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You are here : home > Sex Education > Contraception > Side effects and risks of the pill

Side effects and risks of the pill

Side effects and risks of the pill

Taking birth control pills is one of the convenient options for women who want to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Although, it is very easy to pop the pill and keep the worries of unwanted pregnancy at baby, women may experience side-effects. These side-effects may range from mild to severe. Discussed below are some of the frequently asked questions related to the side effects and risks of the pill.

What are the possible side effects of the birth control pill?

Although over 85% of women have mild to no side effects to the pill, it is important to know the serious side effects so that appropriate measures can be taken in time:

Mild Side Effects

Nausea, weight gain (about 2 kgs), fluid retention, breast tenderness, spotting between periods. These side effects usually subside in the first three months

Moderately Serious Side Effects

Breast Pain, discharge or engorgement, rash, itching or jaundice, reduced tolerance to contact lenses, headaches or migraines, nervousness or depression. If you experience any of these side effects, you should inform your doctor. The doctor may be able to prescribe another brand of the birth control pill that may be more suitable for you. He may also ask you to stop the pills completely and resort to a different form of contraception.

Serious Side Effects

Blood clots are a serious side effect of the pill. Blood clots will exhibit different symptoms depending on the part of the body where they form. Some of these symptoms are leg tenderness or swelling; sudden chest pain or shortness of breath, partial or complete loss of vision or blackouts; numbness in any part of the body. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately stop the pill and consult your doctor.

Are birth control pills safe?

Many women have been using birth control pill as a safe contraceptive option. As mentioned before, based on your medical and family history, your gynecologist will be able to decide whether the birth control pill will be safe for you or not. Therefore, the decision regarding whether to take the pill or not should be completely left to the gynecologist.

What kinds of pill increase the risk of health problems?

The progestin-only pills or mini pills are considered to be safer than combination pills. The intake of combination pills is linked with increased risk of developing health problems like stroke, tumours in liver, heart attack, formation of blood clots. In rare cases it can even lead to very serious complication like death. However, such risks are not associated with the use of progestin-only pills or mini pills.

Is it possible to get pregnant while taking pills?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the pill can be 99.7% effective. Therefore, there is a very minor risk of getting pregnant while one is taking a birth control pill.

What are the risks associated with taking the pill while breastfeeding?

Taking combination pills while breastfeeding can affect the quality and quantity of breast milk and it supply during the initial weeks of breastfeeding. So, breastfeeding mothers are advised to avoid such pills during the first 3 weeks. Although, the hormones may get passed to the baby through breast milk, they may not have any adverse effect on the health of the baby. But, to be on a safer side, it is always beneficial to seek advice of a doctor, if you are a breastfeeding mother and are considering pills as a contraceptive option.

For whom is the birth control pill not advisable?

The pill is also not advisable for the following women:
  • Women over 35 who smoke;
  • Women with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or a family history of heart disease;
  • Women with past or present breast, uterus or liver cancer;
  • If a pregnancy is suspected
There are also other reasons when a pill is not advisable. Your gynaecologist would be in the best position to make this decision since she would know yours and your family's medical history.

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Aritra.6 years ago
can i took i-pill after resent diagnosed Hepatitis E (1 week earliyer )
manasa.7 years ago
i am manasa..i hav taken i pill last month n i gt my periods n this month i dint get my periods till nw..n i dnt had sex also..are there any chances of getting pregnant.
Tanu .6 years ago
Tell me what happened did u get pregnant, m suffering from same
asha.8 years ago
i am asha..i take the I pill .i got period a early week,heavily bleeding .i consult a doctor they said"ruptured ectopic pregnancy " the affected tube is fully iam please don't take the ipill..
Reesha.9 years ago
I am on birth control pill for few days but am experiencing severe nausea and headache. I am thinking of discontinuing it. Is there any other alternative?
Yashashvi.9 years ago
I am taking pill for past 6 months and have no serious side effects. I had some minor side effects like nausea that subsided within a few weeks. Pills are completely safe.
reema.9 years ago
pill is very effective in family planning. majority of women do not have any side effects. any serious side effects should be immediately reported to the doctor.
gouri.12 years ago
i was taking overal g tablets for regular cycle and contraseption too for 3 months but i had too much bleeding during cycle. but the good effect is that now my cycle is regular
shikha.12 years ago
the composition of overal g
anil.12 years ago
components of overal g
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