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Sex Education Topics..

You are here : home > Sex Education > Contraception > Vaginal contraceptives

Vaginal contraceptives

Vaginal contraceptives

Vaginal contraceptives are one of the types of birth control options widely used by females. Learn more about the types, advantages and disadvantages of using vaginal contraceptives.
Vaginal contraceptives are widely preferred as a method of preventing pregnancy because of the ease of use that they provide. It is an option that can help to prevent pregnancy for a particular number of hours. Find out how vaginal contraceptives work and what its different types are.

What are vaginal insert contraceptives?

Vaginal foams, creams, gels, and suppositories contain spermicides and are 80% effective. Creams and jellies are usually used in conjunction with condoms thus increasing their contraceptive effectiveness and enhancing protection against venereal disease. Foam comes in a pressurized container with a nozzle or a plastic applicator. You should insert the nozzle or applicator deep into your vagina to ensure that the foam is ejected as close to the cervix as possible. Foam has an immediate effect. Vaginal suppositories, on the other hand, take ten to fifteen minutes to dissolve.

How do vaginal contraceptives work?

Vaginal contraceptives need to be placed in the vagina just 4-5 minutes before intercourse. The spermicidal action of a vaginal contraceptive lasts for about 1 hour after insertion. The sperm is first immobilized by soluble base and the spermicide then prevents pregnancy from occurring by acting on the sperm and killing it immediately on contact.

What are the advantages of vaginal contraceptives?

The main advantages when compared to other methods of contraception are:
  • No loss of natural feeling when compared to condoms.
  • No side effects such as vomiting, headaches and weight gain when compared to oral pills.
  • No bleeding or pain when compared to the Loop.
  • No interference of a third party because it is do-it-yourself method.

What are the disadvantages of vaginal contraceptives?

Below mentioned are some disadvantages of using vaginal contraceptives.
  • The effects of such contraceptives last only for a specific time.
  • They may not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • In rare cases such contraceptives may also cause allergic reaction or vaginitis.
  • They may not provide 100% protection against pregnancy.

Which are the different types of vaginal contraceptives?

Have a quick look at the different types of vaginal contraceptives.

Vaginal Foam

Vaginal foam is packaged in a tin and comes in shaving cream like consistency. You can use this foam based on the directions of use that are provided on the package. You need to put the foam in the applicator. You need to insert this applicator about two to three inches inside your vagina and press the plunger in such a way that the foam gets deposited on your cervix. You must avoid using it and consult your doctor if burning sensation or any other infection is experienced in vagina or penis. It is not suitable if the woman or her partner is coping with HIV.

Spermicidal Jelly

Spermicidal jelly is nothing but a chemical that kills sperms. It comes in a tube and can be inserted into vagina with the help of an applicator. The applicator should be inserted in such a way that the jelly reaches the cervix. It provides protection from pregnancy immediately after its application and lasts for about one hour. It can provide protection for about 6 hours if it is used with diaphragm.

Tablets or Suppositories

A tablet or a suppository is a solid form of concentrated spermicide. These tablets or suppositories should be pushed into the vagina as close to the cervix as possible. After 10 to 15 minutes this tablet or suppository melts into foam. It is advisable to wait till the tablet or suppository dissolves completely before having sex. It can provide protection for about an hour after which it is advisable to use another tablet or suppository.

Contraceptive Film

It is a thin film that contains spermicide. For inserting it into vagina, it should be folded into square (folded twice into half) and pushed near the cervix. About after 15 minutes of insertion it will completely melt into gel like substance that will act to immobilize the sperms. One film will be effective for an hour and a new film should be inserted after that.

Contraceptive Sponge

Contraceptive sponge is a contraceptive device that can be inserted into vagina and acts as a barrier method of contraception. It is made using solid polyurethane foam. It should be inserted in vagina in order to cover the cervix. It blocks the sperms for entering the uterus as well as immobilizes them by discharging spermicide. After its use it can be removed using a nylon loop attached to it.
Vaginal insert contraceptives provide the ease of use but may not be as effective as other methods to provide protection against pregnancy. Before using these types of contraceptives you must consult your doctor to find out if it will suit you or not.

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PAPU.5 years ago
What is the price of Tablet
PAPU.5 years ago
Pls share the names of vaginal contraceptive gel tablets available in general Indian Chemist
Deba Prasad Mojumdar
What are the names of vaginal contraceptive gel tablets available in general Indian Chemist & Drug stores
.8 years ago
Is pessary available in Indian pharmacies as well or do I have to book an apointment with my gynecologist?(I am in the process of finding new one). Kindly advise, thank you.
.8 years ago
Brand name in kerala
Suraj.10 years ago
these are readily available all over India at all chemist shops. they do not require prescription and can be bought over the counter. When used with other methods of contraception, they are very effective.
sanchet.10 years ago
what are the names of some of the vaginal insert contraceptives available in India? where can i get them? do i need to have a prescription? please give details
lalit.11 years ago
where its available in kolkata
RUPAK.11 years ago
Its very good and 100% safe i am using this method for last 10 yrs and there is no problem to my wife. it is easily available in the medical shop named 'Today'
Della.13 years ago
What is the name of the pill that has to be injected in vagina
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