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You are here : home > Raising Children > Relation between Siblings > Is there Something Called the Middle Child Syndrome? > Comments


Name: /
Country: USA
youngest child syndrome....i found a cure.... i am the youngest in a family of 8.i'm now 40 and recently told my older siblings (aged 45 to 54)at a family gathering while they were teasing me, that one day, they'll be in a nursing home while i'm still young and able and it'll be my turn to bully them. you should've seen the look on their face.

Name: brooke
Country: USA
okay i'm a middle child and i dont care what all these people say how middle children should get over it! its hard bein the middle one! i have an older sister thats 16 and a yonger brother thats 12 and i'm 14. my sister is a great athlete who made varsity bball freshman year and my brother is just the baby and can yell at me and my parents assume i've done something wronge. i don't like feeling like this my older sister is pretty which people say i am too but shes very skiny and i'm not as thin as her, i don't like it one bit! but the thing we all have in common is that we don't like our lives and how it affects us and our personalities. but if there wern't middle children people wouldn't be as independent. were so much more caring and know how to take care of ourselves which will come in handy. so even tho it sucks to be a middle child stick with it, u can't control other people or anything like that all u can control is ur attitude and how u act and respond. hopefully if u do it responsibly than it will pay off! all i have to say is stick in there! u'll survive!

Name: cousin of a middle child
Country: USA
tell her she's a drama queen. all of them are.

Name: Patty anderson
Country: USA
my sister are always taking advntage og my kindness. i let them borrow money and they never give it back. then they always hit time i was riding my bike and they pushed me over and i broke my arm in 2 places. i,m the second to the younest and i'm small for my age.there so mean.

Name: Maybe this can help: Mother of 4
Country: USA
hi, i am a mother of 4 children. 2 boys ages 10 & 5 & 2 girls ages 8 & 2. we try very hard to be good parents to our children & raise them to be respectable adults. i know it seems hard to be a kid sometimes, especially a 'middle child' when you have other brothers or sisters always around & you seem to be the one getting in all the trouble. but it really isn't like that. you have to think of the good things about having a family that loves you & they do. even if it seems like they don't. they do! having a big family of 5, 6 or more can be difficult for both children & parents. the stresses of daily life get to everyone & everyone handles it differently, in their own way, how you choose is up to you. in a good solid family, those, what seemed like terrible times of fighting w/your brothers/sisters will pay off one day & in a good way! there is nothing like a family!!! i am very close to all my brother & sisters now. and they are great mom's & dad's to their kids. all you can do is be yourself, be happy in being the 2nd child. learn to deal with situations, because life does give alot of them, just be sure they are good decisions. peace, love & happiness to you!

Name: Mike
Country: USA
hmmm... i am 26 yrs. old and i have found that some of my behavior lately has been botherring me. i cant find what i want to do, i cant find a sense of self to lean on and i cant see myself down the road. i found some traits of the middle child and found i possess and exhibite all of them. i feel that i dont fit in a lot its weird. but i can also gell to many different people and situations. i am a loner sorta kinds. i would just like someone to respond to if they feel like chattin about it, cause i do!!!!!

Name: Lindzay
Country: Canada
i deffinately find it incredibly hard being the middle child. im always too old for this or alwyas too young for that. but the other sister isn't. i get no attention, im fine with that but i am sick of always being compared to the other sisters. just becaus i dont have the intellegence the older one has or the beauty the younger one has, i am constantly being compared. im just different, and being the middle, i am alywas too young or too old to do anything the other one is doing.

Name: Sarah
Country: USA
i am the middle child of 3, i'm 14, i have an older sister who is 18 and a younger brother who is 12. i absolutly hate being the middle child and totally believe in the "middle- child syndrome" i am ignored by my parents except when i'm in trouble. i am always blamed for anything that happens between me and my sis and bro. me and my brother barely talk to eachother at all, sometimes i think he really hates me. i have never been able to outshine my sister b/c she is perfect. my pparents are always comparing me to her and telling me i can do better. my sister and brother have such a tight relationship, that sometimes i feel like i'm not even apart of the family. i am always the outcast and expected to do everything. sometimes i wish my parents wouldn't have had my brother b/c then i would have been the baby of the family, and i wouldn't have to be in hell i call my life. being the middle child is the worst, and you'll never understand what it feels like unless you are one.

Name: Maria G
Country: Australia
to the mother from australia: thankyou everyone. it's great to read that there are other 'middles' out there who feel the same. i'm sick of being told by my family to 'get over it' how can you move forward if your family constantly ignores you or don't know where you belong. and do we have to have a position in the family to feel belonged? what's the definition of a family? i don't think it's position or birth right? to the mother from australia: i know that in the big picture of life that this is not life threatening stuff, but i've been experience this type of anger towards my parents all my life - (i'm 41) - because i'm sick of only getting the 'left overs' - if there's any after my sisters are finished. you say that your middle child is exhibiting anger behavour towards you, it is probably because he feels left out and that he's not being treated (emotionally) equal compared to his siblings. i too am (and still) exhibitiing anger toward my parents the same way your son is. i don't care what parents say, the middle child is not treated the same as the other sibbling - you're not here or there. all i know is that children (and later as adults) will react according to the way they've been emotionaly treated. for eg - during my teenage years i was constantly told that the oldest 'naturally' got new clothes etc - but i had to have all the hand me downs - even from my younger sister (they were both fatter than me) both my sisters received some financial help from my parents when they got married and when it came to my turn to get married i was told "there's no money left" so it's diffult to believe that "all parents treat their children the same" i feel that what ever i do i'm never good enough and all my sisters have to do is say "i'm the oldest/youngest" and they receive what ever they want. so to answer your query on how to help your middle son - it's simple - treat him the same as the other two. for eg - my mother used to spend 'quality time' with each of my older and younger sister but never me. now that everyone have moved out, my parents can't understand why they can't talk to me - or why i don't call them at times like my sisters. well, maybe if they treated me like part of the family while i was growing up i might feel part of the family- but i don't. phew

Name: amie
Country: Canada
the problem is with my parents is that they dont undertsnad anything...and they dont listen to their kids. they worrie about themselves more then anything

Name: Jillian (
Country: USA
wow! i didnt realize so many of us existed. lol. i never knew about the middle child syndrome till i was in college so whoever said "if you are brainwahsed with it then thats how it exists" is wrong and unless you truly are a middle child you wont understand. i think at some points you can just be giving yourself a pity wont help you in the end so its better to just have to get over it. but other times the facts are so glaring obvious you cant ignore them. i was in a psychology class and we had to say how many siblings we had and where we fit. i told my teacher i was a middle child with an older sister and younger brother. she looked at me and said, " boy do i feel sorry for you. " lol, i think it really all depends on how your older& younger siblings are and what the relationship is with them. my sister and me are like day and night. she is the pretty socialite who rotates a room faster then anyone. she wants to be loved and noticed as much as possible and therefore she is taken into notice more often. i am everything opposite that and more. my brother is a classic jock who also, like my sister, loves attention but it is more altruistic in that he just loves to make people laugh and get people roaring. but being from italian decent and being the only son, he gets away with a lot and is given leway to things that i havent been give even now. my parents love me. i know that. i dont think they consciously want me to feel unloved and unnoticed, but it it is there. it became eveident after my sister flipped out and became a drug addict wacko. i literally am like a nun but i get yelled out for not cleaning my room at the same level as my sister for finding heroin stored in her closet. fair? i dont think so. and now that she has failed them over and over they look to me to pick up the pieces and make them proud. but meanwhile when we were in high school they never really cared what happened to me. they even told me they never expected much of me because of who i was and how shy and scared i was. it's not something you can change. but for yourself and your sanity you have to move on and forget them. i have my masters at 23 and all those people who excepted it to be my sister are gasping in delight and shame.

Name: Middle Child
Country: USA
i truely believe in middle child syndrome. i guess you can say i'm living proof and it only gets worse it seems as i get older. i'm 28 female and i have a older sister who is 30 and a younger brother who is 25. my sister gets all the attention from all of my family memebers because she is the oldest and just had a baby and has the fairy tale life. my brother never sees my family but when he feels like it he still gets more attention than i do. i just don't get it. my mother died of cancer when i was very young so my grandparents brought us up along with my father. today, we are all living on our own and my father calls my sister and brother alot and me well lets just say i'm forgotten about. anyways, being the middle

Name: rite in the middle
Country: India
anyone whos not a middle child will tell thids is a load of crap but i dont think it is....being a middle child i know what it feels like...i have 2 sisters 3 years older and 3 younger...the older is more spoiled since they are the parents "first born"....the youngest is babied because the parents feel the need to protect them more...the middle child struggles to find their role in the family...their postition is not so clearly cut...i personally find myself struggling to live up to an older sisters parents live by the theory that if she did it i do to...i am sick and tired of being compared to her and i have tried to voice this to my parents but it never seems to get cousin who is in a similar postion as me also having 2 sisters colorfully describes life as a middle child..."we are the crap sandwich between 2 perfectly white peices of bread" *~rite in th middle~*

Name: Brenda
Country: USA
dont you all think that it might have to do with personality??? i have 3 boys- the oldest is 15 yrs. and then the middle child is 12 yrs and the youngest is 6 yrs. my oldest- brett is very easy going and i try not to put to much presure on him because i was the oldest of two younger brothers! then the youngest of 6 is a mess, but he has been sick since birth requiring many surgeries and dr. appointments, but that middle child, that i love with all of my heart, takes up most of my time!! he is a wonderful child-just very demanding!! he thinks that the whole world is against him, everyone hates him!! but at school he is very well liked by the boys and the girls very athletic and very smart!! i just dont get it!! i give and give to this child and it is not enough! actually i have the oldest son saying the things that you would think that the middle child would say!! i think that there is such a thing as the middle child syndrome but yet i think that personality has alot to do with it!! brenda

Name: sunshine
Country: USA
i am the mother of three girls. ages 6, 4, and 5 months. my older daughter is calm, laid back and easy going. the baby is well a baby. my middle daughter acts up alot since the baby came home. i realize that she wants more attention but it seema like the more i try to spend more time with her the worse she gets. i believe there is a middle child "syndrome" but i don't know that there is any one right way of dealing with it as a parent. i myself am trying real hard but seem to be getting no where......

Name: jassmyn-rose
Country: USA
i have to do this research paper about middle child syndrome, so, i began searching through the internet for any scientific proof of "mcs" when i found this site. i'm 23 years old and a middle child. i honestly think that there is such thing as mcs. it's not whether you spend all your time or money or attention on them or not, it's the fact that the middle is treated differently than the oldest or the youngest. i have a friend that is a middle child and she is just spoiled to death by her parents; new car, laptop, dg cam, phone...basically, anything she wants. as for myself, i go to school, have two jobs and i pay for my car, but i do live at home. the oldest and youngest live elsewhere, no job and don't even have to worry about car payments bacause my parents pay for it all. it just sucks, that's all. i would mention other stuff but it's 12:30 am, i still have to study, and i have work at 6 am...

Name: Karen
Country: USA
i myself am a middle child. i am now 36 years old.i still find that this thing mcs still in a way does exsist in my life. i have lived my life always feeling that i dont have a place in my family. my parents do love me very much but even now my sisters seem to be at the top of the list in their lives. i will say that i live a much more simple life that my sisters. but because i dont have major problems in my life, like my sisters. i dont get much quality time with my parents. their main concern is to help my sisters with their money problems etc.. i have brought up in the past in confersations with my family how i have felt in my life about mcs, and i get mixed reactions from all of them. my mother gets very angery and says that is a cop out. i have lived with this all my life and still to this day feel somewhat out of place in my family. i love all of them with all my heart and i know that they feel the same, but there will always be that difference i feel from all of them. i learned to live with it and i always will live with it.

Name: loopy loo
Country: France
its great being a middle child my big sister is great and my little sister is great too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Name: lil gal
Country: USA
i have to say that being the middle, and the mcs does exist. my whole life growing up, i've always gotten the end of everything. i'm the middle of 5 and it's really hard. my family doesn't have a lot of money, and my parents have been divorced since i was 4. my whole family is into country things, whereas i'm more of a city girl, and they hate that fact. i will admit that my family (parents and siblings) love me, but they don't accept the things that i do. sometimes you just have to turn and walk away, because there's no point in fighting for something that you will never have, and that is being treated the same as everyone else.

Name: Leigh
Country: USA
i hate being a middle child. my older bro gets everything and my little brother is spoiled rotten.but all ya'll need to shut up your in the middle and there's nothing you can do about it.

Name: Nu-Nu
Country: USA
i truly beileve thats there is a middle child syndrome because i'm the middle child and i am the middle child on both sides on my family bacause my mom and dad don't either talk to each other and i'm in the middle of that and it is not fear!!!!!!!!!

Name: darkangel
Country: Southafrica
i am 25 years old and am a middle child. boy it does bite. my sister is older and always gets everything first, my brother younger and with that can do and get away with just anything. me i was beaten and battered trying to protect them when in fact i mean nothing to them. so yeah there definately is mcs.

Name: Emily
Country: USA
im a middle child. i have an older brother and a younger brother. i love my family. im 15 years old. im pretty sure im treated equally, it just always felt like i had a hole inside, or a missing piece of the puzzle. the puzzle of my life. my mom had a dream when i was young that there were times when i would feel alone and left out. well it just so happened there were many times in my childhood and early teen years that ive felt left out and alone. especially in my own family. i think even in the most loving a family a middle child is going to feel left out and crave the most attention.

Name: natasha
Country: England
i love being the middle child! you can blame stuff on your younger bro/sis and they cant answer back and you can use your older bro/sis to your advantage! you can get lifts everywhere get them 2 buy alcohol borrow their stuff get them 2 beat ppl up if they bully you. no one wants 2 mess wiv u. i'll say it again , use it to your advantage!

Name: Brittany
Country: USA the middle 14 and honestly it sucks being the middle child i have two brothers and scince there both boys they get along and my parents favor my older brother cuz hes good at everything and my little one cuz they think hes innocent so ive formed an attitude that just gets me in more trouble and i really cant wait till i leave this place...

Name: MG
Country: Australia
play them at their own game ignore them!! i have spent my whole life carrying on like a 10 year old (im 42 yrs old) trying to make myself heard in the family. i have written before and agree with the feeling of feeling neglected or ignored by my parents while my two sisters seem to get everything. i just want to add that i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 4 yrs ago (please dont feel sorry for me) and off course my family told me to stop being angry all time and deal with it. this has only compounded my feelings of being constantly ignored. so i have decided that i too can play their game and now i chosen to cut off communication with them. i cant stay healthy and play happy family with them, i finally feel at peace!! no more ringing them, running around pleasing everyone and no more guilt!! im surprised how free i feel!! this means that i havent sat at the same dinner table with the parents for one year now. the funny thing is that, my parents and my sisters dont like it and feel that this behaviour is wrong. funny how they dont like the same treatment? but im free now thanks for listening mg

Name: C. Carfaro
Country: USA
one thing i can add is the caution not to turn a blind eye on this "syndrome". i too was a middle child and took it as my personal mission not to acknowledge it. to treat my children equally and not fall into social sterotypes. perhaps i was wrong. the experience of parenthood makes one more willing to reconsider past hard-line opinions. i am watching my daughter wrestle with some middle child issues and if i really want to respect her and show my love, i now choose fairness over equallity. i am fair to her needs, fair to all the children's needs, however it may not appear "equal". - good luck all. - c.

Name: poster child of mcd
Country: Other
im the middle child of 3. im now 20. i really believe in the existence of mcd, although there are lots of people who say its nothing. i used to try to kill myself (i cut myself on the wrist), i didnt do it right though, coz i didnt ends up in the hospital. i live in the same house as my family but they never found out. its like im invisible. i dont try killing myself anymore now, partly because im over the instability of being a teenager, but mostly because now i have this tiny light of hope that one day im gonna leave this house, this life. im starting med school next year. im pretty excited about that. i just hope everything goes as planned. to every middle child in the world who has the same sentiments. dont lose hope

Name: Susan
Country: USA
i think it is very weird that you key in oldest child syndrome into the computer search engine and the only web pages you get are about middle children. the oldest child also deals with many expections (probably more than the middle or youngest child)that are hard to handle - especially as an adult. there are a lot of birth orders out there and the oldest child hardly ever gets recognized. sometimes we are so caught up in trying to make sure our younger siblings, whether they are middle or youngest are doing well. can anyone understand this? if so, contact me.

Name: hi
Country: india
the other siblings felt special

Name: Karyna Gonzalez
Country: USA
i am a middle child also. i have to say that it can be a cool thing. my father has a large family and we have started a middle kid organization within our family. we now have sections and chapters. we kind of got together and started talking about our similarities and now we are so close that we have beecome the support we have felt we nevr had. we are in usa and mexico

Name: Ann
Country: USA
i am a middle child and i do believe in middle child syndrome. my brother was the oldest, then there was me and then my sister came along. my parents always helped and listed to my brother and my little sister, to this day, is their pride and job. my brother was killed in an accident in 1978 and to this day i am still treated the same. they act like i don't exist. i am 43 years old and i am on my second marriage. i have their only 2 grandchildren and they still give my sister everything she wants. she has no kids, the big house and new cars. they best of everything. my parents and i had a falling out about 3 weeks ago because i got tired of being shut out. my parents gave my sister money for a down payment on the house and money for the addition on the roof. my hustand and i are have financial troubles and i asked for some of the money and my mother told me i spent it all. she claimed that she never gave my sister money for the addition on the house and had a list of every little thing she did for me written down on a piece of paper to the penny. she told me i spent my so called money. i got tired of the nonsense of as my mother puts it "a disappointment" because i wasn't like her. i have a mind of my own. my sister and my mother are just a like and even my children don't really see either one of them. they tell me i am the sane one in the house and my children are 18 and 17. there is such a thing a middle child syndrome. i have spoken to several people who are middle children and we are the minority.

Name: Gardenjoe
Country: USA
i am a 3rd child...with 2 older sisters. as a boy, i am treated in a very different and embarrassing fashion. for example, with the first frost of the season in early october, my mother changes my entire style of dress for school. i am made to wear a union suit, woolen pants,shirt&socks. i am also made to wear a winter coat, scarf, hat and stretch rubbers over my shoes. everyday i can't leave the house for school without my sisters and mother making sure i am over dressed to look like some kind of whoose. my sisters aren't made to wear extra clothing. ma hovers over me in the morning makinfg sure i've put on a union suit and wollies. after breakfast, she has my sisters trained to make sure i don't leave without my winter coat,scarf, wool cap and storm rubbers on my feet, and,it makes no difference if is a beautiful sunny day. she inspects me before i go out the door. i got in trouble when my sister told my mother i was outside at school recess with my rubbers on. in fact i am made to dress this way until late april. in the winter, my dad bought me a pair of duck boots, but my mother wouldn't let me out of the house until i put my rubbers over them. can anyone give me some advice or have a similiar experience that might help? gardenjoe

Name: c
Country: usa
well im the middle child out of 7 i have three older sisters and three younger sisters and i always feel left out .. even though we are all so close sometimes it feels like they pair up like the two oldest and then the third oldest with the one younger than me and that leaves me out in the cold with no one because all of them have a partner even the little ones .......

Name: An asian guy
Country: Malaysia
i realised that some middle child might be get the best of both worlds. in my opinion, as a middle child, one of my parent take me as granted as the other one don't communicate with me much... getting into trouble when the younger one did something wrong, gets bullied by the older one as she bullies me. sometimes both of them even "plot" against me as both of them are sisters. other than that the family condition in my family is bad, i have issues with my mother, my dad don't talk much, both of them are like that, and i really have some problems in school as i was treated so badly at home. i agree with one of the comments that we, middle child shouldn't just let it go.

Name: caught in the middle
Country: turkey
i'm 26 years old.i'm a middle's interesting that i've just learned yesterday,there is something called mcs.i've a sister 8 years older than me,and another sister 3 years younger than me.being a middle child effected me in a way that,i should always be the perfect in this age i try to solve my feelings about being perfect.i was always in need of being loved.i think mcs hits middle ones especially about "love" issue.

Name: Christina
Country: U.S.A.
personally i have had a different experience being a middle child. i am the fourth child of a family of 6. my parents had a hard time raisng my three older brothers. my brothers were irresponsible and impulsive. i am the first girl of three girls. i had to take the role of "mom" while my mom wasn't home. i'd cook and clean for my older brothers, i was about 8 or 9 years. then to top it off i was "left in charge" when they were out. it felt good knowing that they trust me mmore than my 15 year old brothers. on the other hand i was pressured to grow up too soon. parents need to think about the responsibility they are putting on a child and how it can affect them before they do anything.

Name: Hiroshima
Country: Turkey
i'm the middle of 3 brothers. i can say that i had really hard time growing up. i was always the proplem child among 3. and today, while checking a slang dictionary, i just saw the word "ahnpakatanakiwuzhiner". it perfectly defines me. hadn't heard about this before but according to the definiton, middle male children of 3 children families usually behave strange and are intelligent. i don't know where this word comes from and i can only find it in a few other dictionaries all giving the same definiton but not telling the origins of the word. i would like to learn more about it.

Name: laura
Country: United Kingdom
i am 13 years old and i am the middle child. i hate being the middle child because my younger sister gets away with everything and my older sister is the perfect child in my parents eyes. i really think there is some thing called middle child sydrome because i live it. i would never make some1 be a middle child because their life would be horrible like mine.

Name: Daniel
Country: Canada
i'm the middle child of 3. i have an older sister thats 16 and a younger brother that is 6. i feel left out. what can i do?

Name: Megan130
Country: U.S.A.
glad i read some of these. i have 2 boys and expecting the 3rd. i came from a family of 3 and didn't really see the mcs i don't think. personally being the oldest i felt the middle and youngest (both boys and me a girl) got away with everything!!! my parents still help take care of the youngest, and middle one is probably the most solid out of us all! i get along great with parents now but when i was younger i think i was the worst one and the boys were a cake walk. but i will try very very very hard to make sure all my boys are loved equally!

Name: the upside
Country: U.S.A.
i am a middle child as well and i have a lot of the common characteristics of middle children. as a young child i was very upset by the way i was treated as a middle child. i was constantly frustrated by not being old enough to do the the things my older sister was allowed to do. my younger sister was babied by my parents because she was well-the baby. i always felt like the black sheep of the family. it bothered me that there weren't as many family photo's of me as there were of my sisters. but i want to be very clear on something. mcs is not something we middle children are born with. it's not a disease or a disorder. a lot of people on this link have written things that bemoan their state without ever looking at the cause. we are all products of our raising, from the first born to the last. our personalities are all affected by the way our parents raise us and by the relationships we share with our siblings. i know first hand that it is especially hard to hear this as a young person but all birth orders come with their pitfalls and advantages. no one ever mentions that middle children are likely to be very intelligent, resiliant, social people. middle children learn to keep peace in relationships which is a valuable tool as an adult. it's not all bad. its how you choose to play the cards your dealt.

Name: middle child
Country: Jamaica
being the middle child is hard my older sis 16, is the my moms fav also like my sis 10, she cares for them alot when i ask for something i get yelled at and when my sis's ask they get it, i dont understand why being the middle child can effect u in so many ways.

Name: Gabriel
Country: U.S.A.
well i live with a younger sister and a older 6 and 16 the youngest one is spoiled and gets everything she wants and my older sister is like the perfect one the one everyone like and on top of that i am the only boy so mcs does exsist and it not fair for those who lives it

Name: sixth child of nine
Country: U.S.A.
i believe there is a mcs,ocs,ycs, and about everything in between. however, many of the problems mentioned are mentioned in any category. make sure you are not confusing other factors (such as your personality, demeanor, emotions, charcteristics, and other things that contribute to your make-up) in your frustrations. ocs and ycs have many of the same issues, and as frequently as many of you have mentioned. such as family isolation, being left out, blamed for everything, mistreatment, ect. being the oldest, middle, or youngest, does effect who you are and your make-up. however, we can not blame everything that goes on directly to our placement within the family. i have chosen not to expect anything from any member of my family, including fair treatment. being beaten severly in my childhood (much worse than my siblings) i habor no hardness toward my parents. while raising my own three children i did my best to eliminate the effects of mcs, ocs, and ycs. however, a parent can only do so much, the siblings set much of it themselves and i could only minimize the effects. i have talked to them many times about how their placement within the family has effected their own personalities so they are aware of it. good luck dealing with your issues, i feel free not harboring cancerous hardnesses.

Country: United Kingdom
i am 14 and the middle of 3 girls. my older sis is 16 and my younger is 6. i feel i have to try hard to be noticed and i get blamed for everything. the only time i get noticed is when i'm in trouble (usually when i'm getting the blame 4 something i haven't done) or when i'm really down. i was really happy when there was just me n my older sis because i was the youngest and got attention and i was close 2 my older sis then. when my little sis was a baby, it wasn't too bad. but now she's older she gets most of the attention and can get away with murder! when i'm older, i'm only going to have 2 kids coz i no what it feels like to be in the middle-hell!

Name: Marie
Country: United Kingdom
i hate being the middle child. my older sis is only 1 school year older. but yet when it comes to anything like exam results when she acheived she was congratulated. but obviously any exam i took was a year after her and the hype had all worn off. same with being born. my older sis has albums of pics of her from 0 - 3 years. i have just about 6 pic to my name from the age 0 -3. my younger sis is 8 years younger than me so once again loads of baby/toddler pics. my younger sis is smothered as is my older although my mum has always told me i am the independent one. i feel like i was forced into being this. my older sis and my mum get on very well, there very similar. this doesn't help as it makes me feel more left out. mum has a very strong bond with my older sis, think cause shes the oldest. my mum is always very quick to stand up 4 my older sis clearly cause she thinks my older sis is the most vunerable (maybe cause shes petite as well) mums very protective of her. yet my mum always says bad things about me. i've been brought up being told im my dads favorite and my older sis is my mums favorite( my dad says my mum favours older sis my mum says my dad favours me). when ur told things enough u believe it. i feel like my mum dont care half as much about me and although personality wise i get on well with my dad hes always at work, plus his betrayed me a lot so i dont feel like i can trust anyone but my younger sis. as my mum has clearly favoured maybe preferred my older sisters company, i have always been the first one she blames for everything (maybe cause theres only 1 school year between us) i have grown up being as independent as poss! i am clearly the negotiator in the family and hate rows yet its made mr vunerable in any relationships ive had as i put up with more than i should. plus i have always lacked confidence and felt insignificant. i craved attention when i was younger to the point where i totally rebelled to be noticed. my status then went from being ignored and betrayed to being "the naughty one" and betrayed. i would never have more than 2 kids as a result of this and would never reccommend being the middle child. its (amongst other things) given me huge issues with communication ( maybe cause i hid behind my sisters a lot) and also self confidence.

Country: India
my sis middle child atenchen secker tell me y

Name: left out
Country: United Kingdom
i am a middle child and i feel like i don't belong. i always feel left out and down!

Name: stuck in the middle
Country: Cyprus
everyone thinks it's easy being a middle child but its not! i have 1 youger brother and two older sisters! me and 1 of my sisters are the middle childs! i find it hard because when ever we are fighting i always seem to get blamed. i feel like i don't belong and that know body cares. my oldest sister get lots of attention because she ispicking a university to go to and my little brother just gets most attention just because he's small. and me and my other sister are just left to blend into the background!

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