifeless hair. To sum up this scenario. Because curly haired cuticle layer is permanently lifted, it feels, coarse, and brittle and has no brilliance. Hence the dull, lifeless look. It also means that our hair has poor porosity.


Is the ability for hair to be able to absorb and retain moisture. The best way for me to explain this is to would be for you to imagine a sponge. First of all imagine a brand new sponge. It will have tiny holes in it, and when you immerse it in water, it will soak up a large quantity, and be able to hold that liquid for a long period of time. This is because it has good porosity. Now imagine an old sponge. Its holes have become damaged and distorted. It might even be torn in some areas. When you immerse this sponge in the same amount of liquid, it will absorb far less and will certainly not be able to retain the moisture so readily. It is the same with hair. Hair that has poor porosity will not be able to absorb or retain moisture as well as hair that has good porosity, making hair dry.

Optimum condition...

For hair to be in tiptop conditioner is has to have a moisture (water) content of at least 8%, and the right balance of protein and natural oil. Most of us produce enough natural oil (sebum), to keep our hair healthy, but lack the moisture. After having a chemical service your moisture level will drop as low as 2%, causing drying of the hair, followed by split ends. The same will happen with constant use of blow-dryers and hot styling tools, such as curling or flat irons. If the moisture level is not restored to its optimum 8% your hair will ultimately become brittle and possibly break.

What to do..

You need to give your hair lots of TLC, with shampoos that are designed to restore your hair's moisture level to its optimum 8%. Along with intense conditioners that will help to repair damaged cuticles, improve porosity, elasticity and general health and appearance of your hair. Avoid hairsprays, mousses and gels that have a high alcohol or butane content.

Those of you with naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair, those of you who use hot styling tools or who chemically treat your hair, will need to give your hair extra nurturing by supplying it with the necessary nutrition and moisture that it needs. Sun worshippers need to make sure that your hair care products have sunscreen properties to protect your hair from the damaging affects of the UV rays.


Our hair needs MOISTURE, MOISTURE, and MOISTURE! Who needs to add moisture more than most People with naturally curly hair, chemically treated, hot styling tool users or people who live in hot sunny and arid climates.

Please feel free to email me with any hair care questions that you may have at DUDASDIANA@AOL.COM

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Author is an expert with more than 28 years experience in the beauty industry. She has answered over 2000 questions for allexperts.com and has had her work published in many well-respected beauty magazines both online and off.

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Name: Ravani
City:   Seattle
Comments:   What is moisture and my hair is curly and frizzy can you please tell me which Shampoo and conditioner will help me. Thanks.
Name: Swati
City:   Bangalore, India
Comments:   I have long silky straight beautiful glossy hair, but lately I seem to have developed some white hair. I have moved to this city lately and the water here is very very hard. Could this be the reason. What should I do to prevent myself from getting more white hairs. Age-28, Diet balanced, Weight -proportionate. No genetic or other abnormality.
Name: tomoko1268
City:   tokyo,japan
Comments:   My hair is very dry.I had tried to reduce its.I had straightened my hair before but is still looked dry.Originally my hair is very curly and frizzy.Is that possible becoz of thisNULLIn ur opinion,how can make my hair look shine and beautifulNULL
Name: Alisha
City:   S'pore
Comments:   what are other causes of white hair besides being hereditary?Can certain chemicals or chemically treated hair like rebonding & perming cause white hair later on?
Name: shobhana
City:   Nagpur
Comments:   I used to have healthy hair, but from last 2 to 3 years, I had developed white hair. I think, this problem had occured has we have moved to this city only 3 years back. Now I want to get back my original color of my hair without using any products. My diet is good. I am a healthy person without any medical problems. Could you please tell me how can I get back my original hair color.
Name: hetal
City:   houston USA
Comments:   thats great info regarding really curly dry hair .can you please tell me what shampoos or moisturizes..i should use for my hair. thanks
City:   LA, California
Comments:   hey guys...try using frizz-ease hair serum by john frieda...i have long thick hair n b4 i used frizz-ease my hair wuz lyk a bush!!...frizz-ease is a clear liquid tht cumz in a bottle with an eyedropper...after u shampoo, condition, put frizz-ease on ur hair...ur hair should be slightly damp...n voila!!...glossy lustrous locks can b urs!!
Name: Nicola
City:   london
Comments:   Everytime i use frizz ease (the kind in the spray bottle) my hair sort of smells a bit like its been burnt! has anyone else ever had thisNULL
City:   LA, California
Comments:   Nico la, I think that you may be using the wrong frizz-ease, the one that comes with the eye-dropper does not smell...try that one (it's by john frieda
Name: l
City:   uae
Comments:   dear diana , we stay in gulf and as u would know there's lot of chlorine in water so whenever we wash hair our hairfall starts so thinning of hair has started can u let me how do i go about it and i really had a lenthy hair now it has reduced and it looks really dead bejaan...please advice what good formula can be used.tell more for normal hair and to increase the length and thickness of the hair
Name: Natalia
City:   coconut creek
Comments:   Hey i like my hair because its stright,but sometimes i wish i could have curls/wavy hair but my hair is so stright and think that its hard to scrunch it or curl it so can u please help me and tell me what i could doNULL
Name: bt
City:   Auck
Comments:   My hair is frizzy and goes hay wire when i blow dry it. Do you no wot 2 doNULL in a bowl mix 2 drops of lavender with 2 table spoons of Apricot oil. Add one egg. apply it all over your hair. It feels a bit yuck, but the result is great! wrap your hair in plastic glad wrap (cling film) and leave on for 20 minutes for dry hair or over 30 minutes for bad hair/ Leave it on for how ever you want!! it still works! Rinse it ALL of and then wash and condition hair. Your hair will be soft, shiney and glamourous!!
Name: sunayna
City:   india
Comments:   hi,i wash my hair daily & apply shampoo & conditioner daily.is daily shampooing may harm my hairNULL
Name: vijay
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hai sister i am vijay haircareadvicer and messur For Density:- 1.Add Castor oil with coconut oil(100+100ml).apply with gentle mage. 2.Take White yoke from Egg.Apply ur Scalp leave 30min before wash ur hair. 3.Curd is a moisturieser. Apply ur Scalp leave 30min before wash ur hair. For Dandruff:- 1.Squeeze lemon and take lemon juice. Apply ur Scalp leave 30min before wash ur hair. 2.Take White Vinegar 50ml. Apply ur Scalp leave 30min before wash ur hair. For Lice:- 1.Spread Tulsi leaves on ur pillow before go to bed.keep head on Tulsi leaves. For YoungGreyHair:- 1. Add Castor oil with coconut oil(100+100ml).apply with gentle mage. 2. Eat iron content food or syrup. To do this:- 1.Apply Natural Henna by paste format.leave 30min before wash ur hair. 2.Fold ur hair end with hair band. Dont use pins and clips for folding. 3.Eat atleast one egg or protein content food daily. Dont do this:- 1.Dont dry ur hair by hair dryer oftenly. 2.Dont Brush ur hair with moisture. 3.Dont cut ur hair oftenly or improperly. Because Straight cut makes Density, V cut makes long, Oval makes normal level General Advice:- Maintain long hair. Because the body will take protein from hair at the time of Sick or illness. because the hair contains protein in the form of karotine.this is the reason for mothers hair falling after birth of child. So plz maintain atleast Hair length between Shoulder length to Waist length(50-60cm my mail id:mpvijay at indiainfo dot com
Name: Jasmine
City:   memphis.
Comments:   Hi, I too have dry,rough, curly hair. It's short too. I would like to grow it long, soft and silky. The worst part is I can't even tie it into pony tail because of its dry nature. I want to leave it open on western dresses, which I could'nt. suggest me a good hair moisturiser so that I can atleast tie it into a pony tail. Hope someone would really give me a good suggestion which works miracles on my hair.
Name: jayanthi
City:   tirupur
Comments:   Hai vijay, thank u for ur tips.i tried & it really helps.
Name: Rebecca tarantino
City:   clayton ca 94517
Comments:   I have semipermanent colored hair i do it every 6 weeks my hair is almost down to my waist is very healthy but i have new groth of hair comming out frizzy i don't know what to do. I don't iron it at all. It has a soft wave i used all kind of frizzy ease products and nothing works HELP!!!!!
Name: Songig
City:   Rowland Heights
Comments:   Which Shampoo or conditioner do you recomend to moisturize your hairNULL I do use chemicals to straightener and color my hair. Thanks
Name: lalit maheshwari
City:   jodhpur india
Comments:   hi my hair is very dry. it is also currly iwant brightness &sinny hair.plz advice me
Name: mouse
City:   waaia
Comments:   i am an african beast well that is wat i feel like wen my hair is afro and that is everyday im fat and ugly and i would just wish that my hair looked good to

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