Learn To Love Your Natural Hair - by Editor

Learn to love your Natural hair

Do you keep wishing for somebody else's hair and frown on your own? Read on, to give your hair the love, care and respect they deserve.

Sonali had gorgeous black shiny locks of curly hair. If she were a blonde, people would call her Goldilocks. But Sonali was stressed out with her unruly curls. Try as much to settle them, with gels, mousses and lotions, a little curl would spring out of nowhere. Every time she saw someone with straight silky hair, she hated her own. Finally she decided to get a permanent straightening job done. After a few months her hair turned dry and frizzy. To top that, the new growth was once again - curly!
It is an open secret that very few of us are happy with the hair we have. Stories of hair disasters are not new. Everyone desires beautiful hair and in the means to achieve this, the results sometimes can mean losing what you are already blessed with. A good beginning to love your natural hair is to remember the adage, 'the grass always seems greener on the other side'.

If you have Straight Hair

You have ruler straight hair and they seem the most boring thing that happened to you. You wish you had those untamed curls that would fall over your face and breathe life into your personality. You crave for your hair to have body. You try curling them with rollers but they are back to straight in some hours. You have been considering a permanent perm job. Depending upon your hair growth your scalp will out grow the perm job. You will need perm touch ups to avoid a weird half straight and half curly look.
So try some of these tricks to make yourself happy. But remember that many would take as much trouble to get hair as straight as yours!
  • Apply gel or mousse and roll up your hair
  • Tie lots of tiny plaits. Untie them after a few hours
  • Tie a high pony
  • Get a volumising layered hair cut done.
  • Get some flicks and fringes cut, according to your facial features
  • Avoid permanent hair treatment. It changes your hair structure
  • Avoid constant chemical treatments

If you have Curly Hair

Some women have absolutely stunning curly hair, while some women simply hate their curls and keep wishing to get rid of them. Curls can be made to look refreshing and fun with a little care and effort. But if you feel otherwise and are weighing options to straighten them, it is advisable to remember that no perm job can give natural curly hair like yours. Straightening them would mean, every time your hair grows it will need a touch up. Without a touch up it may look odd to have a curly top and straight ends.
To tame your curly tresses try these simple techniques:
  • Apply leave-in conditioner after washing your hair
  • Avoid blow drying hair
  • Iron hair on special occasions
  • Avoid bobs or very short crops

If you have Wavy Hair

You fall between absolute straight to curly hair. Enjoy your waves instead of worrying about your hair being a little straighter or a little curlier. Waves give a volumised look even to thinning hair. But just in case you are still not convinced, try these simple tricks:
  • Apply leave-in conditioner
  • Get protein treatment done once in a month
  • Get ironing done for special occasions
  • Use a protein based conditioner to settle unruly waves
  • Avoid blow drying
  • Get a deep 'U' haircut done
  • Allow hair to grow long. It weighs down the waves and hair appears straighter.

Tips on loving your natural hair

Be it any type or kind of hair you have - oily, dry or normal, loving your natural hair can help you prevent hair loss and premature greying. Here are a few tips that can keep your hair long and strong for a very long time.
  • Oil your hair regularly. Keeping it overnight is beneficial.
  • Include two almonds in your breakfast
  • Get protein treatment done every month
  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Have a cup of milk everyday
  • Exercise everyday. Even a short brisk walk for 20 minutes is helpful
  • Avoid chemical treatments
  • Trim your hair every six moths
  • Style your hair when you are bored of the old look
  • Try natural hair dyes
  • Use Aloe Vera hair packs before washing your hair
Remember, the hair you have is unique and beautiful. The grass will always seem greener on the other side. More than any chemical treatment your hair needs love to remain healthy. So pamper them, preen them and be kind to keep them thick, strong and never grey.
Natural is the best. The hair you are born with, are just yours. Being upset with your real hair, all the time is only going to give you a negative self image. If you are skimming through another beauty magazine and wishing for hair that models in shampoo ads show off, take a break. Begin loving your hair and it will stay loyal to you always. Start with a nice warm coconut oil massage today.

Are you happy with your hair? Have you ever got a chemical hair treatment done? Do you follow any hair care regime to keep your hair healthy and strong? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Comments on Article

Name: Raj
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am really happy with my hair. This is thanks to my genes. I have tried lot of chemical treatments, but I have never experienced any hair problems. In fact I find them fun. Last month I got my hair straightened and now I am bored of it. Now I want a short crop that keeps me cool in summer. My natural hair is the best. I think I do not take any care of my hair. I do not use any specific shampoos or conditioner. Yet my hair is thick and soft. Sometimes I think if I would take care of my hair instead of getting different hair treatments my hair would be thankful to me. I read in a book that your body is like a temple and you must take care of it. Whatever I eat and use for my body and provide it will pay me off later. I just realised that people who suffer with hair problems may have a different life altogether. I am surely going to stop ignoring my natural blessing and take care of my real hair.
Name: Ashita
City:   Bihar
Comments:   Hey I just got straightening done. It looked awesome in the beginning. Now it looks horrible. Half straight and half wavy. The worst part is it is wavy from, top and straight below which looks so artificial. I am really longing for my natural hair. I can’t even cut off my hair since it will become too short and I do not have any more patience to deal with it. Natural hair is really the best. I have sworn to myself that I am not getting another chemical treatment done. It is very difficult to manage hair. It is so dry now. I oil it regularly yet it is dry. I am also facing hair breakage. I sit in an air conditioned room all day and it really makes my hair dry. I am really wondering that my natural hair was not that bad. I should have focused more on health than on style. At least I would not be stuck with something that I hate. I see my pictures with my real hair and how I miss them. Now I keep my hair tied in a bun and hope that one day they will turn back to normal.
Name: Kalpana
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   It is easier to talk about hair care but hair care needs time. It is very difficult if you are working in a hectic job and hardly get time for yourself. In such times chemical treatments coming handy. You can simply brush your hair in the bus or cab and you are done. Always keep looking like you are going for a party without any effort. I got straightening done last week and it is such a saviour and I feel so confident. My dull hair shines now. Some colleagues are even jealous and I am enjoying the second looks and the shower of compliments. I am going to try different ways of tying my hair and have fun. I always look good now and no worries of combing hair. I oil my hair but that is sometimes. I look like I have come straight out of the parlour and I am totally enjoying it at the moment. Hair care is fine. But I don´t have the time. I don´t think chemical treatments are bad. I always wished I had straight hair and now I do. it makes me feel like a million bucks.
Name: D
City:   UK
Comments:   HELP! i understand your trying to make us like our hair, but mines it straight when i wash it, and for one day it stays perfect but over night it becomes greasy and wavy and allsorts! i have to wash it nearly everyday! tell me what to do! btw my hair has natural highlights and is very very thin, i am asian.
Name: D
City:   UK
Comments:   i want to keep it natural and not ruin it with hot hair stylers! =|
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Name: Dena
City:   Auckland
Comments:   I have quite curly hair and its also quite fine. I work in a hair salon so I am able to try all sorts on my hair whenever I get the need to. Before I started my work at the salon my hair used to not be curly but it would always be dry and frizzy and so I used to straighten my hair everyday that I could. After I started my work I realised that all my hair needed was a bit of love and care. I began to use proper salon shampoos and conditioners on my frizzy dry hair and it eventually turned into nice, shiny, soft curly hair. Now I dont need to worry about waking up in the morning and having frizzy hair which I have no idea what to do with, I just wake up, put a bit of curl cream in my hair and Im set for the day. Changing your shampoo and conditioner really does help with improving the look and feel of your hair..as well as the health of it, its now extremely shiny and healthy, which my hair never used to be.
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