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Amniotic Fluid - Liquor
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Amniotic Fluid - Liquor >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am in my 19th week. I had a scan yesterday. I would like to know more details on the fluid content in the brain. What should it normally be? What if there is an increase or decrease? Why is this caused? Currently the fluid content is 9. The normal cut-off is 10.

Shradha (Calcutta, India)

A: Increased fluid in the brain could be due to blockage in the duct connecting the brain to the spinal cord. Increase in fluid can lead to an increase in the size of baby's head, and a caesarean may be required to deliver the baby.

Q: Why do some women have less amniotic fluid? What are the risks involved in this case?

Kohinoor (Mumbai, India)

A: Less amniotic fluid is associated with the leaking of the fluid from the cervical canal. It is also associated with congenital malformation of the child where a chromosomal defect of the foetus will be present, but in less percentage. Also in a male foetus the post-urethral valve can reduce the quantity of liquor in the patient.

Dr. Zaveri

Q: 1. I have been told that I have more than normal amniotic fluid. Is this harmful? 2. I am suffering from severe leg cramps. Why? 3. My stomach becomes very hard and feels like a stone when I am tired. Why?

Manisha (Cape Town, South Africa)

A: If the amount of amniotic fluid is too much, then it is harmful. Please consult your gynaecologist regarding this. Your leg cramps may be due to wrong posture while standing since your centre of gravity gets altered during pregnancy. Your spine ought to be straight while sitting and standing. The stomach gets hard due to excessive fluid. You may want to cut down on your salt by 50% (do not go on a completely salt free diet because it can be harmful) and reduce the quantity of ALL fluids to 1.5 to 2 litres a day, unless your doctor advises otherwise. Also, take plenty of rest.

Dr. Mansukhani

Q: I am in the sixth month of my pregnancy. When I had gone in for a scan a few days ago I was told that there was less amniotic fluid in the sac. I was also told that the growth of my baby was only 20 weeks when it should have been 21 weeks according to the date. Why is this so? What should I do? Though the growth was less, I asked if this had affected the organ formation of my baby, but they said that everything was fine? The baby was just small in size. I am 5.8 feet any my husband is 6 feet tall. So why is this happening?

Bindya (Delhi, India)

A: From the information that you have sent us I do not think that there is any serious problem. Regarding your ultra sound report, a discrepancy of plus or minus 2 weeks occurs in Sonographic dating done in the second trimester, so if the maturity on ultra sound is 20 weeks, it actually means 20 plus or minus 2 weeks which corresponds to your period of gestation by your dates. If the clinical per abdominal examination corresponds with your dates (i.e. fundal height of 21 weeks) and the rest of the ultrasound parameters are normal there is no need to worry. As a safety measure you could go in for serial USG 4 weeks apart to pick up any growth discrepancy that may arise in the future. High protein diet and adequate rest preferably in the left lateral position is thought to improve foetal growth and circulation. Regarding your concern about a decrease in amniotic fluid volume, I feel that as long as the deficiency is not severe or clinically significant at this gestation there is nothing to worry about (as long as any congenital abnormality has been ruled out on Sonography).

Dr. Sahni

Q: My wife is in the 8th month of pregnancy, and is carrying twins. The liqor is in excess. What should she do?

Vijay (Indore, India)

A: If the liquor is excess, then what is the size of the babies? Are their weights okay? Has usg screening been done to check the anomalies if any? Having protein meals too can help, if there is a protein deficiency.

Q: Thanks for your reply. Now my wife is in the ninth month of pregnancy, in the latest USG, liqor levels were normal. Are there any chances of liqor levels falling below the minimum level?

Vijay (Indore, India)

A: It is unlikely that liquor will go below normal levels at this stage of pregnancy, unless the bag breaks at the time of delivery.

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