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What parents are currently discussing?

You are here : home > Raising Children > Childhood Concerns > Dyslexia > Comments


Name: nar
Country: India
Hi, I have a 35 yr old son who is dsylex. He has behavioural issues. We've tried everything but he cannot be controlled. I want some classes or someone who can train him in talking and presenting himself.

Name: Dahlia Shaw
Country: India
Hello!! I am a trained Dyslexia Teacher. I have been teaching for more than 25 years in the American schools. Right now I am in Tanzania, where my husband is posted. I am teaching dyslexic children online through skype. If you are interested please get in touch with me. I can also forward you with my present students email addresses, where you can find out about me and the techniques I am using. Thanks

Name: Smrati Mehta
Country: India
My email id spelled wrong in previous comment it is You can also know more about me and the methods on my webpage http://dyslexiaco .

Name: Smrati
Country: India
Wonderfully captured the essence of the internal struggle a bright individual goes through and is unaware that he/ she possess a unique talent, only if the learning is enabled in the required way. I am a certified and licensed Davis(TM) dyslexia correction facilitator (for learning difficulties; reading, writing, math, attention). These methods work to eliminate problem at the root and empowers the individual to handle their cause and enable the effective learning. PS: Dear Parent Mr A.INDUCHOODAN MENON, please remove the thought from your mind that Dyslexia is a Disease, IT IS NOT A DISEASE,it is just a different way of thinking. You may please read more about Davis methods on Please you can reach me on gifteds@dyslexiaorrectio

Name: D Potential Kidz
Country: India
A Multi diasability Special Children Clinic- Pocket-52,, Chitranjan Park, New Delhi Such Websites or Forums would be really helpful specially for helpless Parents. The provisions and Exemptions mentioned here are facts , However in Delhi only very few schools provide the rightful exemptions and provisions to children with LD in Mainstream School. Parents are struggling . I am Glad to know the kind of help extended to Amit. I wish we all could get together and help many more.

Name: aditya.b
Country: India
Hyderabad : I offer tuitions for children for all subjects except telugu up to 6th grade. I take therapy for dyslexia also as i am a specialized instructor for learning disability. Hence the method of teaching is totally cognitive enhancement based for all normal and special children.

Name: anuj.khandelwal
Country: India
Hi.I live in delhi and I have a 12 yr old dyslexic son. He is a bright wonderful boy but he struggles at school with his reading and writing. I practise reading with him daily but i am looking for a tutor that will work alongside me to improve his skills and hopefully get him to class level . We are in NewDelhi east of kailash area. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you

Name: sitha.iyengar
Country: India
This site is handling the anxieties and queries of parents with emphathy and realistically.Very informative interactions are taking place.good.

Name: sitha.iyengar
Country: India
Dr.Roshini Paul.

Name: Hikari
Country: India
Hi everyone. I'm doing a research about how learning difficulty in first language(English) affect foreign language learning. As a language teacher, I want to find the best ways to teach this group of students. Please take your time and participate in the short survey. It will take only a few minutes to complete all the questions. You can find the survey at (available from April 1, 2011 to April 30, 2011) I truly appreciate your help!

Name: Luisa.Mistry
Country: India
Hi.I live in Goa and I have a 7 yr old dyslexic son. He is a bright wonderful boy but he struggles at school with his reading and writing. I practise reading with him daily but i am looking for a tutor that will work alongside me to improve his skills and hopefully get him to class level . We are in north Goa, Arpora area. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you

Name: Luisa.Mistry
Country: India
Hi.I live in Goa and I have a 7 yr old dyslexic son. He is a bright wonderful boy but he struggles at school with his reading and writing. I practise reading with him daily but i am looking for a tutor that will work alongside me to improve his skills and hopefully get him to class level . We are in north Goa, Arpora area. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you

Country: India
Specific learning disabilities are disorders in one or more of the basic learning processes involved in understanding or using language, spoken or written, or affecting the ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or do mathematical calculations. It is now widely accepted that about 8-10% of school-going children in India have learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, non verbal learning disabilities and information processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory impairments, language impairment, sensory integration dysfunction and metal retardation. For more information

Name: Hrishit.Amlani
Country: India
Hi friends, I know a female called KALPITA PATEL who is a dyslexia facilitator. she conducts programs with children & helps them heal the dyslexia using world renowned american methods. for further details contact me on

Name: srbhagwan
Country: india
are there any centres in bangalore to help children with dyslexia?

Name: Amy
Country: india
i agree with avinash. many of the schools are not aware or dont want to be aware of this and neither is the ssc board very helpful in guiding a parent inspite of numerous visit.

Name: prakhar maheshwari
Country: india
my child is 12 years old.he does not take interest in study but he fond of cricket very much. please suggest school for further education

Name: Tina Mehrotra
Country: india
i stay in delhi and i have a 12 year old dyslexic daughter.her school does not offer any help to do i contact the ssc board and where can i get remedial training that's not atrociously expensive.

Name: saju
Country: india
iwould like to know about the centres at kerala (kochi)- india where dyslexic students can learn

Name: swati
Country: india
i want to know some centre in india where children of learning disability are trained .

Name: dolly
Country: india
in india there is no much solution to this problem-like where such tests can be conducted , doctors available, counselling centres etc.details of the same should be made of institutions, doctors etc.

Name: Laxman Kumar
Country: india
i have a doubt that, my nephew might be having autism. can somebody help me with the details of where can we get it diagnoised. we live in hyderabad.

Name: Ali
Country: united kingdom
having recently been diagnosed with dyslexia whilst studying at university. i am somewhat dismayed and disgruntled with professor elliot's commments about dyslexia. it is frightening to know that someone in a position of influence implies that dyslexia is an "emotional construct" the question is, if professor elliot was also dyslexic like the brilliant physicist einstein, would these comments have been made?

Name: Liz
Country: philippines
it is true that dyslexia has no cure but it does not necessarily mean that we should ignore its very existence or neglect this kind of learning condition. one way to help the dyslexic child is through the multisensory method that our school's been using for ten years now to help the children read and spell. and most importantly to encourage them to appreciate and enjoy reading.

Name: Suneil
Country: india
agree that big personalities are dyslexic but that doesn't mean that they can't be abnormal. dyslexia is a common problem at every stages of life in india. we all, researchers, teachers, social thinkers, ngo's and go's should come forward to make approprite planning to overcome this disorder

Name: puneet
Country: india
my child i think is dyslexic but her school has'nt picked up she's 11yrs old,need specialists or tutors to coach her at home

Name: rita shah
Country: india
i had gone to govandi where teh dyselexia association gave me a provisional certificate stating that a dyselexic could get exemption in hindi.teh rutambara college sent me to new mumbai to ask the educational officers as to what could be done.after i cam eback,i told teh rutambara college abt whatever theytold me.tehn i ahd gone for a 11 day holiday.after i came back,teh college made sign a letter stating that i do not object with the college or with hsc board for my on taking hindi.the college said they do not have the work experience subject which my son could opt for instead of hindi.

Name: viji
Country: India
i live in chennai and doing a course on special education which also include teaching dyslexics. there are many special schools in chennai which take in students with dyslexia, autism and mentally retarded and few mainstream schools with resource rooms for dyslexics.

Country: India
i have a child who is having the disesae of dislexia. she is studying in 9th std in matriculation cyllabus of tamil far she has scrpped upto 9th with great difficulty.she is very fond of singing ,but she had stopped that gift because she find demoralised when she fais in the normal class exams. i feel very pity for my daughter for the syndrome she carried in birth .in india there is no proper guidance from any educational experts regarding this .government and experts should root out this stigma of this unfortunate young ones .

Name: sabina alavi
Country: India
how can i personally see miss mirchandani in mumbai.

Name: sabina
Country: India
my daughter is 11 yrs old and she dislexia. could you please let me know were i have to take her for her treatment in mumbai. and which school she can go to. i have heard of some kind of certificated issued by sion hospital in mumbai. could you please suggest me what i should do

Name: Rubeena
Country: India
whats the point? i see so many requests for help, but no real help! is it only a bunch of people asking for help? is india really so lacking in resources??

Name: P
Country: India
i am the author of this article. please email me directly at the address given in the article and i will help you in any way i can.

Name: Binita
Country: India
dear p i am a teacher and also help ld children in my school. i want to enhance my skills in this field so kindly suggest any forthcoming workshops or courses (if possible even corresspondence ones) in north india in and around chandigarh.

Name: VP Singh
Country: India
my daughter is studying in 6th stadard in delhi. please let me know how can i teach her math so that she can be a brilliant student in math in her class.

Name: mehar
Country: India
my son is suffering from tuberous scelerosis. he is aprox. 4 years old. not learning and is unable to speak clearly. we are in search of a school near vikhroli - mumbai where disable children are trained. if any one knows such school in near by area, kindly help us by infroming at address

Country: India
i love my dad and mom very much

Name: lokesh
Country: India
my son is stuyding well

Name: Amlan
Country: India
can i get to know a good residential school in or near delhi,for my dyslexic child-18, who is very brilliat in photography and has also interest in audio editing.

Name: sifa
Country: India
can u plz tell me some good dislexia schools in chennai

Name: Sheela
Country: India
can you please send the details of the institutions that provide specialized education for dyslexic children, in and around chennai please?

Name: Nielz
Country: Netherlands
i'm not from india, neither am i a parent, i just stumbled on this page by coincidence. i am dyslectic myself, i am now almost 17. i didn't even know i had dyslexia until the age of 14, almost 15. before that i was also able to compensate with other skills, so my lack of reading and writing skills didn't really get much attention. however, after i was diagnosed with dyslexia my school career became a whole lot easier. i hardly have to study for anything now, i just pay a little bit attention during the lessons, and i can make my exams without any trouble. i am now graduated, with very nice notes compared to my classmates, even tho i hardly do anything for it, and they did. i'm hoping to be an airline pilot in about two years, and i'm not expecting much trouble from my dyslexia during my education to a pilot, since i know how to deal with it now i know that i have dyslexia. i'm sorry for any spelling mistakes i might have made when i typed this, my own language is dutch, english is just a second language, so writing english could be tricky sometimes with dyslexia. my english speech is better ;)

Country: India
iam sufer from this problem till now . iam 26.being troblesome i finish my psychology.i willing to work in this feild so i need some guide line,

Name: menaz
Country: India
my son is 10 years . he is dyslexic.we are settled in kochi.he is aloving,caring and sharing kid.only thing is he is irritated at times may be because he may not be able to express many things..before it was worst now improved a lot.we had been moving from places to give him best facilities .my hubby had a real tough time due to this .still we are trying our best.there is resourse room facility in his school still we are not satisfied with the training.we would like to know how we can give him best facility....pls help

Name: Shaheen
Country: South Africa
dont drink and drive,drive and drink hahahahaha

Name: Hetal Maru
Country: India
pls write the part of india u stay mr.harde so tht i can guide u i m special educator txs

Name: Sindhu
Country: India
my son is also dyslexic. he has been under the treatment of dr. philip john, child guidance clinic, kochi, india for over five years now. he's doing extremely well and goes to school regularly. he is happy and confident now, doing quite well in exams. in fact, he insists that he sees "doctor uncle" before giving his exams! we are extremely happy that sunil is able to overcome his shortcomings, thanks to professional help.

Name: RJG
Country: India
my son is a dyslexic student studying in 10th. his school has approached cbse for subject change (i.e) to change painting instead of social studies. eventhough, cbse has provided me with the syllabus for painting, where will i get the detailed syllabus and the prescribed books on painting for 10th. thanks, rjg

Name: mamta dhupia
Country: India
can any one tell me is there any school for dyslexia in rajasthan

Name: B.K.Gupta
Country: India
my child (gril)is 9 year old,she dosenot take interest in study and she is dislexic. please guide me about any therapist or coaching centers & bast doctors in this field in northen india

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