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Baby's Sleeping

Your baby seems to sleep all day. Naturally you are concerned. There is nothing to worry about as each baby follows its own sleeping pattern. Find out more on the sleeping habits of infants.

Normal Hours of Sleep

Sleep patterns of babies vary greatly. For first few months a baby sleeps most of the time. An average 16 hours of sleep is needed for a baby but this is not more

Infant Sleep Safety

Some precautions are to be taken while preparing bed for the baby. A baby's bed is to be a safe and secure place for the baby. Here's a guide to make your bab more

Problems in Sleeping through the Night

Newborn babies have erratic sleeping patterns. No two babies have similar sleeping patterns. Initially newborns sleep most of the time. Read here to understan more

Establishing a Night-time Sleep Pattern

Newborns take time adjusting to the new environment. Establishing a sleeping pattern for the baby should be a gradual process. Here, learn how to establish a more

Hush, Little Baby

Children like to be rocked to sleep. They feel secure when rocked and cradled. Singing lullaby soothes them and it promotes sleep. Here are some favourite lul more

Flat Head

Flat head is common in babies. This is due to sleepi9ng in the same position for a long time. This is not a cause of concern as the skull regains its shape wh more

Sleeping Tips

Babies have different sleeping patterns. Forcing a pattern for sleeping is not healthy for the baby. Conducive environment should be created to make sleeping more

Sleep Like A Baby

Babies have different sleeping patterns. If getting your baby fall asleep is a problem, then read on. Here's a guide on how to get your baby to sleep through more

Moving from infant's crib to baby's bed

A transition is always opposed by the babies as they are so used to the routine. Making the process of transition smooth should be of utmost importance. Trans more

Correct Sleeping Position

Babies sleep in different positions. Sleeping in the same position can cause flat head. Sleeping on the tummies can be a cause of SIDS. Which is the best slee more

Sleeping and Waking at Odd Hours

Baby generally do not have a fixed sleeping pattern. All babies have different patterns of sleep. Setting a bedtime routine is important in getting baby to sl more

Baby's need for Security Objects

Babies always yearn for security and love. This tendency is more seen while sleeping. Babies tend to get attached to a toy or an object and this may become a more

Tips for Mothers

Mothers have a daunting task of managing the baby. They continuously learn from their experiences. Here are some tips for mothers.

How to Buy the Right Cot for Your Baby

A baby spends much of his time in his cot. Buying the right cot for the baby is very important. Here are some tips, read on and buying the right cot for your more

How to Make Baby Sleep Faster

Making baby sleep is a daunting task. If baby is in a habit of going to sleep at wrong time the baby may wake up again in the middle of night. Therefore, it i more

Dealing with Babies Waking-Up at Night

Baby waking at night for feed is a common concern for many new parents. However, there can be several reasons due to which babies wake at night. If you want t more

How to Make Baby Sleep Well

For making your baby sleep well, you need to understand your baby’s sleeping habits. Knowledge about the activities which can make your baby sleep well is a more

Sleep Patterns of a Newborn

Sleep patterns of a newborn is generally consistent with the baby sleeping throughout the day and night. A regular sleep pattern is established only after thr more

Healthy Sleep Habits in Babies and Kids

Healthy sleep habits in babies and kids can be developed over a period of time. A regular bedtime routine helps to develop good sleeping habits in children. F more

Newborn's Sleep Pattern

Newborn’s sleep has no standard sleeping pattern. Get a hang of the sleeping pattern of your newborn by observing him for a few days. Here are some pointers more

How to Cope With Sleep Problems in Babies

Is your baby having sleepless nights for days and weeks? He may be having a difficult time for sleeping. How will you as a parent cope with the sleep problems more

5 Mistakes Parents Make with Baby's Sleep Training

Making mistakes while developing a sleep pattern for babies can lead to the development of poor sleeping habits in them. Poor sleep can eventually affect the more

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