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You are here : home > Sex Education > Contraception > The female condom

The female condom

The female condom

The female condom is a disposable device that has two flexible rings at either end of a soft, loose-fitting polyurethane sheath. It is 75% effective as a birth control method and as a preventive measure for venereal disease.
Increased chances of STD and the desire to prevent pregnancy have led to widespread usage of many contraceptive methods. While condoms for men are the standard contraceptive used, female condoms are something that is not used very frequently. However, recently its use has increased because of the negative effect of birth control pills on the body.
Female condom is inserted like a tampon, with the inner ring covering the cervix and the outer ring remaining outside. After intercourse, the condom should be removed by first squeezing and twisting the outer ring to hold the semen in the pouch.

What are female condoms?

Female condom is a barrier contraceptive, used during intercourse. It is like a normal men's condom, only difference is that women wear it. The primary reason female condoms are used is to prevent pregnancy, and at the will of the woman. The woman wears it and it is an internal protection against ejaculated semen.
The material is thin and soft, flexible and has a ring around the frontal edge. The condoms are available in various sizes. The normal size is good enough for most women, unless you have recently given birth.

How to use a female condom?

A common question about female condoms is the method of using it. It is actually not that complicated, but can be tricky if you are not used to a tampon. It is basically like a small tube that has to be inserted into your genital. It is like slipping a glove.
The condom is lubricated but first timers might want to put some more lubrication. Find a comfortable position, lift the leg and slowly push it in, using your fingers, to as deep as it will go. See that it does not bend inside. Let the outer ring hang out. During intercourse, the condom is going to move around a bit in your genital but make sure that at no point the male genital slips out of the condom. Also be careful that the outer part should not go inside the vagina, it should hang out.
If the condom bends during inter course, pull it out and insert it back properly. Once you are done, just squeeze together the outer ring and very carefully pull it out of your vagina. Make sure that you do not spill any of the semen while pulling it out. Slowly take it out, holding the ring closed.

Advantages of using a female condom

There are some advantages of a female condom over a male condom, which is why it is being used more frequently these days. Let us look at some:
  1. Firstly, it gives the woman to power to make her decisions about conception and it also makes sure that she does not get STD from the partner. Sometimes men
  2. are not willing to use contraceptive, so this allows women to use it.
  3. It is a lot healthier for the woman to use a female condom instead of taking birth control pills. Birth control pills also require you to get a prescription while female condoms can be purchased from anywhere.
  4. It has been claimed that the female condom actually enhances the sexual experience. The ring that we mentioned earlier, hangs out and work as a stimulant. It can stimulate both the male organ as well as the clitoris. Also the female condom is not dependent on the state of the male genital, if it is erect or flaccid.

Disadvantages of female condom

While we are at it, let us mention some of the disadvantages so that you know what to expect.
The one primary problem is that it can cause irritation the first few times. Also, it might slip inside the vagina during intercourse. Some have claimed that it reduces sensation.

What to buy?

Since they are generally made from synthetic nitrile, the do not cause any discomfort or noises. Some are also made of natural latex, like men’s condoms. Choose what you are most comfortable with.
Female condoms really allow women to take charge of their sexual life. It protects against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. You can easily purchase one at any medical store near you.

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nikki jain
nikki jain.8 years ago
i want to buy female condoms & Lubricants in maharashtra plz ans me
Ajinkya.5 years ago
priya.10 years ago
female condoms are here to stay. they are safe and with regular practice they are very convenient. they also protect against AIDS and STDs.
asha.10 years ago
i want to know more about female condom. it seems a good option for females as now planning a baby will be in our control. are there any side effects of female condoms?
risha.10 years ago
what are the commercial names of female condoms available in India? how are they used? do i need to visit a gynaecologist before using female condoms?
neeta.12 years ago
I had very thick curly hair but now it has become very is becoming thin day by day.Can anybody suggest me ways to make it thick again.Is it possible?
Premdeep.13 years ago
What is this? How to use? is it easy & safe
Della.13 years ago
I have never heard of femal condom what is that kindly explain it
.13 years ago
i want to see female condom & more details of it.
Shah...13 years ago
Its intresting to know about Female Condom....want to know more n the side effect of condom n picture of it...
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