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You are here : home > Sex Education > Contraception > The male condom

The male condom

The male condom

The male condom provides protection from sexually transmitted diseases as well as helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Read on to learn more about male condom.
The condom is a rubber sheath that fits over a man's erect penis. In this way, it serves as a barrier, preventing the sperm from entering the uterus. It is 90% effective as a method of birth control. It also offers the best protection against venereal disease, including AIDS. Condoms are available at any chemist.
The condom should be used every time you have intercourse. There may be some decrease in the sensation during sex. The man should put it on prior to any genital contact. You should avoid the use of oil-based lubricants like petroleum jelly, cold cream or baby oil as these can weaken latex condoms causing them to break. If necessary, use water-soluble lubricants like K-Y Jelly. Some condoms are lubricated with spermicide, which increases their effectiveness.
Half an inch of the condom should be left at the tip of the penis to collect the semen. The condom must be removed carefully because if the semen spills, it could enter the vagina. Thus, the male partner should grasp the condom firmly at the base after climaxing to prevent it from slipping off and withdraw promptly before he loses his erection.

Different Types of Male Condoms

Nowadays male condoms come in variety of colours, textures, styles, shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Therefore, one can choose the condoms based on his or his partner’s preferences. Let us take a look at different types of male condoms to choose from.

Latex and Non-Latex Condoms

Latex condoms are conventional condoms which are made of natural rubber obtained from certain trees. These are mainly designed to provide protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases as mentioned above. But some people are allergic to latex. For them non-latex condom is an option. Some people also opt for the non-latex condoms as they prefer its texture over latex condoms.

Flavoured Condoms

As the name suggests, these condoms come in different flavours like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, banana, mint, orange, cola etc. These flavoured condoms are mostly come in different colours matching their flavours. These types are condoms attract couples who are interested in oral sex.

Textured and Tickler Condoms

These type condoms come in different textures. They mainly come in dotted, ribbed or studded or the combination of some of these types. They are mainly designed to make intercourse more pleasurable. Some condoms are also designed in particular shapes in order to provide tickling sensation to the inner walls of vagina and they are known as ticklers. Ticklers are designed to be more playful and may not necessarily provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

Warming Condoms

These condoms are also designed for improving the sexual pleasure. The latex used for making these types of condoms is thinner and a warming lubricant is added to it. While having sexual intercourse, this lubricant gets activated when natural moisture is released from the body providing warm sensation. This warm sensation helps to improve the sexual pleasure.

Pleasure Shaped and Coloured Condoms

Pleasure shaped condoms come in the shapes that are meant to provide stimulation to the nerves of the genitals. The tip of this condom is enlarged or wider in order to provide more friction resulting in heightened sexual pleasure. Coloured condoms on the other hand are more playful and designed to suit various occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween etc. They come in colours that suit the occasion.

Edible Condoms

These condoms are designed for fun purpose and may not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. These condoms come in different flavours and they can be eaten off as well.
Although, condoms are available in different types, not all of the may provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Some condoms are made just for fun purpose or to heighten the sexual pleasure. Therefore, you must keep in mind your needs while buying any condom. If you want protection against sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies, you must buy the condom accordingly. Go through the labels carefully to inspect the expiry dates and if they are approved by FDA.

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The male condom
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yohann.9 years ago
using condoms is the best possible choice for males. they prevent AIDS and other STDs. they are available readily at any chemist. they do not have side effects. Use condoms for safe sex....
Peter.9 years ago
condoms do decrease the sensation but they are very effective. they also prevent STDs and AIDS. i would prefer condoms anytime as be safe than sorry. there are different types of condoms available now which can do not decrease the sensation
sivesh.9 years ago
i am using condoms for a year now, i feel that it reduces the sensitivity. i do not feel any sensation. are there any other method of birth control that can be used by men?
XXZZ.13 years ago
I use condom sometimes, One year ago i used a dotted condom and after that I got some kind of infection from that. It was resulting in some dots on the tip of the penis and it was painfull as well, sometime it was bleeding but very small.Then I used some ointment for that. Then I stopped useing it. Now I used it once and again I felt the same kind of experience. Please suggest.
nader.13 years ago
you rsite is exellent and i hope , i could khow it sooner !
kljh.13 years ago
condom use i me male
xxx.13 years ago
i m a male,if i do regular mastrubation then does it effect my health...& are there chances of geeting aids.
xxx.13 years ago
i m a male,if i do regular mastrubation then does it effect my health...& are there chances of geeting aids.
dcp.13 years ago
i am using condoms and feel it is the best method which one can opt any time.
amit.13 years ago
well .. whats the correct way of putting a condom ... as i have read somewhere that condom method dnt work if its not correctly applied .
can u upload a video which can show the rght method of applying condom
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