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Newborn Care Topics..

You are here : home > Newborn Care > Baby's Sleeping > Tips for Mothers

Tips for Mothers

Tips for Mothers

Mothers have a daunting task of managing the baby. They continuously learn from their experiences. Here are some tips for mothers.

My baby gets up when I try to put her down!  Am I doing something wrong?

Imagine this scenario. Your arms are aching after rocking your wailing infant for what seems like hours, your feet hurt from pacing up and down, your voice is hoarse from singing lullabies. Your baby has finally settled down into a deep slumber. You put her down in her cot. A second later she is restless again and in a minute the wailing has resumed.

How do I keep my sleeping baby from waking up when I put her down?

All mothers go through this nightmare. There are various ways of coping. Wait a good ten minutes after she is deeply asleep before you put her down. Use a higher mattress on the baby cot so that it is easier to transfer the baby from your arms to the cot without disturbing her. Her bed should be made in advance and ensure that the sheets are warm. Cold sheets are uncomfortable and are bound to wake her up. Feed or rock your baby as close to her cot as possible.

If you are seated, sit in a chair that is easy to get out of. Remember that the baby finds being in your arms a great comfort. If you put her down suddenly and leave her, she feels bereft of contact with you and will begin crying. Keep your hands on her for a little while after you put her down and pat her occasionally if she seems restless.

What is the role of sleep in the growth and development of a baby?

Since sleep is as important as good diet and play, we at no point of time can undermine its importance, especially when it comes to the babies. Here we have listed the importance of healthy sleep for babies. Have a quick look at some helpful information.

The amount of sleep

The amount of sleep your little one gets determines her growth, development and functionality. However, the amount of sleep that your little one needs shall change with age. You also need to keep in mind that every single child is unique and shall have her own habits.

The quality of sleep

Uninterrupted, good quality sleep shall ensure your baby passes through all stages of sleep. If you think of the sleep quality, it is as important as the amount of sleep she enjoys. Good quality sleep has positive effects on her nervous system.

Day-time naps

Naps during the day hours are essential for your little one to regain her vigour and vitality. However, you cannot expect the naps to be as long and deep as the night's sleep. In fact naps have different roles in different parts of the day. Naps are a way of establishing coordination with the biological rhythms of your baby.

Importance of good sleep

Naps are said to have a restorative effect and ensures your baby does not get too stressed or tired. It is always a good idea to set a routine pattern for sleep, food, play or bath. This way she shall know what to expect next.

What are the effects of disturbed sleep on the baby?

A baby who does not sleep well at night shall appear cranky in the morning too. Babies with sleep disturbances are known to be less alert mentally and find it difficult to concentrate on an activity for long. Apart from this, they are also known to get hyperactive, lazy or impulsive.

For a mother it is highly essential to understand the effects of chronic sleep disorder. Sleeplessness in the long run shall have cumulative effects and she shall appear disturbed even by small changes. Some of the effects of chronic sleep disorder are discussed below:

Stress and fatigue

Sleep deprivation even for some time can result in fatigue in babies. Make sure she is not stimulated too much before sleep. A calm and quite atmosphere shall help her fall asleep better. Too much of adrenaline secretion can make her hyper active and she shall get fussy, irritated and appear cranky. A well-rested child on the other hand shall appear in good health, mood and it shall also have significant impact on her functional developments.

Your role as a parent

A mother needs to be more sensitive and take care of the sleep needs of a little one. Just as you bother about her safety, you should also make it a point she gets the right environment for sleep. You as a mother are primarily responsible for instilling the good sleep habits. It is important that you inculcate the habit of good sleep from the very tender age. This way you shall find her happier, healthier and more sociable. Last but not the least; do take care of your sleep needs as well. Do ensure you too enjoy good sleep when your baby is asleep.

In case you find it difficult for her to sleep without you when placed in the bed, you can also have a talk with your doctor. He might be able to help with some valuable tips.

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Janvi.9 years ago
my son is 7 months old and just refuses to sleep at night. he sleeps almost throughout the day. me and my husband take turns to entertain him or try to make him sleep at night.
Christyl.9 years ago
try to keep baby up during the day by taking outings, controlled crying works if you can handle it or if hes wanting to be fed feed him dinner before bedtime and only offer water to him at night, it worked with my son.
Tracey.9 years ago
my baby wakes up in the middle of thenight to come in bed with me and i don't know what to do
Mariela.9 years ago
my baby is 8 months and he still does not sleep at night. he wokes up crying all the time. i live with my inlaws, so it is hard to let him crying till he falls sleep. please i need help, since i am going crazy here
Chris.9 years ago
my wife and i had somewhat of the same problem, sleeping through the day and not at night. as much as you can, try to keep your child awake during the day. no matter how much he fusses, keep him a wake. at times, he will need to take naps, but only naps. over time, he will adjust to sleeping at night because he's not getting his sleep during the day. i hope this helps.
Shibani (NewZealand)
hey hey hey people! want some great advice from a little bird? there is a saying that a child needs just three days to change his habits. the sooner the better. so try to put your kid in his cot the first day (start it from thursday so that at the end of third day you will have weekend to take rest) during bedtime and draw the curtains and leave the room. he would at first get a bit confused and then cry but mind you that will be a cry of protest that no one is there to pat him or cradle him to sleep! after a while he might either stop crying and go to sleep or go on crying for another hour or so... but control yourself by not showing your face to him. maybe if he is persistant then go and soothe him for a while to go to sleep by putting your hand on his body and rubbing it gently on him. next, get ready for the second day, allow him to crib and protest again during night...but again don't try to enter his room. i know its is going to be really hard...i'm telling you all this by experience! be ready for the final third day when your kid will finally realise that you mean it when you put him to bed and draw the curtains and leave the room - sleep time folks!;o))
Ginny.9 years ago
my baby slept throught the night at 6 weeks, 12 hours a night, then, at 4 1/2 months, she started waking 2 times a night again, and the only thing that will get her back to sleep is feeding her. i have tried and tried to let her cry, but, she won't stop and i have 3 other kids that i don't want her to wake up. i am my wit's end trying to get her to sleep all night again. she will be 6 months old in 1 week.
erika.9 years ago
i think letting your baby "cry it out" for long periods of time is cruel. if you have the power to soothe your baby, whether it means staying up at night a little longer or getting out of bed to pick him up to show him you care, why would you want him to cry and feel a sense of desparation? babies are just that..babies and they need constant love and care. to let him cry it out will make your baby feel like he is left all alone and helpless and that is just cruel. the best thing to do is not to let your baby take long naps during the day. if he normally takes a one hour nap, wake him after 30 mins and play with him or take a stroll. keep your baby active during the day and stimulate his brain with games and toys, and he will get tired at night because of all the stimulation. not only will your baby get smarter, but you will get more sleep at night to if you spend the time stimulating him during the day.
mandm.9 years ago
we started the same routine for our second child as we did for our first. give them those first 2 (zombie) weeks to adjust to being in the big wide world. then you must begin the same routine every night. dinner, bath and bed. you must do it within the same time every evening. it takes them a few nights but in the end they get the idea. we have stuck to this routine since our daughter was born in 2000. now we have our 6 month old boy in bed at 6.30pm every night and our daughter in bed at 7.30pm. that leaves us some special time to ourselves. heaven!!!!
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