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Skin Post Delivery
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My skin thickened in my underarm when I was pregnant. There is no pain or irritation and when I asked my OBGYN about this, she said there's nothing to worry about. But it still hasn't gone, and my baby is now 2 years old now. My physician said it's just a fatty deposit in my skin, which doesn't require treatment. But now I am getting worried. After delivery, the thickening has reduced as well, but is still there. What should I do?

Bhiravi (Gohati, India)

A: A detailed examination would be required to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis. A general surgeon (or a dermatologist) would be the right person to consult. From the history though it appears to be a lipoma, a localised collection of fat. If this is indeed the case, a small surgery under local anaesthesia should help you get rid of the problem. Often, a small extension of the breast tissue too can manifest in this way.

Q: I have stretch marks from my pregnancy, which developed in spite of using Vite. I also have some pigmentation on my forehead and cheeks.

Jaya (Baltimore, USA)

A: Pigmentation in the area you've described is very typical of Melasma. Apply a steroid and a depigmenting cream for 3-4 weeks. Avoid the sun and take antioxidants. Vite has only a doubtful role in preventing stretch marks. Try other stretch creams in the market.

Q: My skin colour is darkening day by day after my delivery! I am still breastfeeding. Can you please help me?

Beejal (Cochin, India)

A: Darkening of skin and other pigmentary changes are quite common post delivery. Although no specific drug therapy can be suggested, eat a nourishing diet, fruits, green vegetables, practice some form of relaxation and have your haemoglobin checked. Also, drink plenty water.

Q: After delivery, I have developed brown pigmentation on my cheeks, and a small wart. A bit of skin is peeling out from the wart, but the wart is not coming out completely. My skin is oily and pimple prone. Any home remedies for facial hair removal?

Neema (London, England)

A: You seem to have developed melasma, a pigmentory condition quite common after delivery. A steroid and depigmenting agent prescribed by your doctor should help you. Move out in the sun as less as possible. The wart will have to be excised (By a surgeon or dermatologist) which is a small procedure.

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