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You are here : home > Sex Education > Contraception > Birth control pill and conception

Birth control pill and conception

Birth control pill and conception

Many women consider birth control pill as a dependable option for preventing unwanted pregnancy. It is convenient to use but women have many concerns about getting pregnant after being on birth control pills.
Many women prefer to use birth control pill as a reliable option for preventing pregnancy. Although, there are negligible side effects, many women opt for it over other methods of contraception. It is easy to use as well as it helps to deal with problems like delayed menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance and heavy menstrual periods. Let us take a look at some of the concerns related to birth control pill and conception.

What are the side effects of birth control pills?

All women may not experience the side effects of the pill. Some of the common side effects of taking birth control pills include headache, nausea, breast tenderness, weight gain, mood swings, vaginal discharge etc. Most of these side effects experienced as a result of consuming birth control pills fade away after few days or a couple of week or months. If these symptoms persist, you must consult your gynecologist.

Birth control pill and fertility

Does birth control pill affect fertility? ...this is a common fear among most of the women who take birth control pills. The fact is that birth control pill has nothing to do with infertility. Sometimes women may even conceive while being on birth control pill which is usually termed as ‘contraception failure’. The chances of getting pregnant while being on birth control pill are 0.1%.

How does birth control pill work?

Birth control pill works by preventing your body from ovulating. It contains the hormones estrogens and progesterone which control the functioning of ovaries and uterus. It is necessary for females to produce egg during ovulation cycle and fertilization of which results in pregnancy. Birth control pill prevents them from producing an egg thereby preventing pregnancy in females.

What happens when birth control pill is stopped?

When birth control pill is stopped, the supply of hormones that prevent pregnancy is curbed. Usually, body may take some time to get back to its normal function. The body of women may take a couple of months to a year to get stable. In certain cases a woman’s body may get back to normal within a short period of time. The problem or irregular periods and hormonal imbalance may reoccur in women who were facing similar problems before starting the pill. They can also experience symptoms like PMS, heavy bleeding and cramping during periods after the pills are stopped.

How long does it take to get pregnant after stopping the pill?

Some women may immediately get pregnant when ovulation is restored after stopping the pill. Some women may take two to six months to conceive whereas some women may even take a year. This happens as the bodies of different women function differently. The bodily function of some women gets normalised quickly whereas it may take quite some time to get stable in case of some other women. In case if you do not succeed in getting pregnant even after trying for one year of stopping the pill, it is a must to consult an infertility specialist.

Can birth control pill cause birth defects in babies?

There is no risk of birth defects as such but it is better to wait for at least two to three months before trying to conceive if you have been taking birth control pill. As per some researches getting pregnant immediately after stopping the pill can give rise to other risks like ectopic pregnancy, premature deliver, low birth weight, urinal tract abnormalities etc. Although, the risk is negligible it is better to wait to be on safer side.
It is also a must to consult a doctor if you are planning to stop birth control pills in order to get pregnant. He or she may provide right guidance to you on planning a pregnancy and may also provide preconception supplements to boost your chances of pregnancy and to prevent complications.

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sheena.9 years ago
i think this is a very good site, it has cleared my doubts and fears about using birth control pills. the way of explanation is simple and brief just to the point thus making it easy to comprehend and doing away with lengthy details.
yana.9 years ago
pill is a popular choice of birth control preferred by many women. contrary to beliefs, it does not have much side effects. it is very effective method of birth has many other benefits besides being a birth control.
riyal.9 years ago
why should i stop taking the pill 2-3 months before deciding to get pregnant? do pills cause any major side effects? i have heard that after taking pills, it is difficult to conceive. is this so.
ram.13 years ago
this is very useful information
nonso.13 years ago
this is educative
rmh.13 years ago
investigate/research the sympto-thermo method from couple-to-couple league. it is a combination of both methods to increase reliability. it is internationally taught.
karthik.13 years ago
it is nice experiance whenever
we go for the other one.otherwise we will get aids
sheima.13 years ago
it is very useful d=stuff when your nevors about some thing
Prashant.13 years ago
great help, was looking for this info. you should also give an example with dates for the second method.
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