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You are here : home > Sex Education > Contraception > The birth control pill

The birth control pill

The birth control pill

Birth control pills are widely used as a convenient contraception option. It is one of the easy and most preferred methods of birth control. Read on to learn more about birth control pills.
Many women opt for birth control pills as a contraception option due to its ease of use and dependability. Birth control pills provide 99.9% protection against unwanted pregnancies and this is the reason why they are so popular among the couples. But it is important to consult a doctor before taking these pills.

What are birth control pills?

Birth control pills, also called oral contraceptives, contain hormones like estrogen and progesterone. There are two kinds of pills, combination pills and mini pills. The mini pill is so called because it contains only progesterone. However, 99% of all pills are combination pills, which contain both estrogen and progesterone. If you are starting on birth control pills, you should start them on the fifth day of your period, regardless of whether bleeding has stopped.

Should one take these pills during menstruation?

All combination birth control pills come in packages of 21 or 28 pills. If the pack contains 21 pills, then the woman should take the pill each day, at roughly the same time, for 21 days. She should then stop taking the pill for 7 days (during which time she will most likely menstruate) and then start again on the next pack of 21 pills. If the pack contains 28 pills, the woman is expected to have a pill for 28 days, and then without missing a day, start with the next pack (regardless of her periods). The reason is that the pack of 28 pills contains not only 21 hormone pills, but also 7 'blank' pills with no active ingredients.

What if I forget to take the birth control pill one day?

If you forget to take one pill then take two pills the next day. If you miss two pills in the third week of the pill pack, then start a new pack immediately because this is your fertile period.

Can I take the birth control pill if I am breast-feeding?

You should not take the combination birth control pills if you are breast-feeding because it may decrease the quantity of milk supply. The doctor can prescribe you the mini pill instead. If you are breast-feeding and want to start taking birth control pills, you must consult a doctor.

What are the side effects of taking birth control pills?

Taking birth control pills may give rise to the following side-effects.
  • Unexpected vaginal spotting or bleedingSoreness in breast
  • Headaches or nausea
  • Mood swings
  • Increase in weight
  • Fluctuations in the levels of sexual desire
  • Increase or decrease in vaginal discharge
Although, the above side-effects can be experienced, these side-effects fade away after certain period of time. It is necessary to inform your doctor about the kind of side-effects that you are experiencing so that he or she can suggest appropriate measures to deal with such side-effects.

What are the risks of taking birth control pills?

The use of birth-control pills is linked with health disorders that can arise in the long run. Birth control pill usage is linked with health disorders like formation of blood clots, stroke and heart attack. It is also likely to increase the risk of problems like rise in blood pressure levels and benign liver tumours. There are also slightly higher chances of getting affected with breast cancer due to the intake of birth-control pills in women as compared to other women who do not take them. Birth-control pill usage for a longer period of time is also linked with the increased risk of liver cancer and cervical cancer.
If you are taking birth control pills and if you want to get pregnant, you must stop taking them immediately. Consulting a doctor can be helpful if you are taking birth control pills and if you are planning to have a baby.

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Amal.10 years ago
please suggest a suitable contraceptive pills for a mother of a baby of 2 months.
manju.10 years ago
I want to start taking contraceptive pills for I do not want to take any chance.
My menstrual cycle is 28-30 days.
Kindly suggest me which pill I should start using.

For your information, my cycle was very abnormal since last year but after having sex with my husband the cycle has become normal.
Ajith.10 years ago
I had sex with my fiancee in a wired circumstance on 22nd Jan 2011, now she missed her regular periods which was expected on feb 4th. need advice and how can we be in the safe side.?
Ashish.10 years ago
I live in bangalore and want to buy the contraception pills for my girlfriend? where do i get them and does she has to visit a doctor for that?
ram.12 years ago
this is very useful information
nonso.12 years ago
this is educative
rmh.12 years ago
investigate/research the sympto-thermo method from couple-to-couple league. it is a combination of both methods to increase reliability. it is internationally taught.
karthik.12 years ago
it is nice experiance whenever
we go for the other one.otherwise we will get aids
sheima.12 years ago
it is very useful d=stuff when your nevors about some thing
Prashant.12 years ago
great help, was looking for this info. you should also give an example with dates for the second method.
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