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Daily Skin Care
Your skin is not a part of your body that you can forget about (like an appendix or a kidney), assuming that it will look after itself. It is a high-maintenance part of your body, which is sensitive to the slightest changes in your health, emotions and environment. You binge on chocolates and your face becomes a mass of pimples; you don't get a good night's sleep and dark circles appear under your eyes; you're out in the sun a lot and you get burnt or develop freckles. The list is endless. So let's take a look at skin care regimes for different kinds of skin.

Dry skin

Use a rich cream cleanser instead of soap and water. Avoid astringents, as they will further dry your skin. Instead, use a mild skin toner after cleansing your skin. Apply a good moisturizing lotion in the day, before sleeping, before applying make-up and after removing make-up.

Once a week, wash your face with the juice of a melon. You can give yourself a weekly facial by mixing a yolk of an egg with two tablespoons of milk and half a tablespoon of honey. Apply this on your face and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water. If you're out in the sun a lot, milk mixed with melted butter helps soften the dry skin.

Lanolin, apple juice, peach juice, sour cream and crushed almonds are also helpful for dry skin.

Oily skin

You may not believe it, but oily skin actually has some advantages. As a result of excess lubrication, wrinkles do not form prematurely and skin is not much affected by wind and sunlight. However, oily skin is a magnet for dirt and grime and thus a good and regular cleansing regime is a must. If oily skin is not cleaned thoroughly and regularly, the dirt will clog the pores in the skin and blackheads will appear.

People with oily skin should wash their faces with medicated soap and water. The use of astringents is advised as they have a tightening and drying effect on the skin. Buttermilk or beaten egg whites also have a drying and tightening effect. Parsley juice mixed with honey and a few drops of lemon or ginger is good for an oily skin. This mixture controls the secretion of oil.

Fuller's earth (Multani mitti), oatmeal, almond paste, or lime juice or vinegar mixed with water are excellent cleansers. Steaming opens up the clogged pores and you can push out blackheads and whiteheads and prevent pimples.

Avoid rich fried foods and load up on green vegetables instead. Take two tablespoons of lecithin granules (a by-product of soyabeans) daily.

After washing your face, soak a towel in hot water and press it to your face. Repeat this process two or three times. Next wet the towel in ice-cold water and repeat the process two or three times to close enlarged pores.

Cucumber, parsley, cabbage, tomato, yoghurt and lemon are natural aids for an oily skin.

Combination skin

If you have an oily nose and forehead, but dry cheeks and chin, you will have to treat each area of your face separately depending on whether it is dry or oily.

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Name: baala
City:   goa
Comments:   I think that this is very helpful to all people including adults. I respect this article as not many people understand the true meaning of beauty today. Not many people have healthy skin and ontop of that use cosmetic substances , that not always work , and/or make their skin worse.With natural substances , you can trust almos all of the time.
Name: Umang
City:   delhi
Comments:   Thanks, These tips helped me a lot. as i am very skin conscious boy.
Name: anoshey
City:   toronto
Comments:   i find this information very thankfull.but what is a soak a towel NULL
Name: sundan
City:   karachi
Comments:   your site is very help know on girl and very nice tips you are all nice tipes for meee....
Name: Samar
City:   Canada
Comments:   Your tips are really helpful and great for all ages, also a wet towel is a normal dry towel(CLEAN) and just put warm set water on it and let it set on your face, its like a spa trust me(let it rest for about 5 minutes max)
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Please write something more for combination skin. SHALU SMODI
Name: kim
City:   trinidad
Comments:   i wish you to send a catalog about pimples and dark marks and howe to get rid of it. thanks
Name: karina
City:   uk
Comments:   please can someone help meNULL above my upper lips i have dark black skin darker than the rest of my face, how can i lighten it so it goes back to its original colour.
Name: aarti
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I have a typical prob, and i think hardly anybody share this prob. the skin around my mouth(like a french cut)is very dark as compared to the rest of my face. anybody can easily make out. please help me to make this skin match the color of the rest of my face.
Name: karina
City:   england
Comments:   hi aarti, `Apply a cooling and soothing lotion like lacto calamine, or you should apply cucumber juice every night on that area and wash off in the morning and also apply honey to upperlip area and apply a good quality moisturiser regularly.im trying this my self as ive gt the same problem.hope this helps karina
Name: Kareena
City:   London
Comments:   This is a really good site.
Name: shaveta
City:   mumbai
Comments:   just now i open and read the solution of oily skin.first i will try them only then i can tell how much useful tips are they.otherwise this site is excellent.
Name: aishwariya
City:   india
Comments:   my skin are very oily and my eye brows are so light plzzz give me a some typis... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........
Name: melanie
City:   kuala lumpur
Comments:   Hi, honestly speaking this site has helped me alot. Imagine living and working in kuala lumpur and with those traffic jam, i found no time at all go for a good facial once a month. Now at least this site has shown me beauty tips from kitchen which is more of natural remedies. Trust me now my face shines to the extend colleagues asking what's my secrets. But being a foreigner, the only problem is sometimes i do not understand the certain-words used. (Hindi Maybe). My only request is if this web-site is for international used why not please try use English Words.
Name: KALA
Name: harjeet
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   Iam having pigmentation on my right chick..right something for its remedy
Name: stelle
City:   Singapore
Comments:   DO i use moisturizers for my oily skinNULL
Name: som
City:   UAE
Comments:   well i have an oily skin and i got those depression holes. well these are large pores in the skin and they are seen. how do i get rid of them without doing a surgery. seeking a good advice.
Name: Rupi
City:   toronto Ca
Comments:   this is a really great site everything is very useful i love it
Name: nelly
City:   florida
Comments:   thanks for the information. It was very helpfull keep up the good work........

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