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All about Hair Rebonding

Rebonding transforms your hair in a day. Read on to get a deeper insight into rebonding your hair.

Whenever you compare your unruly wavy locks with somebody else’s sleek straight hair your stomach gives a slight twinge. You have tried everything you can to keep your hair looking straight but they are back to how they were. You have been considering rebonding your hair but are not sure about what would happen to your hair with the process. Should you believe all those horror hair stories or just go ahead and look like you have just stepped out of a fashion magazine? If you want to know more about hair rebonding, read on.
Every woman desires beautiful hair and rebonding can give life to that desire. Rebonding is a hair treatment that can change the way you look and feel. Before you fix an appointment for rebonding with your stylist, find out as much as you can, about it. Being prepared for the process can help you get yourself the best service and care for your hair.

What is Rebonding?

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair straight, sleek and shiny. It is a permanent and expensive procedure. Prices for the treatment may vary across salons due to products used, service, your hair type and post treatment care.
Each type of hair has a natural bond.Curly or wavy, are the result of natural bonds that give the hair its physical quality. The cream softener or relaxant used in the rebonding treatment breaks the hair structure. Then a neutraliser bonds the structure again and makes hair straight. In simpler terms the rebonding treatment changes your natural hair structure and restructures it.
Once your hair is straightened you have to touch up the new growth every three months, six months or a year, depending upon your growth.

The Process of Rebonding

The time taken to complete a rebonding treatment depends upon the length, type and thickness of your hair. Hair till mid back can take about 8 hours or more to be rebonded. A man’s hair might need three hours. Here’s the step by step approach to rebonding.
1. Hair is washed with a mild shampoo. No conditioner is applied. Hair is dried completely with a blow dryer keeping it on the medium level.
2. Hair is separated into parts. The cream softener or relaxant is applied to every hair shaft, keeping it straight. A thin plastic board is used to keep hair straight.
3. Cream softener or relaxant is kept on hair for at least half an hour or depending upon the hair type. Keeping it for too long may even harm hair. After that hair is steamed for 10 to 40 minutes, depending upon hair type and condition, and then rinsed.
4. Hair is blow dried and then keratin lotion is applied.
5. A flat iron is used to straighten hair further and break any remaining curls. The iron should not exceed 180 degrees. A ceramic iron is better than other metal irons. The salon expert will iron your hair until it is satisfactorily straight and shiny.
6. Hair is again parted and a neutraliser is applied to set the bonds and stabilise the hair.
7. The neutraliser is kept for at least 30 minutes.
8. The neutraliser is rinsed off with cold water. Hair is blow dried and hair serum is applied. A last touch of ironing is given with the straightening iron. Hair appears silky straight and shiny.
A salon professional will restrict you from washing your hair for minimum three days. It allows the treatment to set. You will be asked not to clip your hair, tie a rubber band or wear any other accessories in your hair for minimum three days. Wearing a shower cap while having a bath is also advisable, to prevent hair from becoming wet.

Is rebonding harmful for hair?

Any chemical process affects hair texture and quality. Excessive use of chemicals makes hair dry, weak and can even lead to hairfall. Hair rebonding requires post treatment care otherwise it may turn harmful. If you are suffering from hairfall, you must avoid rebonding or any other chemical hair treatment. Cheap chemicals, inexperienced hair stylists and weak hair can make rebonding a bad experience.
Hair rebonding can turn into a disaster if you do not take care of your hair. Hair will need extra pampering once it has been rebonded. You cannot ignore your hair just because it looks straight and shiny. Rebonding done from a reputed and trustworthy salon lasts longer and hair quality does not suffer. Discuss your hair condition and the treatment before your scheduled appointment.

How to take care of rebonded hair

Taking care of rebonded hair is very important to maintain a healthy mane. Only a well-looked after crown of hair can stay beautiful, always. Here’s what you have to do, to treat your rebonded hair with care and prevent hair loss.
  • Use a shampoo for straight hair
  • Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • Apply a hair serum after towel drying hair.
  • Oil your hair regularly
  • Use natural hair masks once a week before washing your hair. You can use aloe vera gel, curd or olive oil with an egg.
  • Oil and steam your hair every fifteen days. You can wrap a towel dipped in warm water, around your hair. This will deep condition your hair.
  • Consume a balanced diet. Include nuts and sprouts in your diet.
Hair that is taken care of will be frizz free and smooth to touch. Rebonded hair is susceptible to dryness. Therefore ensuring that your hair remains hydrated and full of life is very important.

Fixing Rebonding disaster

If you have already relaxed, rebonded or straightened your hair and your hair has turned into a disaster, you can try and fix it. Get help with these simple tips.
  • Get a hair cut done
  • Approach the salon you got rebonding done from. Ask them to repair the damage
  • Oil your hair regularly
  • Use hair serums or leave-in conditioners
  • Get deep conditioning done every fortnight
  • Avoid any other chemical treatment for next six months
  • Tie a bun
  • Learn some styling techniques from your stylist to make the best of your hair
  • Wear a scarf
Your hair is a vital part of your personality. Be very careful before you expose your hair to any chemical treatment. Remember, that natural is the best. If your hair is difficult to manage you can try rebonding but with all due care.

Have you ever rebonded your hair? Are you considering getting your hair rebonded? How do you think rebonding affects hair? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Name: Sufiya
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Whatever people say about spoiling your hair after hair straightening but I simply love my hair after the process. My hair was so wavy and now I love the sleek neat look. I can do them however I want. I can use hair clips the way I like. I leave them open too. I feel so much more confident now. I am so assured about the way I look. Even if I just run my fingers in my hair I know its looking good. I get up in the morning without any tangles and its such an amazing feeling to look your best even when you are at your worst. And how can I forget all the compliments. Its really good to have straight hair. I don’t know why some cynics criticize it. if you can take care of your hair then it is okay. Nothing can replace the amazing feelings that beautiful hair give. It is really amazing to look and feel beautiful.
Name: Hiral
City:   Ratnagiri
Comments:   I got straightening done and believe my hair is in a big mess. It looks so frizzy and dry. I apply so much leavein conditioners and hair serums but it doesn’t help. I am just waiting for my hair to grow so that I can cut it off. I am so upset because I spent money, time and energy and my hair is a plain disaster. I advice everyone not to straighten their hair. Natural is beautiful and do not take it for granted. My stylist had told me earlier that it straightening dries hair.
Name: Subodh Jha
City:   UP
Comments:   I am growing my hair long. I want to have the John Abraham straight hair look. I think it will suit my face. I have seen a lot of people going through problems after straightening or rebonding hair. But I guess if you take good care then there should be a problem. All my friends tell me that I would look much better with straight hair. So I am all set to rebond my hair. I have also discussed it with my stylist and I guess he wouldn’t ruin my hair. I trust him a lot. But this was a nice article for all those people who are in doubt before straightening their hair. Hope my hair rebonding stays fine and healthy. My cousin is waiting to see the effect of straight hair on my looks and then he too might go for it.
Name: Raj
City:   Boston
Comments:   I have lot of curly kinky fizzy hair, I have relaxing done in reputable salon, its looks good for couple of weeks and after that it started fizzy again. It didn’t stay like they promised.. I have to use flat iron to keep it straight. Money and time is not worth it for me to have it chemically treated my hair. Over all I am not satisfied.
Name: Miriam tan
City:   Manila, phils.
Comments:   I´m glad i opened this site, now i am not eager anymore to have my natural hair rebond, i don´t want to see my hair beautiful just a while and a disaster forever. Thanks, i will just moisturise it to be safe!
Name: Roxanne
City:   Jonkoping Sweden
Comments:   Im so happy that i rebonded my hair 2 years ago and im going to perform the procedure again this summer. Re bonding does damage youre hair but straightening your hair daily damages even more.Consider it an investment and a long term soloution.
Name: surbhi
City:   rajpura
Comments:   I got my hair straightened 23 times and took proper care of them but last time i got the process done from a local hair dresser and damaged my hair now want to get them rebonded.can u help
Name: Jyoti Pagare
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I want to do hair straightning & also rebonded.can u help
Name: yana
City:   kuala lumpur
Comments:   erm..tankz for the makes methink for a few seconds about my hair...
Name: ASHI
City:   NOIDA
Name: hina
City:   pune
Comments:   is rebonding only get ur curls straightened? i have staright hair..but damage ones:( so my friend has suggested me to go for rebonding to hav that silky look..i m confused:( what to so?
Name: zeenobia
City:   india
Comments:   rebonding should be band its not adviseable to any middle class people.
Name: rhea
City:   India
Comments:   I hv vry frizzy hair.....hv 2 think twice before openin thm while m out or nethin coz thy bcm so thinkin abt a lotta ppl told me its nt m really confused nw.....
Name: nikitha
City:   colombo
Comments:   i am also confused about rebonding. its good for some and its bad for some. everybobdy saying natural hair is the best. is taking care of a rebonding hair that much difficult?
Name: Jersy
City:   Philippines
Comments:   I got my hair rebonded last April.But I am not satisfied.It just turned out the way it was before.Though,my hair is not curly or wavy either.Wel,some waves at the end due to clipping hair i guess.I just want to make it thinner and really staright.I am thinking to get it rebonded again this moth,August.Is it okay to do the process again or will it cause more damage to my hair?PLs give me some advise.Thanks a lot in advance.More power!
Name: saran
City:   chennai
Comments:   I want to do hair rebonded.can u help
Name: sona
City:   india
Comments:   I got done my rebonding twice n my hairs are perfect till now. only thing u should take care is the person who does ur treatment should be experienced and can be trusted. ALL THE BEST.
Name: Monika bhardwaj
City:   TULSA(america)
Comments:   I hve read so mch in ur article but still am confused.i really want to go for rebonding but already my hair are falling like anything...and also very thin and a a bit of my friend got rebonding done on her hair and her hair look so amazing,she has changed so i also want to get that confidence in me please help n suggest me any gud(but not so expensive) salon for this here in TULSA.I wll be really thanful to u
Name: Shilpa
City:   Banglore
Comments:   I want to go for rebonding from some reputeted and experienced parlour. Could someone please suggest the same in Banglore (India)?
Name: sonia
City:   tokyo
Comments:   i had rebond 2.5 months ago but the hair stylist use the wrong treatment instead for rebonding she use for straigtening, some part of my hair on top was dry. I´ve been rebonding my hair for 5 years and it last the rebond in a year but this time the stylist handle my hair ruin my nice hair, so i went to another stylist to fix it and she told me not to re do it but to retreatment the damage of my hair so she cellopane it, and helps a little, i want to ask how long do i wait to rebon it again my hair. ASK For ADVISE. Thanks

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